Class 5 and Class 6

Our teachers in Year 2 this year are Miss Kavanagh and Mrs Warby. Miss Kavanagh is in Class 5 and her Teaching Assistants are Mrs Mason, Mrs Kightly, Mrs Gull, Mrs Liversedge and Mrs Carey. Mrs Warby is in Class 6, along with her Teaching Assistants Mrs Stacey, Miss Coustol, Mrs Dickenson and Mrs Wellbourne. 


LOOK at Class 6!!! What brilliant costumes for World Book Day! Well done everyone!
During Book Week, Year 2 have written some fabulous letters based on the story 'The Day the Crayons Quit'. Our letters were to try to convince the crayons to come back to Duncan. Ask us what we wrote to persuade them!
Year 2: 2017-2018 academic year. 
Below are some examples of the learning that took place during the last academic year. 
Following our work on George's Marvellous Medicine, Year 2 have loved our day of experiments. We have made quicksand, putty, invisible cola and fizzing potions. Ask your budding scientists about their favourite experiment!
Mr Beeken has had some special helpers in the garden this week. Whilst the sun shone they tidied, cleared and prepared some growing beds. They did a marvelous job and it looks like Mr Beeken enjoyed having their company too!

This term Year 2 have loved our ‘Buildings’ topic. We have been exploring materials, finding out which materials are used to build houses, different types of homes and also famous buildings around the world.

Earlier in the term we had a visit from Mr Abbatt, a local architect (who is also Mrs Welbourne’s dad, much to the children’s delight) and they really enjoyed looking at his drawings and plans and learning about how houses are made. Our trip to Ely Cathedral was very successful and inspired a lot of learning and art work. Recently, we have looked at creating our own ‘secret symbol’ clay pieces like we saw in Ely Cathedral.

During Reading Week we focused on ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ and we were all shocked to come in one morning to find that some of our classroom equipment had quit as well! In Science week, the children were very interested in learning about the different animals and many were brave enough to touch a Royal Python!

It has been a very busy term!

Previous learning has included...

Year 2 literacy

Class 5 and 6 have been improving their prediction and inference skills through their work on Mr Benn. They have made predictions on what they believe may happen once Mr Benn walks through the magic door that always leads to adventure.

We are currently reading the Owl who was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson. The children enjoyed being introduced to Plop and his parents. Here is a short character introduction to describe Plop.

We have been working on our handwriting on a daily basis and are trying our very best to join our letters correctly in order to improve our presentation and handwriting skills.