Class 1 and Class 2

In Class 1, you will find Mrs Stanforth and her Teaching Assistant Mrs Mann. Next door, in Class 2, you will find Mrs Wilson and her Teaching Assistants Miss Blunt and Miss Bedford. Two more Teaching Assistants, Mrs Spinks and Mrs McAnespie work across both classes.These are our Reception classrooms. There are always lots of interesting things going on in here or in the outside area. 


Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh were up to no good in Reception last week as we read What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson! Not only did they steal the prize cow but they also stole other items from our school! It's a good job class 1 and class 2 were so good at creating Wanted posters and solving crimes! 
Reception discovered the joys of "dissolving" using bath bombs. We noticed bubbles of air coming from the bath bomb as it dissolved, making it fizz. We also correctly predicted that the colour would come from the bath bomb and turn the water in to pink, that the bath bomb would shrink as it dissolved and the glitter would float! What a lot of predictions and fabulous vocabulary involved in this experiment! What else can you find that dissolves?
Science week is great for exploring scientific concepts and for using maths! Reception have been exploring which fruit and vegetables float, which sink and why! Different fruits and vegetables will float or sink depending on their density. Whether a fruit or vegetable sinks or floats has a lot to do with its density. What is density? It’s how heavy an object is compared to its volume.
The heavy swede floated, the much lighter kiwi fruit sank and the unopened coconut floated. But can you work out why the coconut with holes in sank?
Science meets maths... Science; the force of a solid hitting a liquid to make an enormous splash! Maths; measuring to see who made the biggest splash! Science + Maths = FUN!!!!
Reception had a very exciting Maths Cafe and were delighted that so many of our parents/carers could come to join in the fun! After a letter from Dr Ranj that explained the challenges for the Maths Cafe, they put their measuring skills to good use with a series of challenges, measuring their feet, their hands, their heads, how tall they are, how many star jumps in a minute and other tasks using standard and non standard measuring. All of the children enjoyed completing the maths passport. It was so much fun but unfortunately the time went too quickly!
If you want to have a go at being a measuring master, try this...

The length of your foot is equal to the length of your forearm. True or False? Draw around your foot. Cut it out. Hold it against your forearm. Is it the same length?

How long is your foot? Measure your drawing using cubes.

Reception made brave, cunning pirates! They made and followed treasure maps and wrote clues for their friends. The pirate ship was complete with a pulley system to send notes in the bucket and a cannon, made to pivot and send cannon balls (balls) at the enemy ships. I wouldn't want to cross this bunch of pirates on a stormy sea!
Cavalry is home to many small creatures. This week we've been out and about identifying animal habitats. Do you know which creatures live in the homes in our school grounds? Some of these hibernate but which ones?
One group made a fabulous den home to shelter from the winter weather and keep warm. But which animal did this? Clue: they run around in groups, have fabulous ideas and a love of custard creams. They build dens but never sleep in them! You may recognise some of these species!!
Cavalry Reception classes had 'Snow much fun' making their snowmen baubles. We liked their colourful ear muffs and big smiles.
Reception had a lovely morning at March Library and their Winter Wonderland. Eden and Jess from 20Twenty have been working with both Reception classes on a theatre makers project. Today they sang one of the songs beautifully in front of a large audience of families, our school community and the public. Such great confidence!
We have been so impressed by the children who have started school with great enthusiasm and maturity! This week we have blasted off to space with 'How to Catch a Star'. We discovered lots of 2d shapes on our journey, made beautiful tissue paper stars to create a stained glass window effect and we built our own rockets outside using crates, planks and other objects. We have also started our Nature Explorers, with group 1 finding special things in the environment. We used our senses to explore the special area around us and discovered that it is impossible to speak above the sound of two jets circling above the school! 

Our Nature Explorer sessions are aimed at developing the children’s independence, confidence, communication skills and self-esteem by taking part in achievable tasks and activities in an outdoor setting. Evidence has proved that working in this way has given children an effective foundation that has raised academic achievements. It supports all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. 

Children will be required to have a change of old clothes, a waterproof coat and wellies on the days of their sessions.