Class 3 and Class 4

Mrs Morris is the Year 1 teacher in Class 3, with Mrs German and Mrs Carter as her Teaching Assistants.  Mrs Turrell is the teacher in Class 4, with Mrs Liversedge and Miss Wenn as her Teaching Assistants.  
Year 1 have been finding out about The Great Fire of London of 1666. We found out that people had to leave their homes and leave all their possessions behind. So we learned how to weave, make candles and scent bags, to help to replace the things that were lost. We also made some fire plaques to put outside houses to show which houses were insured if ever a fire broke out again.
We had a great day learning about life in 1666 through the diary of Samuel Pepys. Ask any year 1 pupil and they will tell you more!

Year 1 were reading Handa’s Surprise last week. As well as writing about the characters and events in the story, they studied and tasted some fruit. Then they printed using oranges, lemons, apples and pears . Ask somebody from Year 1 what Handa’s  surprise was!

This week Year 1 and 2 have had a new pet join their class - Fred Frog. He has been helping us with our phonics. Fred can only talk in sounds so he speaks like th-i-s. This week we have been learning special friends - sh, th, ch, qu and nk. Look out for some videos of our new phonics at Cavalry.
Year 1 are very excited about their pets this week. No not cats and dogs - but pet rocks!! We have painted and decorated them today and some children have already given their pets names. Later this week we are going to write all about them!
Ask your children about their pets at school.