Class 13 and Class 14

Miss Goodman is in Class 13 and her Teaching Assistants are Mrs Bales, Mrs Keenoy and Mrs Taylor. Mr Webb is the teacher in Class 14, with Mr Brown and Mrs Tahir as his Teaching Assistants. Leonard, the school dog is also based in Mr Webb’s class.


Year 6 visited the National Space Centre at Leicester as part of their topic 'Space'. One of the highlights of the day was the planetarium, it took them on a journey as if they were astronauts in training. The tranquillity base was fun because there were lasers to shoot. Everyone was brilliantly behaved and had such a wonderful day!
Year 6 held a reading cafe this Tuesday afternoon as part of Book Week. We read a range of Year 6 boo extracts from the Book Week website. All of the children really enjoyed looking at the different texts!
Year 6 spent an afternoon last week with 20Twenty. They took part in some drama activities in preparation for a Sunday workshop they are running called Express Yourself. It was good fun!
Year 6 have been sketching in the style of Henry Moore. They used charcoal, chalk and pencils to create their own records of what life must have been like sheltering in the underground in WW2.

In Year 6 we are very busy practising our Christmas production of ‘The Greatest Ticket’ a mix of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with the songs from The Greatest Showman. The children have all been cast and are very busy learning their lines and special versions of the songs.

As part of our Year 6 topic ‘The Mayans’ we have enjoyed tasting dishes that the ancient Maya would have eaten, including tortillas and tacos which are made from Mayas most important crop – Maize. We had dips – guacamole (avocados), salsa (tomatoes). We found some new flavours were yummy and others were very spicy.
In Maths we have started to look at fractions – we started the topic by matching equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages by playing a dominos game. Since this, we have been adding and subtracting fractions looking at pieces of pizza and using our fraction walls.  
In Year 6 we have been exploring the dystopian 'City of Ember'. Ask us about how Lina and Doon are working to save the city!
Year 6: 2017-2018 academic year. 
Below are some examples of the learning that took place during the last academic year. 
This week, as well as visiting Neale Wade Academy, Year 6 were delighted to welcome some NWA Science teachers to Cavalry for a taster lesson. We investigated the pH scale, using indicator to see whether liquids were an acid or an alkali. We experimented with using different combinations in an attempt to neutralise, turning the indicator green.  
This term, Year 6 have been learning about the Tudors. They found out about the features of Tudor houses, have made their own and written about them. Here are some pictures of some of their creations.
This week Year 6 made rockets with Mr Swinton after learning about the work of Jan Kurzatkowski, a Polish sculptor.
Here are some photograph's of previous learning...