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Good morning Nursery families,
Did you discover some of the things that make you special? At circle time in Nursery we found lots of differences between us and our friends, lots of discussion about hair colour, length of hair and whether it is straight or curly. We're going to make a wintery display with our snowflakes and artwork we've made this week, remember to send photos of the lovely work you have been doing at home so we can include that too. 
Today's activities are:
Activity 1- Explore the sparkly snow sensory writing tray. You will need a fine layer of salt or flour, add a little sparkle and explore mark making. You might like to draw a snowflake, use your fingers, sticks or a wand!
You can find this activity on The Imagination Tree, this and other learning websites are available through our website. Find them at:
Activity 2- Go on a winter walk and collect nature items to freeze in a dish or container e.g twigs, snippets of evergreen, leaves... You might want to add some bird seeds , as food for our feathered friends to snack on as the ice melts! Add a length of string, ensure it is fully submerged, leaving some out of the container so you can hang your frozen decoration outside. What do you think might happen? Observe over time as it melts.
Activity 3- Sing along and dance to Frozen- Let it go. Can you make spiky frosty movements?

Have fun!
From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team
Good morning all
Did you try the skating figures activity? The children in Nursery really enjoyed it but we found the small amount of ice on the animals feet soon melted. We decided to have another go next week with some larger figures in bigger containers, science is all about experimentation! 
Today's activities are:
Activity 1- Use recycled plastic containers such as yoghurt pots, varying sizes of milk bottles, etc with a pan for an exploration of capacity at the kitchen sink. Add food colouring if you have any. Ask your child, how many pots it takes to fill the pan? Talk about full, half full, empty. If you have a plastic tea set, use this to find out how many cups you can fill with the teapot.
Activity 2- Google real snowflake images, look at the snowflakes close up. What do you notice? Talk with your child about how they are all different. Not one snowflake is the same, they are all unique, much like all of us! What differences can you find amongst your family members or friends?
Activity 3- Make snowflakes- Help your child to fold paper in half and half again. Use scissors to cut shapes along the folded sides, you may need to hold and guide the paper to assist with cutting. Unfold, sprinkle with glue and glitter, hang and admire!
Have a great day!
From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team
Good morning everyone
The children in Nursery loved the shivery snow paint yesterday! I wonder if any of our families at home had a go? Let us know if you did at
We also enjoyed moving and singing to the winter version of Here we go round the mulberry bush. We have a number of winter themed rhymes that we are singing (see attached song sheet) . Maybe you could find and sing the penguin rhymes as you have a go at activity 2 today!
Today's activities are:
Activity 1- Go on a winter themed scavenger hunt! Find items from around the house that are blue, grey, silver and white in colour. How many items did you find? Extend the activity – I wonder what these items are made of? Group into materials e.g. plastic, metal, fabric…
Activity 2- Ice skating sensory play! Freeze small world figures (feet only!) in ice cube trays. In Nursery we have frozen penguins and arctic animals. You might have some small world figures, Duplo or superhero figures you could use? Once frozen, skate on shaving foam, just a fine layer should be enough, or baking foil. Or why not have a go at making magic snow with shaving foam and baking powder? 
Activity 3- Penguin waddle – A fun and silly game, have your child hold a balloon or ball between their legs and walk around trying to keep it in place. This makes them waddle like a penguin and always brings lots of giggles. Encourage your child to think about other winter animals and how they might move.
Have fun!
From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team
Good morning Nursery families
We hope you had an enjoyable weekend, this week in Nursery and at home we will continue to explore the theme of winter.
Today's activities are:
Activity 1 -  Share the story One Winters Night-

Can you remember what happened in the story? Who knocked on the door first? Who came second? How did the squirrel feel when he fell out of bed? What did the animals think the scratching, scraping sound on the floorboards might have been?

Activity 2 - Shivery snow paint (puffy paint)- This can be made using white PVA glue, shaving foam, peppermint extract and fine glitter. This makes a lovely snow like texture to explore making wintery pictures.

Activity 3 - Let's get moving to a winter themed ‘Here we go round the mulberry bush’ song

This is the way we put on our coat, put on our coat, put on our coat

This is the way we put on our coat on a cold and frosty morning

This is the way we… pull on our boots…put a hat on our head…wear scarf and gloves… open the door… walk outside… shovel the snow… stomp through the snow… catch snow on your tongue on a cold and frosty morning!




From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Good morning Nursery families,
I wonder how many Number rhymes you could think of? You could practise counting backwards from 5-0 today when you've completed activity 2 by singing Five currant buns in a bakers shop!
Today's activities are:
Activity 1 -  Play the interactive game Teddy Numbers to help practise your numbers up to 5 (or beyond if you can).
Activity 2 - Make rock buns (recipe attached). This activity helps your child to:
  • learn new words
  • practise a range of physical skills especially hand and eye coordination
  • provide opportunities to count, measure and talk about time
  • develop a sense of pride and achievement
  • become early scientists- observing how ingredients mix together and the effect of heat on that mixture as well as being a whole lot of fun!

Activity 3 - Paint outside using large brushes and rollers with water. Can you draw lines and circles? Can you write the beginning letter of your name?


Have an enjoyable weekend, we look forward to seeing you in person or catching up on the phone next week.


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Good morning everyone
Did you feel energised after your workout with Joe Wicks? The Nursery children still had enough energy to run around the running track in big school! How many number rhymes did you remember? Did you notice that some rhymes count up and some rhymes count down?
Today's activities are:
Activity 1 -  Voice sounds. Together with your grown up find a book that you can add sound effects to. In Nursery we like Duffy the train driver stories. We make the sounds of the engine- chuff, chuff, chuffity chuff, the brakes- scree-eech! and the train whistle whoo ooh! I wonder what books you will find and what voice sounds you will create? Let us know!
Activity 2 - Winter collage- Decorate mittens (see attached) to make bunting. Can you find winter coloured items (grey, blue, white, silver) from around the house? You might use buttons, kitchen foil, kitchen paper towel, old clothing... Glue onto to the mittens and attach some string or ribbon to make winter themed bunting. You might want to have a go at cutting them out or ask a grown up to help.

Activity 3 -  Have a go at sticky kids

Have a fabulous day
From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team
Good morning Nursery families,

Thank you for sending emails and photos, it's great to see the children enjoying the home learning activities and reading about the fun things you've been up to, keep them coming! Send to

Today's activities are:
Activity 1 -  Get your morning off to a great start with an energetic workout with Joe Wicks. You can join in live at 9am on YouTube or have a go later with the recorded workout.
Activity 2 - How many different number rhymes do you know? Here are a few to start you off:5 currant buns in a bakers shop1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive5 little monkeysCan you think of some more?

Activity 3 - Go bird spotting- in your garden or out on a daily walk. If you made bird feeders, have you noticed which birds like to feed on them? Boost your ICT skills by finding out more information about the birds you see. You might like to learn more at:

Have fun

From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

We made bird feeders in nursery, the string didn’t stick in the lard/seed mix so we had to improvise - makeshift bird table, wrapped string around some to hang and placed some in the trees - hopefully the birds will enjoy the treats - the children certainly enjoyed making them!
Good morning everyone

Did you make some bird feeders? Your friends in Nursery thoroughly enjoyed making theirs and wanted to hang them outside yesterday afternoon but they weren't quite set. Winter and early spring is the most important time to feed birds, as this is the time of year when their natural food is scarce.
Today's activities are:
Activity 1 -  Listening ears: In Nursery we talk a lot about using our listening ears! Invite your child to use their listening ears to listen carefully to the sounds around your home. Some sounds will be loud and some you might need to listen more carefully for. Ask a grown up to help make a list of the noisy objects around your home or you might like to draw what you hear. You could sort them into different groups e.g. loud noises and quiet noises. Share them with us at
Activity 2 - Warm up winter worm! Make some dough with your child (dough recipe attached). You might want to add a little red food colouring to turn your dough a wormy shade of pink! Use both hands to roll out the dough to make worms. You could cut, measure, compare different worm lengths. Your child will be developing important skills as they engage in dough play, strengthening muscles in their fingers and hands and developing hand and eye coordination, skills needed for when they begin to write in school. Did you know? During the winter 10cm under the ground the soil is often a few degrees warmer than the air, many soil animals are still active including earthworms. 


Activity 3 - Practise using scissors. In Nursery we use a scissor rhyme to support holding and using scissors:Two fingers on the bottom And the thumb on top Open the mouth and chop, chop, chop.
If you don't have scissors you could tear paper into small pieces, squeeze water out of a squirt toy in the bath to give hand muscles a workout or use a clothes peg to strengthen small hand and finger muscles.

From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team
Good morning Nursery families,

We hope you had an enjoyable weekend and are ready for some more fun home learning this week?
Today's activities are:
Activity 1 - Mitten maths- Use the attached templates to count objects onto the numbered mittens. You might use small toys, bottle tops, pasta or buttons. This activity helps to develop your child's mathematical skills of number recognition and counting one to one. Encourage your child to count slowly saying a number name for each item they place. 
Activity 2 - Make bird feeders- You will need: lard, bird seed, string, yogurt pot or plastic / paper party cup. Make a hole in the bottom of the yoghurt pot, thread the string through the bottom of the cup. Tie a knot in the end at the bottom of the cup. Leave the other end long, so you can hang your seed cake out for the birds. Ask an adult to melt some lard in a saucepan, then carefully stir in the seeds. Fill the pot with the mixture keeping the string free. Once the cake has set, carefully cut away the pot/ container. Now you can hang the cake outside for the birds to feast on.

Alternatively you could poke some of the mix into a pine cone or smear room temperature lard onto a toilet roll and roll in bird seed to place on branches outdoors.


Activity 3 - Throw your socks into a box! Find different size containers to throw rolled up socks into, how many did you get in?In Nursery we encourage the children to discuss their feelings and let them know it's okay to feel anger or frustration and that sometimes those feelings just overwhelm us! This activity is particularly good for venting feelings of anger or frustration.
We like the following quote:

‘Thoughts and feelings are something you have, not something you are’


Have a splendid day!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Dear Nursery families

Did you brave the cold and go on a winter walk? The trees in and next to the nursery garden are bare and the children have spotted last year's bird's nests. The birds are much easier to see this time of year as they fly past and sit in the trees. Next week we are going to turn our mark making shed into a bird hide. We'll be getting the binoculars and bird identification sheets out and making bird feeders, ask your grown up to put bird seed on the shopping list in preparation!

Today's activities are:
Activity 1 - Play ‘Kim’s game’. You will need a tray and up to 7 items e.g. cup, plate, animal, toy etc and a cloth. You might want to have a go with 4 or 5 items to begin with. Show your child the items you have placed on the tray, when your child has named them with your support, cover with a cloth. Remove one item and then remove the cloth. Can you remember the missing item?

Activity 2 - Ice investigation!- What happens when you put water in an ice cube tray or container and place it in the freezer?

This activity supports your child in investigating the properties of ice using their senses. Time how long it takes for the water to freeze. How does it feel?  Talk about the process of freezing and melting. You might choose to put something in each, we put small world arctic animals, sequins and glitter in ours with a few drops of food colouring in some. We froze them yesterday ready to explore today. You might want to place some water in a container outside over the weekend to see what happens, let us know what you find out.

Activity 3 -  Try some yoga! We like this one!

It's Friday! Last day of home activity ideas for this week, you can have a well earned rest over the weekend and we'll catch up with you all again next week.

From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team
Good morning everyone

Did you have a go at designing and building a bridge for the gingerbread man? Your friends in Nursery built theirs with blocks, lots of discussions about how big it should be! Tomorrow we'll extend their play by adding photos of different types of bridges and measuring tapes. We enjoyed using large body movements in repeating the story refrain. The children had lots of their own ideas for how the gingerbread man could travel! Your friends in Nursery will be doing the same activities as you are at home so please send photos and emails in to so we can share them with your friends. Thank you for the emails received so far, the Nursery ladies love to see what you have been up to!

Today's activities are as follows:
Activity 1 -  Go on a walk to look for signs of winter. What kind of clothing do you need to wear? What happens to your breath when you blow into the air outdoors? How do your fingers and toes feel? What do you notice about the branches on most of the trees? Talk about what you can see and hear.
Activity 2 -  Design some winter clothes with matching patterns (template attached). Will you draw spots, stripes, zig zags, wiggly lines?  Can you repeat the pattern?  

Activity 3 - Play potato drop! Have your child place a potato between their knees and race to a finish line where they have to drop their potato into a bucket or bowl. If the potato is dropped or hands touch it they have to go back to the start and try again. 
We played this game at the Nursery Christmas party, we had a lot of fun trying to keep the potato in place whilst moving across the room. The Nursery ladies had a go too so come on children, get all the family involved!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team
Hello Nursery families
We feel very sad not to be welcoming all of the nursery children and families back for the spring term as we find ourselves in another national lock down. We will be sending a daily email to share some ideas for home learning activities to keep you busy and engaged and have some fun! We will also call weekly to have a chat with you and your child to keep those important relationships going during this difficult time.
Before Christmas we were reading the story of the Gingerbread Man so here are some activities that will feel familiar as we settle into the new term:
Today's activities are as follows: 
Activity 1 – Retell the Gingerbread Man story. Can you remember the repeated phrases? 
Activity 2 – Gather together loose parts from around the house or garden to design and build a bridge for the gingerbread man to escape from the fox! 
 Activity 3 – Repeat the Gingerbread Man story refrain using large body movements e.g. 'Run, run as fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man, Stomp, stomp... Walk, walk... 
Have fun!
From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team