Update on extreme heat


15th July 2022

Dear Parents,

With very hot weather forecast in the early part of next week, I would like to share the arrangements we will have in school to keep the children as comfortable as we can.

We will ventilate the classrooms with doors and windows open, and some of the especially warm rooms will have fans running throughout the day. We will encourage the children to drink regularly and refill water bottles during the day. Any PE or outdoor activities will take place before 10 a.m., and for the rest of the day we will keep the children indoors or in the shade. Class 11 is particularly warm and so that class will either be outside under the shade of the trees or using the hall from lunchtime onwards.

Please help us by making sure that your child is wearing sunscreen and has a named hat and water bottle. There is no need to send your child with a jumper or sweatshirt, and although we appreciate that Year 6 are very excited to wear their Leavers' hoodies we would like them to leave them at home on the hot days.

The government have indicated that there is no need for schools to close, and so we will be open as usual every day next week. If the guidance from the government changes over the weekend, I will contact you again. If you have not yet added your mobile phone number to your Parent Pay account, please do so as this enables us to send you a text with any urgent updates.

Kind regards
Mrs McCallum
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