Class 5 and Class 6

Our teachers in Year 2 this year are Miss Goodman and Miss Morris. Miss Goodman is in Class 5 and her Teaching Assistants are Mrs Poole, Mrs Welbourne, and Miss Sargeant. Miss Morris is in Class 6, along with her Teaching Assistant, Mrs Rutter. Both classes are also supported by Mrs Greenleaves. 


The Year 2 teachers want to say "Well done!" to you all for working so hard with your tasks in Google Classrooms! We were particularly impressed with these pieces of work... do you recognise your work here?
In the Spring Term we have been doing the hand washing bread experiment.
The children all had to touch a slice of bread with unwashed hands - straight in from lunch. The children then all washed their hands and then touched a different slice of bread and the third slice of bread was touched by the teacher's washed hands. We put them up in our windows (a warm place) to see what happens to the bread.  We made a prediction of what might happen in our Science books. 
Book Week - 
As part of book week Year 2 read a range of different traditional tales.  We compared the different stories, we noticed they start with Once upon a time and almost always have a happy ending. We also decided to stay away from Big Bad Wolves - they are normally up to no good!
We enjoyed having different teachers reading to use in different locations on the Story Chair. We also had Year 5 come and read to us which was great!
Our trip to March Museum - 
Year 2 walked to March Museum (in the snow and walked back in glorious sunshine!) to learn all about houses in the past. We saw an old kitchen, with some very interesting artefacts, the apple peeler was a hit with all the children! Then we got to visit a living room which had a candle for light and a huge tin bath tub which had to be heated by the fire. The highlight for most children was the old fashioned toilet! Which had newspaper by the toilet and we had to think about what that might have been used for...?
Year 2 held a very lovely cafe based on the book 'The Dot' by Peter H. Reynolds. If you want to hear the story again, or if you were unable to come to the cafe this time, please listen to the story here...
In Year 2 we made fruit salads. We tried different fruits, decided what we liked, we then wrote instructions of how to make it then after we had made it we evaluated our fruit salad talking about what we liked or didn't like.