Class 7 and Class 8

In Classes 7 and 8, you will find Year 3. Miss Gascoigne and her Teaching Assistants Mrs Mason and Miss Wenn are based in Class 7. Next door, in Class 8, is Miss Ellis and her Teaching Assistants Miss Coustol and Mrs Tahir.  
Class 7 have been busy learning how to count to 10 in Spanish and are now experts! Click on the video below for a lesson in speaking Spanish. Thanks Class 7!
Year 3 children were excited to use the new Virtual Reality devices to find out more information about fossils. They learnt how fossils are formed and how they can be used to tell us more about the past. 
Year 3: 2018-2019 academic year. 
Below are some examples of the learning that took place during the last academic year. 

Year 3 travelled back to the times of Ancient Greece. We completed some exciting activities for our Greek day. First, we wrote our names in Greek alphabet and decorated them with paint and patterns. Then we carved some soap. After that we made and decorated our own laurel wreaths. In the afternoon we took part in Olympic games, beginning with the lighting of the torch ceremony. To finish with, we had a lovely feast of pitta bread, hummus and olives.

As part of our Book Week, Year 3 visited Reception to share some stories. The adults were so impressed with Year 3, who helped the younger children to recall their sounds and related action when looking through the phonics booklets. The children all seemed to really enjoy reading stories to each other and making new friends. 
On Wednesday, Year 3 went to a football tournament at Neale Wade Academy. The sunshine was a pleasant bonus and made the afternoon even more enjoyable. Year 3 represented our school very well and we are proud of the effort they put in! 

Year 3 have read a fantastic book called ‘How Did That Food Get In My Lunchbox?’ to start our week working on Healthy Food.  Ask your child what they can tell you about certain foods come from (bread, apple juice, cheese, tomatoes, clementines, carrots and chocolate chips).  We discussed which foods gave us certain nutrients, and how these help our bodies to grow and stay strong. As part of this work, we will be making a healthy sandwich each!

Year 3 2018: The Term so far...
We have been practising our Growth Mindset by exploring 'One Black Dot Can Be...'  Ask us what we thought our dot would be!

In History we have been looking at The Stone Age. We have made cave paintings and have been completing English work based on The Croods using speech.
In Maths we have been working really hard with number and place value. Every Thursday we go swimming and everyone has been a super star! What a fabulous start to Year 3! We are very proud!