Class 1 and Class 2

In Class 1, you will find Mrs Stanforth and her Teaching Assistants Mrs Spinks and Mrs Holland. Next door, in Class 2, you will find Mrs Wilson and her Teaching Assistants Miss Blunt and Miss Dickenson. These are our Reception classrooms. There are always lots of interesting things going on in here or in the outside areas. 


It has been a very exciting week, we have been dinosaur detectives! We learnt about Mary Anning who discovered many dinosaur fossils over 200 years ago. We became dinosaur detectives too, using brushes to carefully reveal fossils. We had messy fun when the dinosaurs tried eating the pumpkins. 
In Nature Explorers, we used natural objects to make transient art. There was some amazing teamwork going on and everyone was very proud of the results!
This week we have been learning all about Autumn. We spotted signs of Autumn during our Nature Explorers sessions. We investigated different seasonal vegetables and had fun using pastels to draw some interesting gourds that we had. It was hard work and brilliant fun hammering into the pumpkins (and great for our fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination!). We have also used natural objects for counting and subitising (that means recognising an amount without counting). 
This week we read 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'. We painted our own tigers, after first exploring how to mix orange paint. We love how realistic our tigers are!
Our new Reception children have had a great week, getting to know each other, making new friends and exploring their classrooms and outdoor environment. We are very proud of how well they have settled in and how confident they are!