Take 5

Welcome to an exciting new project, led by the children of our ECO council! Let’s use distance parking to keep us safe and healthy.

We would like to challenge all our families to walk the last five minutes of the journey to school (and the first five minutes of the journey home)- or more if you can!

Children have brought home an information booklet for you to read and a map to show roughly where the five minute walking starts.

Each child will have a passport to keep in school and stamp every time they walk/scoot or cycle for the last five minutes of their journey - or more.


Why you should join in:

  • Safer streets and less congestion near school

  • Cleaner air for all children to breathe

  • Daily exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle

  • Time to walk and talk with your child

Have you noticed the new 5 min walking zones on lamp posts around the area and the banner at the front of school? 

We know there are a small number of children who cannot walk or scoot the last five minutes to school because either they are a disabled badge holder or the parent who needs to walk them round to the classroom has a disabled badge. If this applies to you, please continue to park in the bus bay. Your child will be able to collect ‘stamps’ in their walk to school passport everyday based on their walk into school.



Keep it up! After 20 weeks we have certificates for children to celebrate their success.

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