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Welcome to your Nursery Home Learning Page!
Every day your home learning tasks will be posted on here. These will be in the same format as before the Easter holiday, three daily tasks we expect your child to complete and an optional physical task. 
We love to see the work you do, so keep sending it in to us at and we will post some work each week on our website in our 'work to celebrate' section. 
For more ideas for what you could do at home, including a huge selection of online reading books, look here

Friday 17th July


Today is the final day of the summer term and we have the last few activities to keep you busy and have some fun.


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Play I Spy names-

Have a selection of photos of family/ friends or play with real people! ‘I spy with my little eye someone whose name begins with ‘B’...


Activity 2 – Shadow play

Position canes or sticks in the ground (or any vertical structure). Draw along the shadow line using chalk or mark the shadow lines using pebbles or stones. Have a look throughout the day to see if the shadow lines have moved position.


Activity 3 – Dance to Disney’s Bare Necessities. Encourage your child to copy either just the arm actions or leg actions. Talk about animals in the jungle, how might they move? Free style dance using animal moves along to the song…

Point to note- check you have turned off the auto play on YouTube.


Well done and thank you Nursery families for engaging in the home learning activities, you deserve a well-earned rest for the summer holidays. We wish you all a safe and fun-filled summer and look forward to welcoming some of you back to Nursery in September. We send a fond farewell to our children who are leaving Nursery and wish you well as you move on to Reception classes in the autumn term.


Enjoy your last day of term!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Thursday 16th July


Did you enjoy the Bear Hunt yoga session? The children in the Nursery bubbles loved it,  it sparked some lovely language in Bubble 1 and Bubble 3  went on to watch Michael Rosen telling the story then felt inspired to go on their own bear hunt in the Nursery garden!

Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Order numbers 0-10

Invite your child to jump, hop, tip toe along the number line counting 1-1 as they go.


Activity 2 – Five senses scavenger hunt- e.g. something smooth, white, makes a noise…

(Five senses scavenger hunt sheet attached)


Activity 3 – Do an exercise countdown challenge: 

10 jumps

9 touch your toes

8 jumping jacks

7 stretch ups

6 high knees jog on the spot

5 hops

4 side stretches

3 criss cross feet

2 squats

1 star jump

And relax!


Have a great day!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Wednesday 15th July


Did you have a go at making numbers with wet spaghetti? Which numbers did you find the trickiest? The children at Nursery loved using their own ideas in changing the words to 'If you're happy and you know it' and 'Heads, shoulders, knees and toes' songs!


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Sensory story- Gather things from around the house/ garden to stimulate your child’s senses including touch, sound, smell and taste to make story time more fun, engaging and memorable!

E.g. Bear Hunt- grass or leaves (for swishy swashy grass), clothes in a bowl of water (river- splish splosh sound), Weetabix moistened to feel like mud (or the real thing!), sticks that snap (sound and smell like the forest), ice cubes to feel & handheld fan (swirling whirling snowstorm), soft fabric (for bear’s fur)


Activity 2 – Explore coloured bubbles!

You will need water, washing up liquid, food colouring, whisks and lots of energy! Can you create a bubble mountain?


Activity 3 – Join- We’re going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen, Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure. See if you can do the yoga poses and join in retelling the story.


Enjoy your day!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Tuesday 14th July


Did you have a go at painting sunflowers Van Gogh style? Some of the Nursery children painted a large sunflower on the playground; maybe you could create one in your garden using chalk or the corn flour paint recipe we made in a previous activity- 2 tbsp Corn flour, 4 tbsp water and a drop of food colouring, mix to combine the ingredients.


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Explore making numbers with wet spaghetti!

(See attached number rhymes to support)


Activity 2 – Explore making scrap pictures- you will need a cardboard box or lid, pencil, scraps of material. Turn the box upside down, punch some holes in the box with the pencil Use the pencil to push your scrap fabric into the holes. Make a mosaic, pattern or rainbow...


Activity 3 – Sing and dance along to songs such as Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes or If You’re Happy and You Know It? Can your child make up their own ideas for this song e.g. If you’re happy and you know it wiggle your fingers…


Have fun!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Monday 13th July


We hope you all enjoyed the return of the sunshine at the weekend! This is the last week of the summer term; we have lots of home learning activities to keep you busy before the summer holidays begin.


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Look at maps of roadways in March or surrounding areas. Talk about where Nursery is or the Primary School that your child will attend in September. Can you find the road where you live? Trace the route you take to get to school or Nursery with your finger. Invite your child to make a map of their road and the route they take to Nursery/ the park/ grandparents.


Activity 2 – Google the artist Van Gogh and have a look at his famous painting ‘sunflowers’ before creating your own! Thicken paint by adding flour and then apply using fingers or lolly sticks to produce paintings in the style of Van Gogh.


Sophia sent in a photo last week of her sunflower, it’s grown up past her elbow now. You might want to take a close look at your own if you’ve been growing them, before creating your masterpiece. Send your lovely artwork to


Activity 3 – Play pass the sound- make sounds using body percussion e.g. clap, clap. Can your child hear and repeat the sound? Increase the difficulty gradually as they become familiar with the game e.g. clap, stamp, clap


Have a good day!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Friday 10th July


Good morning everyone


One more day of potential rain then fingers crossed we’ll get some sunnier weather back again. Lots of our families are looking forward to getting back outside to play other than puddle jumping!


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Can you find objects of different lengths? Which one is the longest? Which is the shortest? Can you order them?


Activity 2 - Explore objects in one of the rooms in your house – perhaps the kitchen, the bathroom or a bedroom. Look at what they are made from, how they feel and what they are used for. Are they soft, hard, bendy, stiff, rough, smooth? Try sorting them into different groups.


Activity 3 – Join in with Boogie Beebies Go Go Mango!


Have a lovely day and enjoy the weekend.  We’ll be back in touch on Monday.


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Thursday 9th July


Good morning Nursery families


Did you have a go at the coin roll activity or make repeating patterns? Let us know at

The rain must be helping your plants to grow; one of Fearne’s sunflowers is taller than her daddy! There are lots of puddles about this week, why not try riding through them on bikes or with buggies and look at the length of the trail left behind. I wonder what length trail they will leave?


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Play sound box- 

Gather a collection of objects that begin with the same sound e.g. spoon, scissors, socks, snake, spade…

‘Do you know what sound there is in my sound box today?’ individually pick out the objects and name them ‘s- sock, s-spoon…’


Activity 2 - Create your own small world scene on a tray or plate, choose a theme together and gather some simple resources from around the house and outdoors to create a scene for some of your toys to live in/go on an adventure.


Activity 3 – Stretch every part of your body from your head down to your toes. Name the different body parts as you go.


Enjoy your day!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Wednesday 8th July


Good morning everyone


We hope the rain isn’t dampening your mood to keep busy and have fun whilst you learn. It means all those lovely plants, fruits and vegetables you are growing will be getting a good drink!


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Collect a variety of objects to create a pattern e.g. buttons, blocks, pegs, small toys or try arranging fruit or cereal in a pattern. Can you make a repeating pattern? You might want to print objects with paint to make a pattern.


Activity 2 - Coin roll- using a variety of round coins. Challenge your child to roll the coins on their end. How far can they roll them? Which coins roll the furthest? Was it bigger or smaller coins? If your child is struggling to get the coin to roll, you can make this easier by using a range of lids and tape reels instead.


Activity 3 - Join in with ‘Morris with Maracas’ live dance club at 

3.30pm on the Cavalry Facebook page!


Have fun!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Tuesday 7th July


Good morning all


Lots of our children have enjoyed previous ice activities so we’ve planned another one for today.  Mrs Pritchard sent a photo of the ice bowl she made, you might like to have a go? (See activity 2 below).


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Collect pictures and/ or objects of things that rhyme e.g. a sock, a clock, a lock, a block...


Activity 2 - Nature freeze- Find a variety of small containers- Explore the outdoors collecting interesting bits of nature. Put into your containers. Fill with water. Freeze, add string if you want to hang them. Alternatively make an ice bowl, place a small bowl inside a larger one, fill with baking beans, rice or similar to weigh it down. Fill the surrounding area with petals, herbs or citrus slices…


Activity 3 - How many star jumps can you do in 30 seconds? Can you beat your record? Talk about how long 30 seconds is. Did it feel like a long time? Can you count your own jumps?


Have a good day!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Monday 6th July

Good morning Nursery families

Did you have a lovely weekend and manage to enjoy some breezy sunshine yesterday? Lots of our Nursery children have been enjoying cooking and baking at home so we have a few recipes for you to try today.

Today's activities are as follows:

Activity 1 – Find something longer or shorter than your arm. Draw around your hand and arm up to your elbow, cut it out and use it to measure objects/ items inside and outdoors.

Activity 2 - Make vegetable faces-
You will need- a bread roll or similar base, cream cheese, cress, tomatoes, peppers or any other favourite toppings.

(Or try one of the recipes on the attached sheet)

Activity 3 - Listen to the beat-
Use instruments to play different rhythms. Use our listening ears to move in time to the beat- fast, slow, skipping, marching.

Enjoy your day!

From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Friday 3rd July


Good morning Nursery families


Our minibeast activities have proved popular with the children at home and Nursery this week. Lottie and her family enjoyed feeding a snail and said it was one of their favourite activities so far! Charlie and Poppy have had lots of fun learning facts about snails and read Snail and the Whale story.

You have competition though Miss Rayner; Gracie’s sunflowers have opened up and are taller than her garden fence! Something ate the strawberries she’s been growing; she thinks it might have been the hungry caterpillar!


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Guess the minibeast- Can your child guess the minibeast from the clues below:

‘I have spots’

‘I have 8 legs and 8 eyes!’

‘I have no legs and I am wriggly’

‘I come out of a chrysalis’

‘I make honey’

‘I leave a slimy trail’


Activity 2 - How many rhymes do you know about mini beasts? See if you can name 5. Here is one you might know: 

Incy Wincy Spider climbed up the waterspout 

Down came the rain 

And washed the spider out

Out came the sunshine 

And dried up all the rain

So Incy Wincy Spider Climbed up the spout again.


(minibeast rhyme sheet attached)


Activity 3 - Nectar relay. Fill a bucket with some yellow coloured water (nectar). Put it at one end of your garden or outdoor space. At the other end have an ice cube tray or egg carton (hive). You have to run to the bucket, fill up a container with nectar and race back to your hive. You can have a race on your own or with someone else and see how much nectar you can collect in 1/ 2/ 5 minutes.


Have a lovely day and enjoy the weekend. We’ll be back in touch on Monday.


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Thursday 2nd July


Good morning Nursery families


 Thank you for the emails and photos you've been sending. The Nursery children have enjoyed planting seeds and beans that have been kindly donated by one of our families. Lots of you are growing plants, vegetables and fruits. Archie has been measuring the sweetcorn he is growing at home, they are taller than him now! We have more activities involving growing today, Mrs Pritchard has had success growing plants from slices of tomatoes!


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Go hunting for seeds! Talk about the seeds inside fruit- apples, tomatoes, other fruits. Can you count the seeds or see patterns when you cut them open?


Activity 2 - Experiment growing plants from seeds of fruit you eat at home. Try tomatoes, peppers, strawberries. Use a cocktail stick/ toothpick/ sweetcorn skewer to remove and let them dry out on a paper towel before planting. Use recycled egg boxes, plastic cup cake cases to plant in. 


Activity 3 - Join in with one of our favourite Sticky Kid's songs and dance moves in Nursery: Funky Monkey!


Enjoy your day!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Wednesday 1st July


Good morning all


Did you find any spirals in nature? I thought I’d share some that I found in my garden. Can you spot the fern leaf that unfurls from a spiral? The children in Nursery Bubble 2 had great fun dancing and moving around like mini beasts. Let us know what activities you’re enjoying this week, send photos to: so we can print them and put them on display to share with your Nursery friends.


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Go on a number plate hunt- can you spot the letter that your name begins with? What numbers do you recognise? Can you find the number age you are? Can you find the number of your house?


Activity 2 - Create a nature mobile using a stick and hang interesting objects from it. You might like to make leaf bunting. Hole- punch a variety of leaves and thread onto garden twine or string to decorate an outdoors space.


Activity 3 - Following instructions- Give instruction for your child to do a series of actions- have them wait for you to say Go! before starting- ‘Stand then sit...Go!’,  ‘Clap then jump...Go!’ Build up actions gradually ‘Clap then hop then jump ...Go!’...


Enjoy your day!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Tuesday 30th June


Good morning Nursery families


The children in Bubble 1 enjoyed finding out about snails on the CBeebies link. I have lots of hosta plants in my garden that have been eaten by snails but there were none in sight to gather for the snail soup activity! I’ll be out this evening seeing if I can track some down for the children at Nursery to get a close up look of their teeth as they eat!


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Tree spotting- Take a notepad and pencil on a walk. Have your child make a tally mark every time they pass a tree. Talk about the shape and size of the leaves. How many trees did you spot?


Activity 2 - Spirals in nature- Can you find naturally occurring spirals in nature?

Have a look at petals as they unfurl around a flower bud, tendrils of a pea plant, pine cones, sea shells, pineapple, strawberry seeds… Take photos and share them with us at


Activity 3 - Can you move like the following minibeasts?  

Flutter like a butterfly

March like an ant

Slide like a snail

Wriggle like a caterpillar Dance like a bee

Spin like a spider

Scuttle like a woodlouse

Zig zag like a millipede

Zoom like a fly

Creep like a beetle

Slither like a slug


One of our Nursery families played this as a chalk pavement game. You could chalk squiggles and loops for your child to follow and have stop points along the way to listen for the next action!


Have fun!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Monday 29th June

Good morning everyone

We hope you have all had an enjoyable weekend; Miss Rayner was delighted to see that her sunflower plant has started to show seeds. How are your plants at home doing? Look closely at your sunflower this week Miss Rayner, for our spirals in nature activity, more on that tomorrow!

We have had photos of some of you riding your bikes without stabilisers! Well done to Harry, Emily, Harlen and Poppy for achieving this skill. And to Blake and Albert, who have been mastering their skills of riding balance bikes. We hope you feel very proud of yourselves! There are probably lots more of you who can do the same or have mastered a skill during lockdown, share your achievements with us at

Today's activities are as follows:

Activity 1  Clap the syllables in your name. You might need to model clapping the correct number of beats if your child finds this tricky. Can your child clap the syllables for family members?

Activity 2 - Explore fun facts about snails at:

You might like to have a go at making snail soup and observe snails eating! Have a look at the spiral shape on their shells- more about spirals tomorrow!

Activity 3 - Play feel it in your shoes!

Tell your child they are going to put on some feeling shoes- lie down and go to sleep(pretend)- invite them to wake up and explore moving about in shoes that show how they are feeling- try different shoes- angry, happy, sad, excited, frustrated, grumpy, proud...

Have a good day

From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Friday 26th June


Good morning Nursery families


We’ve loved receiving your emails and photos this week. Lots of you have been enjoying spending time in the pool, the perfect escape from the heat over the last few days! Are there any more sunflower growers out there? Lottie’s is twice as tall as she is! Send in your photos to


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Make 2D shapes using straws, cotton buds or sticks. Challenge your child to make a 2D shape of your choosing. What other shapes can they make? Talk about the properties of shapes, how many sides, and how many corners? Are the sides the same, longer, shorter? Can you remember the shape songs you sang in weeks 27th April-5 May?


Activity 2 - Flower printing- You will need a variety of flowers, trays or containers, paint, paper, pegs. Cut the heads off the flowers; leave a short amount of stem.

Attach a peg to each flower head by the stem to make it easier to pick up.

Pour some paint into the trays or containers. Dip the flower heads into the trays. Carefully print with the flower heads onto paper.


Activity 3 - Time how long it takes you to get dressed. Can you improve your time over the weekend? Can you put your own socks on? Fasten a zip? Put on your own coat?


Have a good day and a lovely weekend


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Thursday 25th June


Good morning everyone


Goodness it was a warm one yesterday wasn’t it! It was a bit too warm for family fitness! We hope you had lots of fun whilst keeping sun- safe and hydrated.  The Nursery children made their staircase number line inside, as it was so hot. We’ve had more photos sent in to print and put on our display, thank you, keep them coming!


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Make A Song Bag- Fill a drawstring bag with a variety of objects relating to different songs, such as a small doll for Miss Polly, a sheep for baa baa black sheep, a duck for five little ducks etc. Invite your child to put their hand into the bag and pull out an object, then sing the song relating to that object. Have your child hold onto their object until the end of the song when they can place it back in the bag, ready to select another.


Activity 2 - Do you have a hidden talent or favourite hobby? How can you share this with your friends? Can you take a series of photos or a video of you completing your talent/ hobby and share with us at


Activity 3 - Can you explore and jiggle to different genres of music? How will you move to a heavy rock beat? How about a an instrumental classical piece like ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’ or pop song Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ or try exploring line dancing style moves to John Denver ‘Take me home’...

Can your child match their movements to the speed and style of music?


Have a good day


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Wednesday 24th June


Good morning everyone

Did you have a go at writing with your feet? Or have a go at making marks with dandelion ink? Your friends in Nursery will be doing the same activities as you are at home so keep your photos and emails coming to share your experiences.


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Can you make a staircase number line? Draw a line with chalk on paving outdoors or on paper. Draw the numbers 0-5 along the line. Can your child find natural objects to match the numeral e.g. one fir cone, 2 flowers, 3 leaves… Position the collected items in a vertical line above each number. Remember to count 1-1 to check you have the right amount


Activity 2 - Build a bug house- you will need- a pair of scissors, newspaper, plant pot or a plastic milk bottle, drink bottle with the top cut off. Cut the newspaper in half and roll the strips tightly. Place them in the plastic pot. Pop it somewhere in the garden. Have a look in a week or so and see what bugs have moved in!


Activity 3 - Whole family fitness- Select your favourite exercises, you might do tuck jumps: bend knees and lift heels high while jumping, Hurdle Hops: jump side-to-side or front-to back over pretend hurdle, Criss-Cross Feet: jump straight up, then cross one foot in front of the other. Finish with stretching- overhead arm stretch, crossover toe touch




From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Tuesday 23rd June


Good morning all

We hope you’re enjoying the return of sunshine and warmer weather. We’ve got lots of lovely activities to keep you busy this week. Lots of the Nursery children have been growing their own vegetables, fruit and plants at home. Miss Rayner has bought a sunflower plant for each of the Nursery bubbles and they are going to have a competition to see whose grows the tallest! I know there are lots of you at home who have been growing sunflowers too, time to get out the measuring tape and let us know how tall yours are now! Send a photo and it’s height so far to


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1– Dandelion ink. The sap of a dandelion is white but when you write with it, it is invisible, and then watch as it dries. Can you write a message, your name or draw a picture? If the sap starts to dry whilst drawing/ writing, simply snip a little further up the stem.


Activity 2 - Try a growing activity that doesn’t require a garden. Take the top off a carrot and put it on wet cotton wool/tissue in a saucer or the lid of a jar, put it in a sunny place and watch it grow. Have a race to see who will grow the tallest plant! It’s a good way to get your child measuring and talking about what plants need to grow.


Activity 3 - Foot drawings- Are you able to write your name with your foot or draw a picture? You may surprise yourself, but you are guaranteed a giggle in discovering your skill for mastering holding a pencil or pen with your toes! 


Have a good day


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Monday 22nd June


Good morning Nursery families


The key worker bubble Nursery children have been interested in looking for bugs and lots of our families have sent in in emails and photos of children’s interests in wildlife and nature. So this week our theme will be exploring nature.


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Go on a mini beast hunt- Make a tally chart for the bugs you find, make a mark each time you find one. Count up the total for each bug, what did you find more of? Encourage lots of descriptive language as you make your bug discoveries. Use your ICT skills to take photos and find out more.


Activity 2 - Make a bee bowl- Use a flower pot dish or similar. Collect stones and pebbles in the dish for insects to land on as they come to drink. Pour in water, leaving some stones just above the water level. It's best if you can use rainwater! Alternatively, leave the bowl to collect falling rainwater. Find a sunny spot to place your bee bowl. Bees will love it even more if it's near flowers! Enjoy the buzz of bees & remember to refill when the bowl is empty.


Activity 3 - Busy Beans Warm Up (found in The Little Book of Dance) 

Chilli bean - shiver/shake as if you are very cold

Runner beans - run quickly on the spot 

Jumping beans - bounce up and down or on the move

Baked beans - melt to the floor as if you are melting

Broad beans - make a wide shape




From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Friday 19th June


Good morning everyone


Thank you for sending in photos and emails, we love receiving them. Did you find many items in your home that were longer or shorter than your foot? Isla found the following:

Longer- TV remote, letter box, toothbrush, TV, pencil

Shorter- Light switch, washing up sponge, stone

I wonder which items you found?


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 –    Can you remember what baby bear did in the story Whatever Next when he got to the moon?  Mark make a list of items you will need for your picnic on the moon or draw pictures of food you would like . Who will you invite on your picnic?


Activity 2 - Making a sandwich- Talk with your child about what they would like in their sandwich. You could use cookie cutters to cut the bread into different shapes before making the sandwich. Count how many sides and corners each shape has. Talk to your child about which foods are healthy and which are ‘treat’ or ‘sometimes only’ foods.


Activity 3 - Can you teach yourself a new skill? Is there something you have always wanted to do, but find it really tricky? Try to improve your skill for a short time on a daily basis. E.g. throwing a ball through a hoop? Kicking a ball to a goal? Juggling with one ball, 2 or 3? Balancing on one foot? Dressing by yourself? Doing up a zip?


Have a good day, enjoy the weekend and we will be back in touch on Monday.


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Thursday 18th June


Good morning Nursery families


Did you take a selfie through a toilet roll tube yesterday and pretend you were on the moon? Did you remember what the baby bear saw when he travelled to the moon in the story Whatever Next? We hope you liked the transport rhymes, Take a Ride in my Car is Mrs Jackson’s favourite, and we all miss her singing that one, including the Nursery ladies!


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Draw around your child’s foot and cut it out. Can you find 5 things that are shorter than your foot? Can you find 5 things that are longer?


Activity 2 - Explore making play dough foam!


You will need 1 part shaving foam and two parts corn flour.


I wonder what it will feel like? What will you do with it? Let us know at


Activity 3 - Pretend you are the space rocket! Crouch down into a ball. Count backwards 10-0  then zoom off around the room or garden. Will you visit another planet or see some aliens on your journey?


Sing a travelling song- maybe try zoom, zoom, zoom, we’re going to the moon.


Have fun!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Wednesday 17th June


Good morning all


How did you get on with counting backwards yesterday? It was lovely to see some of your photographs from home showing us the superb rockets you made, Sophia’s Grandma and Grandad had a go at making a socially distanced rocket in a rocket making competition and that got us thinking, maybe you could challenge your family members to have a go at making one! We’d be more than happy to receive photos of some more! Send them to us at


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Take a selfie through a toilet roll tube. Pretend you are on the moon. Can you draw what you might see? How did you travel to the moon? Did you meet a friend like baby- bear did in the story? Can you remember what baby bear saw on his way up to the moon?


Activity 2 - Sing the wheelson the bus song. Can you make up verses to match members of your family e.g. Aunty Susan on the bus is painting her nails… Baby Caleb on the bus is watching Mr Tumble…

(Selection of transport rhymes attached)


Activity 3 - Join in with ‘Morris with Maracas’ live dance club at 

3.30pm on the Cavalry facebook page!


Did you keep the maracas you made? If not, grab a couple of plastic containers and partially fill with pasta or rice. Then join in the fun!


Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team



Tuesday 16th June


Good morning everyone


It’s been lovely to speak to some of our children, as it’s been such a long time since we’ve seen you! We look forward to speaking to more of you as the week goes on. Did you remember the story of Whatever Next and baby bear’s adventures? We’ve got some other activities planned for this week that relate to the story, something to watch out for. In the meantime get in touch and let us know how your home learning is going, send to


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Build a tower of 10 cups or bricks. Counting them up as you build will help your child understand that numbers have a value.

Try counting backwards 10-0, sing the rhyme 10 green bottles, or use the rocket you made yesterday to count down to blast off!


Activity 2 - Place flour in a baking tray or on a plate. Can you make patterns, draw long lines, zig, zags, circles, faces? Practice forming letters in your name or numbers...


Activity 3 - Take some time to think about how you are feeling. Can you talk about and recognise your emotions? Follow some cosmic yoga on YouTube. Lie on your back; place a teddy on your tummy. Take a deep breath in and watch teddy rise on your tummy. Hold this for 5 seconds. Let the air out and watch teddy fall. Repeat until you feel calm and relaxed.


A reminder of a quote found:


‘Thoughts and feelings are something you have, not something you are’


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Monday 15th June


Good morning Nursery families


We hope you all enjoyed the return of sunshine over the weekend! This week we continue with the theme of transport and re-visit a story that we focused on in Nursery last year. We hope you enjoy the activities and it would be lovely Nursery children, if you would tell us what your favourite activity has been so far when we call to speak to you this week?


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Read or listen to the story Whatever Next by Jill Murphy


The children loved this story in Nursery last autumn. I wonder if they can remember what happens in the story?


Activity 2 - Design and build a rocket. What will you use? Pringles tube, kitchen roll, rolled up paper? How will you make the cone? What could you use for rocket boosters?


Activity 3 - Balancing game- roll a dice, count how many spots are showing. See if you can balance on that many points e.g. If it lands on 2 spots, balance on one arm and one leg or one hand and your bottom… Three spots could be balancing with two hands and one foot in the air. Six spots might be tricky though!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Friday 12th June


Good morning all


What a wet week we’ve had! Good for the gardens and reservoirs though and for donning wet weather gear and wellies and heading out for some wet weather adventures!

Also good for raindrop races again! Whose raindrop will get to the bottom of the window first?


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Be kind – draw a picture or make a card to show someone you care about them. 


We like the following quote from Roald Dahl: 

‘If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely’


Activity 2 - Use chairs, boxes, cushions to create your own vehicle for role-play. Will it be a bus, aeroplane or train? Who will you invite onto your vehicle? Will they need to buy a ticket? You could use the map you drew at the beginning of the week to guide you to your destination, your very own sat nav!


Activity 3 - Play hide and seek indoors or out. Establish some rules like staying downstairs and counting to 10 with eyes closed; then hide and seek behind furniture, curtains, places outside...


We hope you have a fabulous day and are looking forward to the potential of some sunshine coming our way on Sunday! We’ll be back in touch on Monday.


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Thursday 11th June


Good morning Nursery families


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Explore movement with loose parts you will need: small cars or vehicles, paper, cardboard, planks, tubes, measuring tape, pencil.

Can you create ramps and roadways for wheeled vehicle toys you may have? Think like an engineer! What is the highest or longest ramp you can build? What would it look like? What materials will you need? You might want to draw your idea first.

Try out your ramp and measure how far your vehicle travels. How fast/ slow does it travel? Draw a simple number line on paper or on paving with chalk. What number will your vehicle land on?

What can you do to make your vehicle travel further?


Activity 2 - Sing a travelling song- maybe try zoom, zoom, zoom, we’re going to the moon.


Or 5 little men in a flying saucer.


Activity 3 - Think of some stretching exercises you could do e.g. Stretch tall like a tree, keep your legs straight, bend down and touch your toes. Stretch your arms out wide and reach from one side to the other. Next have a seat on the floor, position your legs in a diamond shape and bend forwards… (Your ideas?)


Enjoy your day!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Wednesday 10th June


Good morning everyone


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Play silly soup with ‘b’ objects e.g. ball, button, brick, bear, book.

Invite your child to sing along or say the words as you add each object 

‘We’re making lots of silly soup, we’re making soup that’s silly. We’re going to put it in the fridge to make it nice and chilly’ Emphasise the beginning phonic sound for each item ‘b, book, b, ball, b, brick…’


This is one of the activities we do at circle time, the children really enjoy it and will hopefully remember the rhyme we sing.


Activity 2 - Create a car wash! Use shaving foam, mud, soapy water in different containers to explore getting your toy or ride on vehicles dirty and clean again.


Activity 3 - Play follow my leader. Choose different vehicles to move around e.g. chuff, chuff, chuffity chuff like a train (don’t forget to blow the whistle- Whoo ooo!) fly like an aeroplane, chug like a tractor...


Have a great day!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Tuesday 9th June


Good morning all


I wonder what vehicle you chose to travel in yesterday to go on your adventure?

We thought we’d share an idea from one of your Nursery friends that was sent to us.


‘Archie would have a van, and drive to work where he would be building a house. His van would get stuck in the mud and he would call for a digger to get him out but the digger only has a bucket and not claws. So next he would call a grab lorry and he would “operate” it to pick his van out. And if a car would come mummy would have to shout stop and I would stop the grab. He’d then get the van out and drive to work. ‘


What an exciting adventure! We’d love to hear more, send them to us at


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Go for a walk and see what vehicles you can see. What colours are they? Make tally marks for the different colour vehicles. Which colour vehicle did you see the most? How Many?

Where do you think the vehicles are going?


Activity 2 - Use recycled packaging e.g. boxes, tubes, bottle tops, milk cartons etc. to create your own vehicle. You might want to take some of your small world toys off on an adventure!


Activity 3 - Move along to some of the dances on Boogie Boogies. This one is about a double decker bus




From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Monday 8th June


Good morning Nursery families


We hope you had a relaxing weekend and managed to dodge the torrential showers if you were out and about! For this week some of our activities are based around the theme of transport.


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Read or listen to the story of Duck in a Truck

Imagine you are in a vehicle going off on an adventure. What vehicle would you choose? Where would you go? Who would you see? What would you do when you got there? 

Draw a map of your journey and send it to us at


Activity 2 - Help at home this week by recycling your rubbish. Sort into plastic, metal, card, paper. You’ll need to save some of these items for box modelling tomorrow!


Activity 3 - Do 5 star jumps, 5 bunny hops, 5 tuck jumps, 5 squats, 5 stretches up tall on your tiptoes, 5 touching your toes… and do it all again. How many times can you do this without stopping? 


Have fun!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Friday 5th June


Good morning Nursery children and families


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Counting- On your daily walk, make a tally mark or put counters in a tin every time you see a dog or bird. Have a count up on your return to see how many you spotted. You could make a guess before you leave as to how many you think you will see.


Activity 2 - Make salt dough- press leaves, twigs, bark, flowers, or anything else with an interesting texture in it to make some natural art.


We received a lovely photo of a face created with natural materials from one of our Nursery children. You might like to create faces with your found materials. Have a go at exploring making different emotions with the faces you make e.g. happy, sad, frustrated- lots of us are feeling this one at times and that’s okay. This activity provides a good outlet for feelings of frustration as your child manipulates the dough and an opportunity to talk about how they feel.


Salt dough

This dough is easy to make with three basic ingredients. You will need:

2 cups flour, 1-cup table salt and ¾ cup water

  •        In a large bowl mix flour and salt together
  •        Gradually stir in water. Mix well until it forms a doughy consistency.
  •        Turn the dough onto the worktop and knead with your hands until smooth and combined.
  •        Make your creations using the salt dough
  •        Store your salt dough in an airtight container as it keeps well for a few days.
  •        Alternatively you could air dry your creations.


Activity 3 - Balance and control- Have your child balance on one leg, they are likely to have a favoured side so use both, you could time how long your child can balance for then try to improve their personal best!


Have a good day, enjoy a few days rest over the weekend and we’ll be back in touch on Monday!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Thursday 4th June


Good morning everyone


We hope you’re not too disappointed that all the lovely sunshine and high temperatures we’ve been having have disappeared for a while.  We’ve received some great photos and lovely emails, keep them coming as they help us to feel connected with you all, we miss seeing our Nursery families a lot.


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Sleeping Giants- Tell your child they are giants who like to jump- have them jump and down to practice. When you say ‘Sleeping Giants’ your child has to stop jumping and lie down very still on the floor. When you say ‘Waking Giants’ your child can jump up and down again until you say ‘Sleeping Giants’ again. You could change the name of the game to any fun creature that you know your child will respond to such as stomping dinosaurs, hopping frogs, walking penguins.


Activity 2 - Use recycled tin cans to build a tin can coconut shy. You might want to decorate your cans first.


Activity 3 - Wet Sponge Designs- gather up lots of sponges, provide a tub of water for endless re soaking, and have your child throw their sponges on a wall or on a cement surface to make designs. Sponges can also be used to ‘paint’ walls.




From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Wednesday 3rd June


Good morning Nursery children and families


Seems like I’m not the only one with baby bird activity in the garden, thank you for sharing your emails and photos but come on Nursery families, I’m sure there are more wildlife wonders to be told! We eagerly wait to read your news, send to


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Up the ladder- you will need paper, pen, counters, cars or small world people for markers, a 2p coin. Draw a ladder, any length. Each player chooses a marker and decides on a number 1 to 5. First player tosses the coin. If it lands ‘heads’ up, move the number of steps agreed. ‘Tails’ up, stay where they are. Pass the coin to the next player. Continue until one player reaches the end of the track.


Activity 2 – Make a butterfly feeder. Put a sugar/ water solution on a plate or an overripe banana and watch to see how many beautiful butterflies visit. Remember to share your photos with us!


Activity 3 - Silly races- Think up some fun ideas for silly races indoors or out. Run while flapping your arms like a bird, run while singing your favourite song, run and dance at the same time, run and pat your tummy at the same time...


Have a great day!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Tuesday 2nd June


Good morning all


Well our blackbird chicks have fledged! They were very noisy yesterday whilst we had our evening meal outside, lots of flapping going on. When I went to water my container plants I noticed that the nest was empty. We’re hoping they will rear another brood; it’s been lovely to watch them. Have you any spotted any signs of wildlife or birds in your garden or out on walks?  Share them with us at



Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Neighbourhood Search Prepare a list ahead of time of items to search for. On your daily walk can you spot a road sign, a blue flower, something with a tail, something round, a tall tree, etc.? Check off the items on the list or use your phone to take pictures to review later.



Activity 2 – Coloured rice- Place some rice in a food bag, put in some drops of food colouring and squish to mix. Lay out on a tray to dry before exploring emptying and filling with it.



Activity 3 - Long Jump- Just how far can your child jump? Challenge them indoors by having them jump on lines made by painters tape on the floor or outdoors with chalk. Instruct your child to bend at the knees, extend their arms behind their back, swing their arms forward when they take off and land on both feet.  Measure the length they jump using a tape measure (standard measure) or strides, hand spans (non- standard measure)



Have fun!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Monday 1st June

Good morning Nursery families


We hope you all enjoyed your well-earned rest of half term; we certainly had the ideal weather for it didn’t we? 

Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Play noughts and crosses- mask out a grid on the carpet/ floor, use paper plates as markers or for a game outdoors use sticks and pebbles/ rocks with noughts and crosses marked on with paint or chalk


Activity 2 – Go on a nature walk. Look for 5 different types of leaves, 4 different types of stone/ pebbles, 3 different types of flowers, 2 different types of insects, 1 type of bird.

Activity 3 - Time for the Nursery children’s favourite song! ‘Shake your sillies out’


Thank you for all the emails and photos we have received so far, keep them coming! You can send them to us at


Have a good day!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Friday 22nd May


Good morning Nursery families


What a wonderfully warm week it’s been! Today is the last lot of home learning activities for this half term. You deserve a well-earned half term break, parents and children!

We love to receive your emails about what your child has been doing at home, please keep sending them in to


Today's activities are as follows:

Activity 1 – Go on a scavenger hunt- use a 2-minute timer e.g. Find something yellow, find something round… 


Activity 2 –Make banana bread.



2 ripe sliced bananas

1 tsp of bicarbonate of soda

1 tsp of baking powder

150g of plain flower

150g of caster sugar

100g of butter

2 tbsp of milk

2 eggs

100g of chocolate chips/ nuts/ fruit (optional)



  •     Set oven to 160°C/ gas mark 3 or 140°C for a fan oven
  •     Grease a loaf tin and line with baking paper
  •     Put banana into a mixing bowl and mash slightly
  •     Add all of the other ingredients to the bowl except the chocolate chips/nuts/ fruit (if you decide to add these)
  •     Use a hand whisk or a spoon to combine the ingredients, be careful not to over mix
  •     Once combined fold in the chocolate chips/ fruit/ nuts
  •     Pour into the baking tray and sprinkle muscavado sugar on top for extra crunch
  •     Put your banana bread in the oven for 1 hour
  •     Once cool sprinkle icing sugar on top and enjoy




Activity 3 - Play catch- Children learn to catch at different rates but working with them on the skill can begin with throwing them a balloon or a soft object such as a rolled up pair of socks or a light ball as these will be less intimidating than a heavy or small ball. Start by standing close to your child and as they master the catch, move further away


Have a fabulous day and enjoy a relaxing break.


Warmest wishes


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Thursday 21st May


Good morning all


Did you enjoy the warm sunshine yesterday? 

Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Throw a dice- jump/ clap/ star jumps/ hop on one leg the number of times rolled


Activity 2 – Go on a bug hunt in the garden or on your daily walk. Find out one fact about a bug you’ve found, draw an observational drawing of your bug and send your discovered facts and drawings to us at


Activity 3 - Bean Bag Balance- Can you balance a bean bag on your head and walk from one point to another without dropping it? As your child masters the walk, move the points further apart or make the course a bit more challenging by adding zig zags or circles, or objects around which they have to manoeuvre.


Enjoy your day!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Wednesday 20th May


Good morning everyone


It’s forecast to be very warm today, remember to apply sun cream and drink plenty of fluids if spending time outside.


Today's activities are as follows:

Activity 1 – Play Hide and seek with a toy- give clues using prepositions e.g. look on top of, under the… next to...

Extend by allowing your child to hide some ‘treasure’ outside- have them draw you a map of your garden, outdoor space for you to find their hidden treasure!

You could support your child’s understanding of prepositional language by modelling language as you look for the treasure… I wonder if it is under the chair, on the windowsill, in the plant pot…

Activity 2 – Magic potions- Make a magic potion from things you can find in the garden or out on a walk.


This is one of the children’s favourite activities to do in Nursery. You might add drops of food colouring to water or dried herbs from your store cupboard if leaves and flowers are not in ready supply.


What spells will you make? Can you mark make your recipe or draw a picture of what will happen when you’ve cast your spell! Who will you use your spell on?


Send us photos of your potions/ recipes/ drawings to


Activity 3 - Water Play!

You will need: decorating materials such as paintbrush, paint buckets, rollers, paint roller trays, mops, brooms…

Invite your child to decorate paths, fences and outdoor furniture. You might want to add some washing up liquid for some soapy fun!


We hope you have lots of fun!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Tuesday 19th May


Are you ready for another fun filled sunny day? We’ve enjoyed seeing photos of the activities you have been doing at home, keep them coming!


Activity 1 – Container capacity- Explore filling and emptying water outdoors or in the bath with recycled materials. Gather a selection of different sized containers e.g. milk, shampoo, bubble bath, washing up liquid bottles, bottle tops, washing powder scoops.


Your child will be learning about shape and space as they play, learning that different size containers hold different amounts. In Nursery we mark recycled bottles with permanent markers at certain points to indicate half, full or numbered measures.


Activity 2 – Ribbon Sticks. Tie lengths of ribbon to the end of a stick or baton. Dance and swirl your ribbons in the air, up and down, round and round, forwards and backwards...


This activity will develop your child’s agility and is good for using those shoulder muscles to make patterns in the air, great for building pre-writing skills.


We like the following Sticky Kids song to dance with our ribbons to



Activity 3 - Kick Bowling- Switch up regular bowling inside or outside by inviting your child to use different sizes of balls to kick down different objects such as empty bottles or rolls of paper towels.


We hope you enjoy today’s activities.


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Monday 18th May


Good morning Nursery families


We hope you’ve had a good weekend, enjoying the warmer weather. Lots more sunshine to come this week!


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Take turns with your child to retell parts of a well known story without the book e.g. Goldilocks, Three Little Pigs

One of the favourite stories that the children have enjoyed in Nursery is the Three Little Pigs, we had this as a focus story last autumn but the children were still bringing the big bad wolf into their play in the spring term!

Your child may have another traditional tale they enjoy or a favourite bedtime story they know really well. 

Retelling stories encourages your child to use their imagination and expand their ideas.

You might support your child’s storytelling by asking open-ended questions e.g.

What happened next?

I wonder where…?

In Nursery we encourage the children to think of different endings so embrace your child's creativity when retelling their story!


Activity 2 – Cornflour paint- to make the paint you will need:

2 tbsp Cornflour, 4 tbsp water and a drop of food colouring, mix to combine the ingredients.

Paint on paper or paving, it dries a lovely chalky opaque colour.


We’d love to see your  cornflour paint artwork, send them to


Activity 3 - Obstacle Course- Indoors or out, let your imagination run wild as you set up an obstacle course for your child. Have them crawl under tables, climb over chairs, jump over ropes, hop from cone to cone, crawl through a cardboard box, jump through a hula hoop...




From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Friday 15th May


Good morning everyone


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Counting up/ counting down number rhymes (Please see the number rhyme sheet below this post)



Activity 2 – Spend some time cloud watching- what shapes and objects can you make out of them?



Activity 3 - Try some yoga! We like this one!



Enjoy your day, have a lovely weekend and we’ll be back in touch on Monday


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team