Class 9 and Class 10- Year 4

In Class 9, the teacher is Miss Smith.Her Teaching Assistants are Mrs Collings and Mrs Greenleaves. Miss McAllister is the other Year 4 teacher. She teaches Class 10, along with her Teaching Assistant, Mrs Beeken.
Class 9 have been busy making their park models today and they all look amazing..look out for the final products very soon! 

We have started our new topic in DT all about designing and building our own model parks! For homework, children carried out some excellent research on parks, some of us visited our local parks and took photos, others made practise models and some even conducted research with the help of a trusty Argos catalogue! We have used these to help develop a final design. Back in class, we conducted some ‘market research’ within the class to find out what children really like about parks and what we should include. We have been lucky enough to have Mr Beeken come in to assist us with our DT work. With his help, we have carefully measured and cut our own wood and we are very excited to start building soon. If you have any spare kitchen roll or tin foil tubes, string, straws or orange nets at home, we would appreciate the extra building materials! We can’t wait to show you our finished products! Watch this space, we have lots of budding architects and engineers in our midst!


In Geography, we have been learning about natural disasters including volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The children were shocked to learn that as well as fire drills, children in earthquake-prone countries have to carry out earthquake drills too. In class 9, the children's reactions were tested when Mrs Collings shouted, “Earthquake!” Everyone safely hid under the tables and held on tightly!
To finish off all our hard work about earthquakes and volcanoes, Class 10 braved the cold and wet weather to build our own volcanoes. We used bicarbonate of soda, washing up liquid, red food colouring, vinegar and water to make some very realistic lava that really erupted! We had so much fun watching our volcanic eruptions, and quickly running away from the danger – even freezing in place like the citizens of the Roman city, Pompeii! It was very important to work together in teams to make sure everyone got a turn.

In P.E we have been getting in the spirit of Christmas, ready for our upcoming production of ‘The Greatest Ticket.’ In Class 9, Miss Smith taught us a dance to ‘This is me’ and she couldn’t believe how beautifully we all danced. We cannot wait to begin to learn our dance now for the show. Class 9 also very much enjoyed their first swimming session last week. It appears we have a class full of little fish. All of the children were very sensible to and from the pool and are very excited to go back this week.

This week, in Class 10, we started our new class reader, Gangsta Granny by David Walliams. We are only one chapter in but already we have had a great discussion about the cover, blurb and made interesting predictions about what we think might happen. We designed our own Granny characters and used lots of similes and metaphors to create fun and interesting descriptions. Ask us to give you an exciting simile to describe our characters! It’s also important to keep reading our own books, as well as the class reader, as we are working hard to progress through the book bands and meet our Accelerated Reader targets. Did you know that Class 10 have already read a massive 729,878 words on AR this year? Happy reading, everyone!

The children have thoroughly enjoyed reading James and the Giant Peach and last week we used the green screen to film our bbc news reports. There are definitely lots of budding TV presenters among them! 
We have begun our study into the Romans and have been comparing their way of life to the Celts. This week we have made Roman shields. After half term we will be looking at what the Romans did for fun in their spare time. 
Homework will begin after half term. 
Year 4: 2017-2018 academic year. 
Below are some examples of the learning that took place during the last academic year. 

Year 4 have been learning about Anglo-Saxon life in their topic this term. We have learnt about the role of archaeologists and how artefacts can tell us about life in the past. We all enjoyed learning about the treasures found at Sutton Hoo and are looking forward to their trip to West Stow later this term.

In English this term, we have been reading the heroic tale of Beowulf and the gruesome monster of Grendel. The children have enjoyed describing the characters and advertising for a hero. We have also linked our Art work to the book by drawing and painting the main characters.

Our Science work has led us to investigate reversible and irreversible changes in materials. Some of us even investigated these changes at home too!

In DT, we have been weaving with a cardboard loom – it was very tricky to keep the weaving straight! We also designed, planned, made and evaluated ice cream sundaes. For many of us, it was the highlight of the year so far!