Reception Home Learning

Welcome to your Reception Home Learning Page!
Every day your home learning tasks will be posted on here. These will be in the same format as before the Easter holiday, a phonics task and two daily tasks we expect your child to complete and an optional physical task. 
We love to see the work you do, so keep sending it in to us at and we will post some work each week on our website in our 'work to celebrate' section. 
For more ideas for what you could do at home, including a huge selection of online reading books, look here
Friday 17th July
Hello Class 1 and Class 2,
Well, we made it to the end of term and the end of your Reception year! Never, ever did we imagine we would be forced to close school, to have to educate at home and to return to school working in little bubbles. We have taught for many, many years and this is by far the strangest one yet but also one of our proudest. We are incredibly proud of each and every one of you. We are proud of how well you were working in Reception before lockdown and how well you adapted to this crazy situation with the virus. Your grown-ups have been amazing at helping you at home and we have loved seeing all of the things you have done with your families. We've all learned to do things differently and to wash our hands a billion times a day! 
This isn't the way we wanted to end the year but we are thankful that you are all well and that you can go on to enjoy the summer and a well deserved rest. 

So for today, your last tasks of your Reception year, please;
1) Look in outside and inside to spot different 3D shapes- build with 3D shapes (these can be from your recycling). Can you name and describe them? You might make a castle, a lighthouse, an ice-cream shop, or even a rocket to go on holiday to the moon!
2) Write a 'hello' to your new teacher Mrs Morris (for class 2 children) or Mrs Turrell (for class 1 children). Tell her something you really love doing. Ask your adult to take a photo of your letter and email to and we will pass it on to them.
3) Join in the Boom Chicka Boom Summer Dance song.

Adults, over the summer you may be wondering how you can keep your little ones going so they continue to make good progress, especially with their reading, writing and maths. Here are a few ideas for you.

Phonics - 
  • Continue to watch the DfE phonics lessons online. Go over the digraphs your child needs to practice or the review ones.  
  • Use Phonics play to practice reading words using the digraphs we haver learnt in school. Your child should be able to access games in Phase 3 and Phase 4.
  • Keep learning those tricky words! Chalk them, squirt water pistols at them, write them on post-it notes and go on a tricky word hunt... however you choose to do it, keep going with them!
Writing - 
  • Write a letter to your new teacher, a friend or a family member.
  • Write a postcard to someone, tell them what you've been doing.
  • Keep a diary, write what you've enjoyed each week. 
  • Write how to make your favourite cakes.
Reading - 
Maths - 
  • Keep going with the mathletics challenges
  • Practise writing those numbers to 10 and then 20 and then beyond! 
  • Go on a number hunt walk. Write down all of the numbers you see or cross off the numbers to 20 that you find. 
  • Play board games that involve counting on, adding or number recognition
What else can you do? 
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and understanding during this crazy year! We want to say a big well done to you too for stepping into our shoes to become the teachers when we were unable to be with your children, for keeping in regular contact with us and for helping us to work as a team to support your child during the lockdown. 
So all that's left to say is we wish you all a very, very well deserved break, a very lovely and relaxing summer and we look forward to seeing you all in September as you move to Year 1. 
From Mrs. Stanforth, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Mann, Miss Blunt, Mrs. McAnespie and Mrs. Spinks
Thursday 16th July

Good morning Class 1 and Class 2 and welcome to the penultimate day of this academic year! We're all feeling a little tired in school this week and you may be feeling the same at home but don't give in to that holiday feeling just yet, we've got a busy couple of days and some lovely activities to do before the end of the term. 

Today we would like you to;
1)Watch the DfE phonics. Or you could have a go at saying these words to your child and ask them to write them sand, bucket, sunhat, shorts, arm bands, coast, swim, rockpool, surf, boat, shell. They could also write sentences 
It was a shell on the sand. 
He took a bucket to the rockpool.
She went to surf at the coast. 
2) Have a go at a colour by numbers sheet. We like this one but you could make your own.
3) Watch The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch story.
Make a lighthouse using a Pringle pot or a cylinder- (remind your child of their 3D shapes)

4)Do an exercise countdown challenge: 

10 jumps

9 touch your toes

8 jumping jacks

7 stretch ups

6 high knees jog on the spot

5 hops

4 side stretches

3 criss cross feet

2 squats

1 star jump

And relax!

Have a fantastic day. We look forward to seeing your photographs and hearing about your learning!
From Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson
Wednesday 15th July

Dear Class 1 and Class 2, 
We have seen some beautiful seaside pictures this week and have been very impressed with the writing on your postcards! 
Today we would like you to
1) Watch the DfE phonics or practice the digraphs you need a little extra time on. If you need to practice those tricky words then why not play a game- have a bucket full of tricky words. Pick one and read it.
2) Explore capacity. Have buckets and containers - which holds the most/ least, can you fill them full or half full? You could do this in the garden and make the most of the fresh air and sunshine.
4) Optional - Go on a walk or a bike ride. Where is your favourite place to go? What sounds can you hear? Are they different to what you can hear at home?
Have a fabulous Wednesday, keep sending the photographs in for us to see!
From Mrs Stanforth and Mrs Wilson
Tuesday 14th July
Hello class 1 and class 2,
We loved seeing your seaside pictures yesterday. The children in school had fun cutting lots of paper to make their pictures which had umbrellas, spotty surfboards and happy people playing on the beach.
Today, please watch the DFE phonics and keep practising reading as much as you can. 
2. Measuring- if you have paper clips, find some things in your kitchen that you could measure with them- a carrot, a fork, a teaspoon. Encourage your child to measure accurately adn to compare the objects sayong which is the longest and shortest. If you don't have paper clips, perhaps use some breakfast cereal such as hoops or raisins to measure. 
3. Pretend to be on holiday- maybe make a blanket den and have toilet tube binoculars to look out and imagine the seaside. Write a postcard to a friend saying what you did at the beach- eg I had an ice cream, I went on a donkey!  If you have photos of the last time you went to the beach, you could look at these for inspiration.
4. (optional) enjoy singing and dancing to some of our Theatre makers favourites.  
Have a great day. From Mrs. WIlson and Mrs. Stanforth
Monday 13th July
Good morning Class 1 and Class 2, 
We hope you've had a good weekend. Wasn't it lovely to see the sunshine back! Mrs Stanforth had a lovely walk with her family and had some more of her yummy peas and Mrs Wilson had a bbq with her family and spent time in the pool with her girls. 
On Friday your grownups found out who your new teachers will be for September when you go in to Year 1. We have spoken to Mrs Morris and Mrs Turrell about you lots and they are soooo excited to have you in their classes. If you haven't seen the videos on our website then please do watch them! 

So, this is our last week of Reception. Some people are starting to think about the long break from school so we thought this week we would enjoy learning all about holidays. Today we would like you to;

1) watch the DfE phonics, practise some of the sounds that are still a little difficult for you to remember. You could even play a tricky word game outside.
2) What would you take on holiday? Write a list. You might include a swimsuit, sun cream, a hat, a bucket and spade or your favourite teddy!
3) Make a seaside picture. You might use paint, pencils or collage. You could even include sand if you have a little! Don't forget to add seagulls, bucket and spade and what about a yummy ice-cream?
4) We are loving Cosmic Kids yoga in our Bubbles in school at the moment. Bubble 2 had Mrs Wilson in hysterics when they answered the phone with their feet last week! This one is a summertime Beach party... 
Have a fantastic Monday, send us some lovely photographs so that the children in school can see what you've been up to! We get very excited to read all about your day!
From Mrs Stanforth and Mrs Wilson
Friday 10th July
Hello Class 1 and class 2,
What a rainy week! The sun is due to shine over the weekend which would be great. Today is Friday and our last day of activities about sea creatures. We found out yesterday that sea otters carry their babies on their tummies as they swim in the water. We thought they looked very cute!
SO 1. Watch the DFE phonics- if you want to, choose one of the sounds your child finds tricky.
2.   Enjoy some yoga under the sea!
3. Can you make a starfish? You could use anything you have- play dough, lego, leaves or petals from outside, or even your breakfast cereal- a cheerios starfish maybe!!
4. (optional) put on your wellies and go and jump in some puddles!! parents you could join in too. You are never too old to jump in a puddle! 
Have a lovely weekend and we will email again on Monday for our last week of activities before the holidays.
From Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson
Thursday 9th July

Hello Class 1 and class 2,
It is Thursday already and we have been enjoying finding out about creatures that live under the sea. Did you know an octopus has 3 hearts? Now that is a cool fact! Today we want you to find out some more facts to tell your grownups.
1. Watch the DFE phonics.
2.  This clip has some cool facts about different sea creatures. It starts off with seals and sealions, 2 mins- sea otter facts, 3 mins blue whale facts, 7 mins grey whale, 8 mins orcas, 10 and a half mins manta ray facts. Watch the clip about the animals your child is interested in and then write a fact to share with mum or dad, grandma or grandad when you next see them.
3. Draw a large fish shape. use some fruit or vegetable to print the scales of the fish- celery is ideal for this, but you could always cut a potato to make a scale
4. (optional) Choose another one of Andy's wild workouts on Cbeebies to join in with. We have enjoyed Beaches.
We hope you have a lovely day and that the sun shines a little bit more than yesterday!
From Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Stanforth
Wednesday 8th July
Hello Class 1 and class 2,
We hope your plants enjoyed all that rain yesterday. The children at school have been enjoying finding out about the different creatures that live in the sea. Bubble 3 found out that fish breathe through their gills. They also made  tiny oceans with cupcake case fish. We will send a photo tomorrow when they are dry.
1. Today please watch the DFE phonics. I know lots of you are working hard with your reading so keep going.
3. Work on knowing 1 more than a number to 10 or 20 or bigger numbers if your child is wanting a challenge.  Show your child a number eg 13. Get them to count out the right number of objects- raisins or lego bricks maybe and then get them to tell you 1 more than 13.
4. (optional)  enjoy Andy's Under the sea workout  again
We hope you have a great day. From Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson
Tuesday 7th July 
Good morning Class 1 and Class 2, 
Did you have fun with Andy's Wild Workout Under the Sea yesterday? We really enjoyed having a go in school, so much so that we did it in the morning and again in the afternoon!

Today we have some more fishy fun for you.
Could you please
1) Watch the DfE phonics at 10am. Keep practising those important tricky words too! Remember, our eyes need to see each tricky word about 100 times before we just know it instantly! 
2) Have the numbers 1-20 written down. Point to a number. Ask your child to say the number and then count objects to match. These could be buttons, counters, cereal, raisins... anything little that you have 20 of! As an extra challenge can they write the teen numbers in words? 'Thirteen, fourteen...' etc
4) Optional: join Squish the fish, a Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure 
Have a great day, 
Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson
Monday 6th July
Hello Class 1 and Class 2,
We hope you have had a lovely weekend. I hope you like the photo of my delicious peas that I had for tea last week. How are all your plants growing? 
We have two weeks of school work left before we can all have a well earned rest! So keep working a little bit longer. 
This week we are going to be finding out about sea creatures. 
SO today,
1. Watch the DFE phonics session on Youtube.
2.Watch ‘Tiddler' Draw 4 different creatures you saw in this video and use your phonics to name them.
3. Make some cake case fishes.
4. (optional) Why not join in with Andy’s Wild Workout Under the Sea
From Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson
Friday 3rd July
Hello Class 1 and Class 2,
This week has gone so quickly! Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson have been so impressed this week. We have seen lovely peg pigs from some of you at home, we saw an amazing tractor that was started in school and taken home to be painted, we saw a rainbow cake, a lost pig poster and some great tricky word work! In school we have seen some great farmyard maps with labels, pictograms and reading. We would like to thank you again for the emails sent to us, it really makes such a difference. 
Today we would like you to:
1) Watch the DfE phonics at 10am
2) Teen number hunt. Hide teen numbers outdoors. The children have to find and say the number. Start with numbers to 10 or 20 but then challenge your child with numbers beyond 20, even up to 100, if they are ready for it!

3) Create a cotton wool sheep

4) Watch Mr Day and Mrs Morris as they play two songs you know for our Fabulous Friday Musical Medley over on our Facebook page. See if you can remember the dance we did during Theatre Makers, or make up your own dance! Mrs Morris is missing you all too and would love to know which of our Reception children watched her playing, so leave her a little 'hello'!
Have a great day and enjoy your weekend! Keep sending your updates to
From Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson
Thursday 2nd July 
Hello Class 1 and Class 2,
Did you draw a great farmyard? At school we had pens for the pigs and the sheep and lots of farm dogs and cats! Today we are still thinking about farms.
1. Watch the DFE phonics at 10. We hope you have been practising those tricky words you can't sound out.
2. Find the tricky words- parents, please write the following sentences and get your child to colour in or underline the tricky words as they read the sentences. (Maybe a teacher  or mum or dad's pen might be a motivator! )  Feel free to make up some more of your own. Perhaps try spotting tricky words as you read them their bedtime story as well.
The farmer said "go to the shed and get the pig food."
She went after the tractor.
He was under the trailer, looking at all the carrots that had spilt.
They saw a pig in a pond!
Come and get some food.
3.    Try making these peg pigs! Parents, you can always draw around different shapes for your child to cut out to make their pig. This is good cutting practise. 
4.  (optional) Dance along to this song!  
A quick pea/ bean update. Mrs. Stanforth's pea plant now has about 10 peas growing and she is planning on eating them this weekend. Hopefully a photo next week!  Please keep going with all the activities and learning over the next few weeks. We are so pleased to receive your photos and hear how well the children are getting on when we call you. Lots of the children are really making progress with their reading and maths and writing. It is lovely to see. Well done to you all.
From Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson.
Wednesday 1st July 
Hello Class 1 and class 2,
We have another fabulous day planned for you. If you made a tractor yesterday, please send us a photo so we can show the children in school.
1. Watch the DFE phonics at 10 am.
2.  Watch the story of what the ladybird heard ( a favourite of ours) and then draw and label your own farmyard using your phonics to spell the words. Add some pens for the different animals and a place for the tractor to park. Perhaps there will be a pond or even a field of carrots?
3. Try making a handprint chicken- remember if you don't have red paper, you can always colour it. Practise those cutting skills and cut around your fingers carefully.
Have a great day. From Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson.
Tuesday 30th June
Good morning everybody! 
Farmer Wilson has been out inspecting the crops this morning and is very pleased to report that there are flowers appearing on the beanstalks finally! It's taken a long time but there's finally signs that there may eventually be some beans. 
How tall are your beans? This week we have received news that one of our friends has managed to get their bean to grow up as high as the roof and it is now on its way up the aerial! The last measurement was a staggering 10ft 6!!! (that's really, really, really tall!!!)

Today we will be continuing learning about farms and we have the following tasks for you:
1) Watch the DfE phonics at 10am. See if you can use tricky words 'her' and 'you' in a sentence.
2) Write an advert for a lost farm animal- eg Lost- he has a pink tail. He has a pink nose. He grunts. He is my pig!
3) Subtraction- Have a number of sheep in a field, up to 20 (you could draw them and cut them out). Move some so that they escape- how many are left in the field? Write it as a number sentence e.g. 19-7=12. Make sure you are forming those numbers correctly!
4) Optional - Join Boogie Beebies with the Barnyard Boogie. It's only 2 and a half minutes long but there's a lot of funky moves in there so you'll need to do it a few times! We can't wait to have a go at this one in school!
Have a great day and we look forward to reading more of what you've got up to when you email From Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson
Monday 29th June
Hello Class 1 and Class 2,
We hope you have had a great weekend. Mrs. Wilson has spent her time with her family and Mrs. Stanforth has been doing more baking- this time the flourless coffee and chocolate sponge was not a great success!!
This week we thought we would think about farms. I know some of you tractor mad fans will enjoy lots of the activities. SO today,
1. Please watch the DFE  phonics on Youtube. If your child is struggling to remember a certain sound, you could always watch a previous episode as a way of recapping. Keep practising those tricky words like was and like and said- the ones we can't sound out but need to spell often.
2. Make a list of all the different jobs on a farm- which would you like to do? Use your phonics to sound out the words. ( think about feeding animals, driving tractors, picking fruit, watering fields, cutting hay etc)
3. Draw, paint or collage a favourite animal you would find on a farm. Try to use the right colours and add all the features, head, body, ears, eyes, tail, legs etc.
4. (optional) Get out of breath. We are using the running track at school, so perhaps you could do some running outside on your walk or in your garden- how many laps can you do?
Keep sending those photos in to show us what you have been doing-
Have a great day. From Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson
Friday 26th June 
Good morning Class 1 and Class 2,
Well what a lovely, colourful week we've had! We hope you have enjoyed learning about Elmer as much as we have in school. We have loved seeing your work this week, with Mrs Stanforth and Mrs Wilson excitedly sharing the photographs you have sent in. The children in the Reception Bubbles ask to see the emails every day and love seeing what you have been doing at home. 
Today is the last day of our Elmer topic. We have planned some activities we think you will enjoy. 
1) Watch the DfE phonics. 
2) Practice writing your numbers and recognising numbers. We were going to suggest using chalk outdoors but given the forecast for today you may prefer to write these on paper indoors. Can you write the number the adult says? How many numbers can you write in 1 minute? If your adult writes a number can you tell which number it is?
3) Make a paper plate elephant mask by adding ears and a trunk to a paper plate. If you don't have a paper plate you can use a circle of paper. Decorate with tissue paper squares, paint or colouring pencils.
4) Sing some of our favourite songs from Theatre Makers and teach the actions to your family. 
Have a great day and a very lovely weekend. 
Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson 
Thursday 25th June
Good morning Reception!
It will be extremely hot today, make sure your beans and you have plenty of water! 

Today we would like you to
1) Watch the DfE phonics at 10am. 
2)Ask your grown up to write some calculations, some right and some wrong. Which of these calculations are correct? How do you know? Adults, give them a selection of addition and subtraction number sentences with the answers, some wrong e.g 17+2 = 20, 12 - 4 = 8.
3) Make a rain cloud with rainbow rain. Follow this easy experiment.
4) optional - as it is so warm, we want you to do something relaxing! Float in a pool or in a cool bath, how long can you float staying still? Or try some calming mindfulness yoga

ave a fantastic day and don't forget to send those photographs through to us!

From Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson
Wednesday 24th June
Hello class 1 and class 2,
We hope you had fun doing your colour hunt? The children in school were very good at it and Mrs. Wilson and I couldn't trick them! Today keep safe in the sun and have some fun doing these activities.
1. Watch the DFE phonics- keep going with your phonics because it will help with you writing and reading. (parents, if you watch it later, you can skip through a little bit of the slower parts!)
2. Find different ways to make 10 or 20. Have 10 or 20 raisins, sweets, lego bricks. Roll a dice and count out that number of objects- how many have you got left? Can you write it as a number sentence? 
eg Have 10 raisins, roll a 6 and count out 6 raisins- you have 4 left- 6+4=10.
Do this a number of times. It  is really good if the children know that 1+9, 2+8, 3+7, 4+6, 5+5, etc makes 10 without having to count.
3. Play tricky word pairs- parents, write the following tricky words on little pieces of paper twice. She, was, said, like, me, the, they, go.  Lay them with the words facing downwards and take turns to turn 2 over at a time. Can your child read them and find the matching pairs? Play this a number of times this week to help them learn their tricky words.
4. (optional)  Play in the shade in your pool or with a washing up bowl of water and enjoy the lovely summer weather.
From Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson
Tuesday 23rd June

Hello class 1 and class 2.
Yesterday we had a special treat in school when William got up super early and made cakes for all his friends in the bubbles at school. He's becoming quite a chef whilst working from home! He wrote the recipe for his cakes too, they were delicious so we will be using the recipe in future! Thank you William and family!

Just like William, we love seeing what else you get up to at home so please do keep sending the photo's in to us!

We have some exciting news about the pea plant in Mrs. Stanforth's garden today - she has flowers and that means, peas will grow! She will let you know when they start growing. Mrs. Wilson's beans have now grown up a tall cane. They might yet grow as tall as Harrison's 'green and speedy' bean!
Today, we are still thinking about Elmer the elephant and colours. So,
1. Watch the DFE phonics lesson at 10. Please try to learn to write the tricky words- me, he, she, we and be. 
2. Decorate an elephant shape with patterns. You can use repeating patterns of 2, 3 or 4 colours. Perhaps you want to use shapes for your repeating pattern e.g. circle, square, triangle, circle, square, triangle
3. Go on a colour hunt. You can find as many different things of one colour (try to find at least 6) or you can find one thing for each colour of the rainbow. 

4. Optional- go on a long bike or scooter ride.


Please send some photos of all the things you are doing this week to and then Mrs. Wilson and I can choose a star of the week. If we don't see your photos, we can't choose you! Have a lovely day.

From Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson.

Monday 22nd June
Dear Class 1 and Class 2, 
Did you have a lovely weekend? Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson have been busy enjoying their gardens, after all the rain and sunshine last week everything seems to have grown super quickly! Mrs. Stanforth's beans are coming along nicely and are much bigger than Mrs. Wilson's beans. 
This week we have a colourful week ahead as we will be learning all about Elmer, the elephant.
1) Watch the DfE phonics at 10am
2) Watch the video of Elmer by David McKee. Elmer is very colourful and makes his friends laugh.What makes you special? Write it in your book.

3) Use lego, duplo, multilink cubes, petals, coloured paper, or anything else colourful to make Elmer. If you’re at home you could even have a go at the milk carton elephants! (see photo below)
4) Optional - Join a Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure. This one is a story you know very well, We're going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen! See if you can do the yoga poses and join in retelling the story.
Don't forget to send us some photographs to, we'd love to see what you have created and we would love to write back to you with the children in our bubbles at school! Keeping in touch this way helps to keep us feeling like our Reception classes and helps to keep those important relationships going with staff and peers.
Have a great day, we look forward to reading your emails later!
Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson

Friday 19th June
Hello Class 1 and class 2,
What a rainy day yesterday! There were huge puddles at school in the morning so most of the children got wet. We had to send a teacher out to buy socks! Hopefully the weekend will be a bit sunnier so we can get outside. 
Today is Friday and I expect you are all feeling a bit tired, so we have a fun but easy day today.
1. Watch the DFE letters and sounds phonics. The children in school are really getting on well learning to read those tricky words.
2. We want you to get physical! Parents please write down some actions for you and the children to do- so 5 spins, 10 star jumps, 15 giant steps, 9 tiny mouse steps, 17 hops, 20 claps etc. Get your child to recognise the numbers and count as they complete the activities. Use those tricky teen numbers, 12,13,15 that the children find hard.
3. Read a favourite story together- perhaps your child can spot some of the tricky words- he, she, was, said, my, the as you read.
If you can send us a photo of what you have been doing to we can show the children in school. This will help them feel part of a bigger group and keep the idea of belonging to a class. They will help write a message back to your child at home, so they feel this too.
Have a very lovely weekend. 
From Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson.
Thursday 18th June
Hello Class 1 and Class 2,
Did you keep dry in the thunderstorms or did you go outside and splash in the muddy puddles? We hope it doesn't rain quite so much today. 
1. Please watch the DFE letters and sounds at 10 am.
2. We are going to be using our beans or peas to measure with today. If your bean hasn't survived, you could pick a plant in your garden or you could just draw one to use as your plant. see if you can find two things that are taller than your bean and two things that are shorter. Can you draw them? If you want an extra challenge, perhaps you could find a ruler at home and measure how taller each object is in centimetres. 

Draw your bean and label the different parts e.g. stalk, leaves, flowers, roots.

and 4. (optional) draw a hopscotch inside on paper or outside and practise hopping and jumping as you play the game.


The children in school had great fun drawing their imaginary gardens. We had pools, and slides and swings and trampolines and hot tubs as well as flowers and trees for shade. Send us a photo of yours to and we can show your friends in school and send you a reply.

From Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson

Wednesday 17th June
Hello Class 1 and Class 2,
We loved seeing all of your ideas yesterday, reading what you think would be at the top of your beanstalk. We had unicorns, cupcakes, a real pony and a wishing star. We had some great pictures and paintings of what you would see at the top of the beanstalk! 

Today we are going to ask you to do the following...
1) Watch the DfE phonics at 10am. We hope you're trying really hard to write those tricky words!
2) Count the beans/seeds in a pot or a cup. If you don't have any beans you can use other things instead and pretend they are beans or you could draw some, Write a label for each pot. Can you say which pot has the fewest or the most'? If you want an extra challenge, you could try counting beans in 2's, 5's or 10's!
3) Go on a tricky word hunt (place tricky words around your home or garden) or enjoy a tricky word obstacle course with words to read as you move along it.
4) It's Morris with Maracas at 3:30pm, why not join in live on our Facebook page?
Have a great day,
Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson
Tuesday 16th June 
Hello Class 1 and Class 2, 
Did you enjoy looking for worms yesterday? Bubble 2 and Bubble 3 had a lot of trouble finding worms! It was lovely to see some of your photographs from home showing us your worms and your work, like Charlie who had been watching wiggly woos all day! 

I am delighted to tell you that my beans are finally growing! One of them even needs a cane to support it as it grows very tall. I thought my bean was brilliant... until I saw Austin's and I had bean envy! I was soooooo jealous, his bean even has flowers on it! What are your beans like now? You will need to be looking carefully at your beans as the week goes on because there are lots of bean jobs this week. Which brings me on to your learning tasks for today...
1) Watch the DfE phonics at 10am. 
2) Write about what might be at the top of your beanstalk. Imagine your beanstalk grew so high it went up and up and into the clouds. What do you think might be at the top? Jasper had been reading Jack and the Beanstalk, so he imagined a giant might be at the top. You could find anything at all... use your brilliant imagination! You could start your sentences with 'I can see...' or 'At the top is....' Don't forget you will need to use some of your tricky words to write these sentences. You might find it easier to draw what is at the top first, before you do your writing.
3) Practice those teen numbers. You might want to ask an adult to write them down, or you could have a go at writing them, jumble them up and see if you can put them in the right order. Or you could have a walk and see if you can see all of the numbers from 11-20 whilst on your walk. Write them down as you find them. Or you might want to have a go at putting some teen numbers in order when some are missing
4) (optional) Join The Wiggles as they have a dance with some funky moves! 

During the week, Mrs Stanforth or Mrs Wilson may be ringing to speak to you (yes you, not just your grown-up). Have a think about which activities you are enjoying the most at home. Of course, we LOVE seeing your photographs and sharing them with the children at school so keep sending them in, it helps us to still feel like one big Reception group of friends even though we can't all be together at the moment. 

From Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Stanforth
Monday 15th June
Hello Class1  and class 2,
What a beautiful sunny weekend. We hope you have had fun in the sun. Mrs. Stanforth did some more gardening and helped Mr. Stanforth chop lots of branches off a very big tree. It was very tiring work! Mrs. Wilson played with her dog Ralph and her girls had their pool out in their garden.
This week, we are going to be reading the story of Jasper's beanstalk. A favourite story! We hope you have a great week searching for worms and imagining what might be at the top of the beanstalk.
 Please send your photos of the children and their work to so we can show the children in school what you have all been doing.  We would also like you to teach your child three tricky words a week- practise writing them, spot them in books as you read bedtime stories and spot them in the books you are reading on Oxford Owls online . This week can you work on the, said and was please? 
So 1. Watch the DFE Phonics at 10 oclock.
2. Watch the video of Jasper’s Beanstalk. Make a list of the things you would need to plant a bean and help it to grow.
Have a go at learning and joining in with this song. Go outdoors and see if you can find your own worms! Look closely at them, they are fascinating! BUT remember to hold them gently and put them carefully back afterwards
4. optional- use a sleeping bag and pretend to be a wriggly worm- can you wriggle along the living room floor? Is it easy or would you rather have legs to walk on!! Challenge your parents to wriggle in the sleeping bag!
Have a great day.
From Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Stanforth
Friday 12th June
Hello class 1 and class 2,
What an exciting week. Not many children get to have a dragon leave an egg at their school! I know one family who have also had a dragon's egg left at their house and it is snuggled up in an old Easter bonnet!
Today we have some more exciting activities to keep you learning ad keep you busy.
1. Watch the DFE phonics and see if you can read and write the words with the lady.

Listen to the story with one of our favourite characters- Albie .

If you would like another story about Albie- here is a favourite of Class 1 and 2.

3. Can you make a castle for your dragon to live in? It could be out of your sofa cushions or a cardboard box or even your dining room table and chairs- use your imagination!

4. Optional- Practise our yoga poses like the children in school have been doing. Can you show your parents how to make the aeroplane, tree, cobra, child and downward dog poses? I bet they can manage it if they try. Tell them to breathe in so they don't wobble.


Parents- we do really love seeing your photos and so we can feel like we are still a class, we have been showing the children in our bubbles your photos too. We have a new email address for you to send them to and we can reply straight back to you from this. SO please send your photos to

We look forward to hearing from you regularly.  Class 2 parents, you certainly rose to Mrs. Wilson's challenge!  Come on class 1 send me some photos- only 1 parent did this week!

Thank you and have a lovely weekend

Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson

Thursday 11th June 
Hello Class 1 and Class 2,
Did you like the photo of the dragon egg hatching? We decided it might be a baby dragon that liked hot milk to drink. Today we have some more exciting activities for you to do. Your friends in school will also be doing the same things and have been watching the phonics on youtube as well.
So, 1. Please watch the DFE letters and sounds phonics on youtube
2.  Draw a new home for the dragons and label your picture to show why it would be perfect for dragons e.g there is dragon food, the feathers are soft, it is quiet.  

Make a fire breathing dragon tube Remember you can always colour the paper with crayons or paint if you don't have colour paper at home. You can also roll up a piece of paper if you don't have a tube. Extra challenge- can you remember what the tube is called ( that's right a cylinder- with 2 circle faces and a curved edge!)

4. Optional- Take a rainy walk and splash in the puddles

From Mrs.Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson

Wednesday 10th June
Good morning Class 1 and Class 2,

We have been to check the dragon egg this morning and something VERY exciting has happened... WE HAVE A BABY DRAGON!!! We managed to get a photograph of it for you but we can't get too close at the moment as we don't want to upset mummy dragon. 

Today we would like you to...
1) Watch the DfE phonics at 10am please
2) Using some toys or if you would rather, some food like crisps. Count out different amounts and then find out 1 less. Eg Show your child a number 7, get them to count out 7 crisps. Let them eat one and ask them what is 1 less than 7? Do lots of times to get an understanding of 1 less being counting backwards.
3) Our new baby dragon needs a comfy home. Can you make a cosy nest for a dragon or a dragon egg? What will you use? Will you have something soft? Will you have a water bowl for the dragon if he needs a drink? You might want to draw this and label your drawing or you might want to make it using things you find at home, but don't forget to write some labels too! 4) It's Wednesday so you could join Miss Morris for Morris with Maracas live on our Facebook, or you could get some rolled up pairs of socks, find a target like a bucket and throw the socks at your target from a distance. How many can you get in the target? Challenge your family.
We really do LOVE to see your work and this week Class 1 have shown Mrs. Stanforth more work than Class 2 have shown Mrs. Wilson so far. Come on Class 2, you know how competitive Mrs Wilson is, make her extra smiley!!!
From Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Stanforth
Tuesday 9th June
Dear Class 1 and Class 2, 
We hope you enjoyed seeing the dragon yesterday. We have managed to get a little closer and take a photograph for you. The dragon seems to be very friendly and very calm, what a relief! She spent some of Monday sitting by her egg and watching the wildlife around her but she did leave the egg quite a lot too.  We haven't seen any movement from the egg yet but there is a crack appearing around the top. We wonder how long a dragon egg takes to hatch?

Today we would like you to, 
1) Watch the DfE phonics at 10am
2) Write a note to the dragon . You could ask why he left the egg. You could tell him the children at school will look after it or even ask what a baby dragon likes to eat! 3)
Draw, paint or collage a dragon picture- can you add his wings and claws? What colour will he be? Can you add some fire coming out of his nose too? 4) Listen to this piece of music. Imagine you are a dragon, stamp your big feet, raise your head high and flap your wings in time to the music to help you to take off from the ground. Move around to the music as you fly higher and higher in the air. You may want to go fly outside in the sunshine so that you feel the sun on your wings and the breeze on your face. Sometimes you will soar gently in the air, other times you may need to fly quickly to find dragon food or your dragon family. Have fun, use your imagination and see if you can get your family to join in with the flying fun!

Have a great day! 
Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson (and a big, friendly dragon)
Monday 8th June 
Hello Class 1 and Class 2, 
We hope you've had a lovely weekend, even though it's been quite a soggy one! Mrs Stanforth and Mrs Wilson have been very busy thinking about your exciting learning for this week after something amazing appeared over the weekend in our Nature Explorers area! 
On Sunday, Mrs Wilson got a video from our CCTV that had picked up something unusual just where we usually go for Nature Explorers! She rang Mrs Stanforth straight away, who did not believe her until Mrs Stanforth watched the video too! We have sent you the video to watch, it won't be at all what you'd expect (no, it isn't a frog coming out of the pond!). You will need to watch the video before you do today's learning jobs. 
So, today can you please
1) Watch the DfE phonics at 10am
2) Watch the video clip and start the story of how this mystery happened. Talk about how it came to be in our school playground? Where would it live? Is it a mummy or a daddy? What do we need to do to look after the egg? Lots of talk!
3) Adding dragon eggs - if you have 2 dragon eggs in the nest and then there are 7 more, how many are there altogether? Draw and cut out some eggs- or use raisins! Put them in two piles and write the number sentence to show how many altogether- eg 5+7=12  
4) Join Oti Mabuse with 'Feeling Good'. This clip is only 5 minutes long but we recommend you pause it regularly to practise the moves and get them right before moving on to the next move. 

Have a great day, we can't wait to know what you think of our video! Don't forget to email us to tell us what you think and show us your fabulous learning from the day!
Mrs Stanforth and Mrs Wilson
Friday 5th June
Good morning Class 1 and Class 2, 
Did you enjoy making something to make people smile yesterday? We spent time looking back through so many of the lovely photographs that you have sent to over the past few weeks and they really, really made us smile! To help other people smile we made a little video for the Reception ladies. 

Today, we would like you to
1) Watch the DfE phonics session on YouTube. 

2) Adults- please write 2 or 3 simple sentences that the children can use their phonics to read about their cuddly toys. Eg  He is blue and fat. He has a green hat.  His arm is long. She is pink and fluffy.
Get your child to read the sentences and then say whether it is true or false about their bear.
If they are motivated, they could write a sentence for you to read and decide whether it is true or false.

3) Play a party game like musical statues or musical bumps. Or even hide and seek if you have time for lots of turns!

4) Have an empty bin and some screwed up paper- mark a line on the floor not too far away from the bin. How many paper balls can you get in the bin in a minute?

Enjoy your home learning tasks today and keep trying hard to make the people around you smile. Be kind, kindness is one of the greatest gifts you can give to others.

From Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Stanforth
Thursday 4th June

Hello class 1 and class 2,
We hope you had a fun day yesterday and enjoyed the clouds and cooler breeze. We have seen some great pictures of measuring and sharing. Perhaps you can send us a photo of what you have been doing today?

So 1. Please watch the DFE phonics session on Youtube. Try and remember those tricky words for when you are reading story books.
2. Halving a quantity- the idea is to have different amounts of hula hoops or grapes or lego bricks. Can your child give their cuddly toy half of them and keep half for themselves? You can show them how to give ‘1 for you, 1 for me’ and then discuss what to do if there are any left at the end. ( Cutting in half?) The children need to understand that half is two equal amounts.
3.  Draw, paint or collage a picture that will make everybody smile!  It might be that you love unicorns or wizards or tractors or BMW cars. Whatever you love, make a beautiful picture and put it in your window for people to see as they walk past 
and 4. Optional   Run some races outside your house or in your garden- say ready, steady, go and see who is the winner. You could make yourself a medal if you win!  
Have a great day.
From Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Stanforth
Wednesday 3rd June
Hello Class 1 and Class 2,
We hope you read some lovely stories with your parents yesterday. Today we have more activities to keep you all busy. It might rain today which will be good for the garden and your peas and beans.
So 1.  please watch the DFE phonics on Youtube
2.  Choose one of your teddies or toys. Can you write a couple of sentences about them?  Eg He is short and blue. He has a big tummy.

 Ask another family member to read your writing and guess which bear you have written about.

3. A game to play inside or outside depending on the weather! The adult says find something beginning with a ‘s’. The child searches the room or house for something beginning with that letter. The child could then tell the adult what to look for.
optional 4. Join Miss Morris for her dance class ‘Morris with maracas’ at 3:30pm on Facebook, live from the school hall.

Have a great day and keep sending your photos so we can choose our star of the week.

From Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson

Tuesday 2nd June
Hello class 1 and class 2,
Did you enjoy a teddy bears picnic yesterday? Mrs. Wilson enjoyed a picnic with her teddy bear... until a little ant tried to join in and crawled across a sandwich! It is nice to share the garden with teddy bears and insects though, it was fascinating to watch the ants at work. If you've never spent time watching ants, make some time to sit and watch them as they go about their work! 
And so, on to your work for the day.
1. Please watch the DFE letters and sounds phonics on Youtube- today you are still reading longer words using the sounds you already know.

2.Choose one of your teddy bears or a favourite cuddly toy. Can you measure how long it is? You could use your lego, pegs, grapes or even a ruler if you have one.  Measure another teddy. Which is the longest / shortest?

Can you think of a way of measuring how wide your bear’s tummy is? What did you use?

3. Snuggle up and read some of your favourite stories together. There is nothing nicer than a story time together. You could snuggle under a blanket, in a den, put cushions on your trampoline or choose a big bed, a middle sized bed or even a tiny, baby bear bed!
4. (optional)  Dance to your favourite songs. Can you remember some actions for our rock-a bye- your bear song .
We know Mrs. Edwards will be rocking along to this one today, it's one of her favourites from Theatre Makers! 
Have a good day. Keep working hard and keep sending us your photographs and messages!
From Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson.
Monday 1st June
Hello class 1 and class 2,
We hope you have had a good half term and have enjoyed the lovely weather. Mrs. Wilson has been camping in her garden in a new tent and Mrs. Stanforth has been doing more baking, making profiteroles!

We have a new theme for you this week- teddy bears. Here are the fun activities for you to do with your family.
1. Please watch the DFE letters and sounds phonics on Youtube- today you are reading longer words using the sounds you already know.

2.Read or retell the story of Goldilocks and the three bears- you can find the story here if you need a reminder

Can you find different size bowls and spoons to pretend to eat your porridge? Use the repeated phrases from the story as you retell it. Perhaps you could make some porridge and pretend to be Golidilocks and eat it all up

3. Why not make some biscuits or cakes and have a teddy bear’s picnic. If you don’t have enough flour or ingredients, make paper biscuits and cakes and pretend to share and eat those.

4. (optional)  Outside in the garden, try jumping, running, hopping, skipping, dancing- how long can you do it before you are out of breath? It didn't take long for Mrs. Wilson and I to be out of breath so we are going to get practising!

Have a good day. Please send us some more photos of what you have been doing this week as we are still choosing a Star of the Week for each class. We are looking for children that have been working hard at home and trying their best.
From Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson.
Friday 22nd May
Hello Class1 and Class2,
It is Friday! Thank you for all your lovely photos. You have been very busy making and creating and doing lots of maths work. Did your paper aeroplane fly a long way? I hope you had a message on your plane too. Today we have some more activities planned for you and then next week is half term and you can just play all week!!
So 1. Please watch the DFE phonics session recapping the sounds air, ure and er. You will all be fabulous readers before you know it if you keep practising.
2. Do you remember playing with the bus? Today you could put some chairs or cushions together to make a pretend bus. Make some tickets and add prices upto 10 or 20p. Use real coins to pay for the tickets.

 ( Just use 1p’s to start with and see if they can use the other coins as you play)

3. Do something kind for someone in your family today. Perhaps you could tidy your toys without being asked or help clear the table after lunch? Perhaps you might help put the clean washing away or make your bed?

and optional 4.  Outside, can you make a mini obstacle course? You could just use a few toys to jump over, run around or take back to the beginning of the course. How many times can you complete your course in 2 minutes- get someone to time you  
Have a great week off school over half term and Mrs. Wilson and I will email you again after the holiday. Take care and have fun in the sun.
Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson
Thursday 21st May
Hello class 1 and class 2,
It was very hot yesterday and I hear lots of you had fun in your paddling pools or playing with water making potions. We have some more fun activities to keep you busy so,
1.Please watch the phonics lesson recapping ow, oi and ear.
2. Make a paper aeroplane- write a message inside the wings for someone in your family. When you see them, throw it to them and let them read your message. They might write a message back to you on their own paper aeroplane 
3.  Can you make a boat that will float? What will you use? Boxes, paper, cardboard, bowls? What happens to your boat? How many lego pieces can you fit in your boat before it sinks? Have a play and see what happens. 
and 4 (optional)   Join in with one of the many online fitness ideas- maybe try Oti Mabuse on Youtube at 11.30 each day  

We would love to see some more photos so we can choose who will receive the Star of the Week award via email.
Have a good day. From Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson
Wednesday 20th May
Hello Class 1 and class 2
It is meant to be hot today, so please make sure you have lots to drink and put some sunscreen on if you are in the sun. We hope you have a lovely day and enjoy doing the following activities.
So 1. Please watch the DFE phonics recapping the sounds or, ur oo. It  will really help with your reading and writing.
2. Draw a bus shape and have some paper smiley faces for people to go on your bus. Play a game with the bus. Put 8 people in the bus. At the next stop, 3 get off- how many have you got left? Can you write it as a subtraction number sentence? Eg 8-3=5. Put some more people on the bus  and play again
3. Sing a space song- maybe try zoom, zoom, zoom, we’re going to the moon.

Or 5 little men in a flying saucer.

and 4. (optional)  Join Miss Morris for her dance class ‘Morris with maracas’ at 3:30pm on Facebook, live from the school hall. 
Remember to send your photos to us using the email address as we are picking a Star of the Week this week.
Take care From Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson
Tuesday 19th May
Hello Class 1 and Class 2,
Did you enjoy the sunshine yesterday?  Thank you if you sent us some photos. We liked seeing your countdowns. 
Today,  1. please watch the DFE phonics recapping the sounds oa, oo and ar. 
 2. Then, we thought you would like to imagine an alien or two! 

Imagine you are on the moon- what can you see? Can you see an alien? Does he have 3 eyes and 6 arms?

Write a postcard to tell your family what you can see.

Eg To dad I can see an alien and some moon rocks from Bob

3. Can you draw, paint or collage a way of travelling? You could  draw a boat, a train, a aeroplane, a tractor, a speedy race car.

Or you could use your lego to make one of these vehicles

4. (optional) Move along to some of the dances on Boogie Beebies.

There is one about a digger which has some fun moves- you can search for it on youtube.

Have a fun day.  
Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson
Monday 18th May
Hello Class 1 and Class 2,
We hope you have had a good weekend with time to play in the sunshine.  Did you spot the reception staff in our video on Facebook? We hope you liked the photos of school and the smiley faces of all the staff. 
We have some more fun activities for you and our theme this week is Transport. We hope you enjoy them and remember to use your imagination, as today we are going to blast off into Space!
So, 1. Please watch the DFE phonics  about the sounds ai, ee and igh.
2. Read or listen to the story of Whatever Next.

Imagine you are going to the moon. Can you write a countdown from 10-0 or from 20-0. For super counters,challenge yourself to write a countdown in 2’s from 20

3.  Make a  rocket that will take you to a different planet in space- you can draw it, paint it or use some boxes and paper to make your rocket. Perhaps you will add a cone on the top and some rocket boosters 
4. optional-   Can you hop all the way to different rooms in your house? How many hops from the front room to the kitchen? How many hops to the back door from the front door? Remember to keep changing legs  
Have a lovely day and please keep sending in your photos. We are going to be choosing a star of the week, each week now for fabulous activities you have been doing at home.
From Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Stanforth
Friday 15th May

Hello Class 1 and class 2,

It is Friday and you have had another busy, fun filled week.We have loved all your photos. Ask your parents to send us a picture if they haven't this week yet.

1. Please watch the DFE phonics on YouTube 'er' sound.
2.Counting in 2’s Collect 10 pairs of things from around your house. This could be a pair of shoes, a pair of socks, 2 cups, 2 teddies… anything! Now practise counting your objects in 2’s. Remember, you only count the even numbers 2, 4, 6, 8…   
3. Make a butterfly feeder to encourage the butterflies to come to your house/garden. 
4. (optional)-  Do 5 star jumps, 5 bunny hops, 5 tuck jumps, 5 squats, 5 stretches up tall on your tiptoes, 5 touching your toes… and do it all again. How many times can you do this without stopping? 
We hope you have a lovely weekend. Mrs. Wilson is going to be in her garden again watering all her new plants and Mrs. Stanforth has some new wool and has started crocheting a blanket. Both of us are hoping to do some baking, as we have seen lots of photos of you making delicious cakes and biscuits. We are still missing you alot but for a little while longer, we need to keep safe in our houses and with our families.
From Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson
Thursday 14th May 
Hello Class 1 and Class 2,
We hope you're having a good week. We have enjoyed looking for butterflies in the garden this week and we have some more Hungry Caterpillar activities for you today.
We would like you to...
1) Watch the YouTube phonics at 10am - sound 'ure'
2) There were lots of different fruits in the story. Describe your favourite fruit. What does it look like, taste like, feel like? Write down your description and see if your grown up can guess your favourite fruit! Mine would be “They are small and red. It has little pips. It is very sweet.” Can you guess? It’s a strawberry!   
3) Make a fruity caterpillar. Cut up different fruits and thread them onto a kebab stick or place them on a plate to make them look like a caterpillar. Take a photo (we want to see!) and then enjoy eating all that yummy fruit! (thank you William for this idea!)
4) Optional - Try some yoga! We like this one!

Have a great day! Send us some photos of your fruit caterpillars!
Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson
Wednesday 13th May

Hello Class 1 and Class 2,

Did you enjoy the hungry caterpillar story yesterday? Mrs. Wilson added a link to the story on our website. Today we would like you to be shopkeepers again and use the coins you have in your money boxes or purses. Remember to look at each coin to see how much it is worth. (Parents, if the children struggle with the idea of a 5p being 5, 1p's, just use pennies to start with and then maybe swap a 10p for 10, 1p's when you have paid for the food.)

so 1. watch the phonics on youtube- 'air' sound .
2.  In the Very Hungry Caterpillar he ate lots of different food. Write a list of different food and how much things cost., Don’t forget to write p and £! Have a go at working out which coins you need to pay for the items on your list. 

Watch how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Perhaps you could wrap yourself up in a sleeping bag and try and emerge like the butterfly did?

and 4. (optional but great fun) Join Miss Morris for her dance class ‘Morris with maracas’ at 3:30pm

Have a good day and please send us some photos of what you have been doing.

Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson
Tuesday 12th May 
Good morning Class 1 and Class 2,
You may notice today that there's a bit of a theme forming this week. Can you guess which story we would be reading if we were in school? It's one of our favourite stories! You can watch it here  (Mrs Wilson loves the music accompaniment with this story and her daughters always loved to watch it too!)
So today's tasks are...
1) Watch the YouTube Phonics at 10am - ear sound
2) Different ways to make 10. Watch the Nutum’s clip and then have 10 objects (they can be anything, we like food in Reception so cereal works well but you may use little stones, 10 little toys, Lego bricks, coins etc) have two bowls and move them between the bowls. Can you write down the different numbers that make 10- 1+9, 2+8, 3+7 etc 

3) Can you make a caterpillar out of circles- you could draw around an egg cup? Perhaps you can colour it, or even cut out your circles from a magazine and stick them together to make a colourful caterpillar.

4) Optional - Kick a ball at a target. Start by standing very near. Take 1 large step backwards every time you hit the target. How far back do you go before you are missing?
We hope you have fun!
Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson
Monday 11th May
Good morning Reception! 
We hope you enjoyed the special day on Friday for VE day. Wasn't it a lovely sunny day! Mrs. Stanforth enjoyed some time with her family and Mrs. Wilson's children baked a cake. We weren't prepared for the change in the weather with the cold wind yesterday though! 
Today we would like you to...

1) Watch the phonics YouTube video 'oi'

2) Read the books about butterflies by following this link

3) Butterfly symmetry - use art materials, natural materials or anything lying around your house including socks, food, toys to create a symmetrical butterfly. This means that the pattern on one side is the same as the pattern on the other side of the butterfly.

4) Optional - Join in with some of our favourite action songs from Theatre Makers…



 Why not try to teach your family our Theatre Makers songs, it might warm you up a bit today whilst it's still a bit chilly! Have a lovely day.

Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson

Thursday 7th May 
Good morning Class 1 and Class 2, 
 Now, we need to have a chat about these beans and peas we are all growing...
I love seeing all of your photographs of your beans and peas, I've seen Harrison's 'green and speedy', I've seen Eva and Bella's very tall beans, Chloe's big smiley face as she showed how her pea has grown, Jaylen's beanstalk was almost as tall as him and Mylea watching her bean carefully.
You know I don't like to moan but I am getting quite grumpy about my beans! Yesterday, I showed Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Edwards a photograph of my beans. Well, they laughed at how teeny tiny they are! I have sent you the photo for you to see too. I planted them the same time as you, I've watered them and I've put them in the sunshine. I've cared for them and I'm one step away from singing to them (but nobody wants to hear that!). I have decided something strange has happened... 
You lot must have been given magic beans and peas! That is the only reason I can think of that explains why yours are so magnificent and mine.... well, mine are just rubbish! If you have any tips to help mine grow big like yours, please let me know!
Anyway, today's non-bean tasks are...
1. Watch the phonics YouTube video 'ur' as in purse. 
2. Cavalry Zoo.
Imagine that you have been asked to start a zoo for your friends at Cavalry to come visit. Which animals would you put in your zoo? How many would you have? Draw a map of your zoo. Label where each animal would be and write down how many of each animal would be in each pen. 
3. Design a cage/pen for one of the animals at your zoo. What will they need to live a happy life? You can make your design on the computer, using box modelling, drawing, outside, inside using things from around your house… your choice! 
4. Create a masking tape or chalk trail… move along it balancing on the line or without using your feet, with only one foot, by jumping, hopping or walking backwards (carefully!) 
Now tomorrow is a special day called 'VE day' and everyone gets to have a relaxing day with no work. Enjoy your tasks today and if you would like some special activities to do tomorrow for VE day they will be on our website in the morning. 
Enjoy your long weekend,
Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Stanforth
Wednesday 6th May
Hello class 1 and class 2,

Mrs. Wilson and I have really loved seeing your photos this week. You have drawn and coloured some beautiful African animals. We also liked reading your facts about the animals too. Well done.
Today we have more fun things to do and keep you busy so,
1. Join in with the Phonics 'or' sound today at 10 o'clock on You Tube.
2. Number hunt _ Time to find those tricky teens! Look around your house and see if you can find each of the teen numbers. When you find them, write them down! You might want to watch this too…  
3. Make an animal. Can you make an animal of your choice using Lego, box modelling, natural materials, or anything else you can find!
4. (optional)  Join Miss Morris for her dance class ‘Morris with maracas’ at 3:30pm 
 We hope you have a good day. Don't forget to enjoy the sunshine too.
Hello Class 1 and class 2,

Yesterday we told you that we wanted you to do things that make you smile. We also wanted you to make your grown-ups smile. Well, we are still missing seeing you and missing our little hugs and chats. We can't give you a hug but at the weekend I saw a little bee giving a heart flower a little hug and this made me smile. I have sent it to you in the hope it will make you smile too... that's a little hug from all of us to you xx 
So, today we would like you to...
1. watch the Youtube phonics about the sound ar
2. Write down 3 facts for us about your favourite African animal. You might want to tell us even more, go ahead, we'd love to hear as many facts as you can write!.
3. Sing some animal songs. You might want to sing your favourite songs, learn some new ones or you may remember some of these and may want to join in! Can you add actions to your songs too?

and optional 
4. Create your own circuit - think of 5 different exercises. How many times do you have to do each exercise before moving to the next? Challenge your family to have a go!
We hope you're smiling now! If you're smiling, why not pass the smile on and send a photo to someone of something that makes you smile or a time when you were enjoying some time together. Don't forget, we LOVE seeing your work and what you've been busy doing and it never fails to make us have big, massive smiles! 
Take care, Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson
Attachments area
The Wiggles: Rock-a-bye Your Bear
Monday 4th May 
Hello Class 1 and class 2,
We hope you have had a good weekend. Some of us are really enjoying being at home with our families and some of us are really missing our friends and coming to school. It is alright to feel like this. We have tried to plan some nice activities to keep you busy and make you smile, as well as learning some of the things you would have been learning at school. Remember to say please and thank you to your lovely teachers at home and make them smile today too!
So, Please 
1. watch the Youtube phonics about the sound oo as in look.
2.  Days of the week. Watch the BBC Bitesize clips about the days of the week. Watch Marty as he feeds the animals at the zoo. You could either play the game on there to reorder the days or ask your adult to write the days and see if you can order them.
3. What is your favourite African animal? Draw, paint or collage your favourite. Have a look at real African Animals - African Savanna Or learn about these African animals (it may surprise you what they are)
and optional 
4.  Have a dance to your favourite songs. Can you hop on one leg whilst you’re dancing? Can you skip around?  This will definitely make you smile!
Take care  Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson
Friday 1st May 
Good morning Class 1 and Class 2!
Did you realise you're famous? Mrs. Nosworthy was interviewed on the radio yesterday morning and it was very obvious she's been keeping a close eye on what you have all been learning at home as she mentioned quite a few things she's seen on the school website. Have a listen to her interview and see if you recognise any of your work as she talks! and listen from 2hr 53minutes. 
Well, it's Friday and the end of another week. 
Today could you please do the following;
2) Have a look at some money. Which coins can you recognise? Play shops - write labels for your toys and then use coins to buy your toys.  Make the amounts up to 10p or 20p. Can you use 1p coins, counting carefully to the right amount? Can you use different coins to buy your toys? If you want an even bigger challenge, can you count 2p coins by counting in 2’s, can you count 10p coins by counting in 10’s and 5p coins by counting in 5’s?
3) Play games that involve taking turns such as board games. This could be a board game, card game or a dice game for example. 
4) Run around your garden without stopping for 5 minutes. How does your body feel? What changes do you notice?
Have a lovely day and we hope you have a very lovely weekend. 
Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson
Thursday 30th April

Hello children and families in class 1 and class 2.
We hope the sun will shine for a little longer today. We have some more fun activities for you. If you haven't sent us a photo recently, then please do as we love to see what you are doing.
So today please can you
1. watch the DFE letters and sounds video for today; 'oa' as in goat. 
2.  Draw a picture and write about your favourite animal. Which is your favourite animal and why? Mrs Wilson would write ‘I like giraffes. They are tall and gentle. They look funny when they run.'
3.  Play ‘Kim’s game’. Can you remember everything that was on the tray? What is missing? 
and an optional physical task to get rid of some of your energy-

Run around your garden without stopping for 5 minutes. How does your body feel? What changes do you notice?  Or you could tune into Oti Mabuse's dance lesson at 11.30 on Youtube.

Have fun From Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson

Wednesday 29th April 

Hello Class 1 and Class 2!
Have you seen Mrs. Nosworthy's wonderful artwork this week? It's using plants and flowers from her garden. Providing your grown-up says it is ok to take some plant and flower cuttings, you could have a go too. It is definitely something you would be very good at, and great for making and talking about patterns! Have a look on the Social feed on the front page of our website for a better look at Mrs. Nosworthy's work.

And now, these are our learning tasks for you to do today...
1. Watch the Phonics Lesson 3 'igh' on YouTube
. One more / One less. Look for numbers at home or when you are out. Can you say what number is one more or one less? You should definitely look for numbers up to 20 but you can challenge yourself with numbers beyond 20 if that is quite easy for you. Maybe your adult can say a number and you could write one more or one less? 
3. Use natural materials found in your garden or near your house to create a picture of something. Or you could follow Mrs. Nosworthy's idea as above!
4. Your physical task today is to play catch and see how many throws you can make before someone drops it. OR because it's Wednesday, because we have talented staff, because everyone loves a bit of dancing... why not join Miss Morris at 3:30pm LIVE on our Facebook page for 'Morris with Maracas'! 

What a fun day! We hope you enjoy it!
Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson
Tuesday 28th April
Hello Class 1 and Class 2,
Did you watch the new phonics video yesterday? We thought it was very good, even though it didn't have Floppy!  We'd like you to watch the video again today...
SO today,
For your phonics, watch the online video which will be shown at 10am on YouTube. Remember, if your child still finds blending the sounds together to read a word a bit tricky then there is a different phonics lesson on Youtube (via the same link) at 11am.
1. Learn a poem or a new nursery rhyme. Can you add some actions or draw some pictures to help you to learn it or help you to teach others your new poem or rhyme?
2. Draw or paint your self portrait. You will need to look very closely in a mirror and remember to only draw/paint what you see! (You do NOT have green hair and red eyes!)
3. Do 5 star jumps, 5 bunny hops, 5 tuck jumps, 5 squats, 5 stretches up tall on your tiptoes, 5 touching your toes… and do it all again. How many times can you do this without stopping?
Monday 27th April
Hello Class 1 and Class 2,
We hope you ahd a good weekend. Mrs. Wilson has been walking her dog and Mrs. Stanforth has had a mad cleaning weekend, even washing her lampshades! 
Today we have some actvities for you to do. although you might not be able to make the playdough if you, like us are finding it hard to buy flour at the moment.  

SO today,
For your phonics, you will have run out of the sheets. The DFE have made some online videos which will be shown at 10am on YouTube. Your child would benefit from an adult watching the clip as well. There are also a few clips for adults to watch which explain the teaching of phonics.If your child still finds blending the sounds together to read a word a bit tricky then there is a different phonics lesson on Youtube (via the same link) at 11am.
This clip is a good introduction - it's about 7 minutes long. You will need to watch it before the lesson.
 (If you have trouble finding them, just search Letters and sounds home learning link on You Tube)We hope that these will be useful and will give some structure to your day as well.

1. Sharing - count out some food (cereal is great for this!). Can you share fairly between you and 1 other person at your home? As a challenge, can you share between 3 or 4 people (or teddies if there’s only 2 of you)
2. Make playdough (our gingerbread recipe is on our website). Can you create a family of gingerbread people? Maybe you could create your family in gingerbread
3. Have a dance to your favourite songs. Can you hop on one leg whilst you’re dancing? Can you skip around?
Friday 24th April

Hello class 1 and class 2,
Today is Friday so we have  2 or 3 activities for you to do and then you can have Saturday and Sunday off!!
 1. please do 'or' sound sheet
2. Measure your bean as it grows. What will you use? Lego? A ruler? Coins? Draw the bean and write how tall it was.
3. Optional extra for all those that need to get rid of some energy - Do 5 star jumps, 5 bunny hops, 5 tuck jumps, 5 squats, 5 stretches up tall on your tiptoes, 5 touching your toes… and do it all again. How many times can you do this without stopping?

We hope you are having fun in the sunshine as well as doing some work. Mrs. Wilson and I are enjoying our gardens and my tulips are looking beautiful, so I thought I would send you a picture of them to make you smile as well. They remind me of the sunshine. 

From Mrs. Stanforth and Mrs. Wilson 

Thursday 23rd April
Good morning everyone!
Did any of you join Miss Morris with her dance class yesterday? Have you seen Mrs Nosworthy's box modelling on our social media today? And have any of you seen the Starlink satellites this week or the shooting stars? There seems to be so many things to keep us busy at the moment! 
Mrs Stanforth has been very busy this week in the office and Mrs Wilson and Miss Mann have decided to tackle the nature area which has become very overgrown! We need to keep our pond and vegetable patch well kept so that it's ready for Nature Explorers whenever we return to school! We will try to send you some photographs when it's looking a bit better!
And so today's busy tasks are....
1) Phonics sheet ar
2) Imagine you had to pack a suitcase for an overnight stay. What would you need? Do you have a special teddy that you would take too? Write a list of everything you would pack, including any food and drink that you might take!
3) Go on a minibeast hunt. Look really carefully, especially under rocks, underneath leaves, in dark and damp corners. It's important to remember our Nature Explorer rule that we put back creatures where we found them and we "take only memories and leave only footprints". 
This might help you to identify some minibeasts
4) Optional extra - Move along to some of the dances on Boogie Beebies! 
Have a great day!
Mrs Stanforth and Mrs Wilson