Our Community Council

The transition from a local governing body to a community council will take place during the autumn term 2021.

The remit of the community council is to provide support and challenge to the school in the key areas of:

○ The ethos and values of the school 

○ The appropriateness and effectiveness of the school’s curriculum for its children ○ The wellbeing of pupils, families and staff 

The community council will meet four times in each school year, and their activities will include visiting during the school day and linking closely with the children’s School Council. 


Cavalry Community Council (as at September 2021)

Parent Representatives 

Anna Betts

Ben Bullman

Vicky Ransome

Community Representatives

Kerry Wilson



Staff Representatives

Rune Webb




Fiona McCallum

Clerk to the Community Council

 Alison Chandler clerk@cavalryprimary.org

Any queries about the governance of the school can be raised with Jem Shuttleworth, Director of Governance and Policy at The Elliot Foundation via jem.shuttleworth@elliotfoundation.co.uk
The Elliot Foundation Academies Trust is the education charity that runs the school and is responsible for the governance of the school. The Covid-19 Scheme of Delegation sets out the delegated powers during the public health emergency with local governance suspended at the present time. In line with the re-instigation of all national accountability measures local governance will resume with a focus on the breadth and depth of curriculum offer and the extent to which context is taken into account alongside the well being of pupils and staff.    
A full list of former governors can be downloaded below.