Wales Residential Trip 2020

Notes from the meeting 
Tuesday 11th February
  • Children should arrive NO EARLIER than 6:45am and by 7am. 
  • Label absolutely EVERYTHING! socks, tracksuit bottoms, shoes, toiletries... you name it, errr NAME IT, literally! 
  • Medicines - Please make sure medicines are labelled clearly. Every child should have their own, no sharing. Clearly label the dosage, times or frequency including calpol or ibuprofen. We recommend sachets of Calpol or Calprofen, instead of the bottles). These should be handed to Mr. Beeken in the hall on the morning they are leaving. 
  • It is recommended that children bring a large flat case to contain everything. A well packed case heading to Wales will not resemble the crammed/stuffed case that returns. The easier it is for the children to pack their case, the better. And even better still, get them helping in the first place! 
  • On the subject of helping, get your child to practise making their own beds! They will be expected to make their beds every day (even getting points for tidy rooms and beds made!). 
  • Children will find it easier for going to the bathroom with a washbag or carrier bag with their toiletries in. They will need roll-on deodorant please, not spray. 
  • Children will need to travel to Wales wearing layers. They will need to be able to take off layers on the coach when warm but put some on when they arrive at the services and at the final destination in Wales. They will need to have their coat handy and it would make it easier for them if they were wearing clean, dry walking boots to travel. 
  • The children will need to take their wellingtons in a separate carrier bag (not in their case), labelled of course!
  • Packed lunches for the journey to Wales will need to be in a named backpack. They will need a snack for the stop at the services, such as a flapjack, piece of fruit or biscuit. The children will need enough drink to keep them going, ideally a couple of cartons of juice and a half litre bottle. They will need a reusable bottle to fill each day whilst in Wales. 
  • Children will need a first class stamp, hopefully they will be able to send a postcard home!
  • The coach will be expected back at school on Friday at 4pm. The return journey will be at the mercy of the Friday afternoon traffic. We will endeavour to update you all on the journey via the school website, Twitter and Facebook pages.
  • Anything else we'd recommend? Face moisturiser and lip balm to help with the effects of the wind, sun, wind, cold, wind. HotHands hand warmers and feet warmers - easy and safe to use and provide up to 10hrs of heat. 
  • Don't forget, the kit list is a minimum. They will need a lot of layers! Better to pack plenty than not have enough! 
Daily updates on the trip will be posted on our Facebook, Twitter and Website as and when phone signal will allow the staff to make contact with us. Keep a look out for updates!