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Every day your home learning tasks will be posted on here. These will be in the same format as before the Easter holiday, three daily tasks we expect your child to complete and an optional physical task. 
We love to see the work you do, so keep sending it in to us at and we will post some work each week on our website in our 'work to celebrate' section. 
For more ideas for what you could do at home, including a huge selection of online reading books, look here

Friday 5th June


Good morning Nursery children and families


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Counting- On your daily walk, make a tally mark or put counters in a tin every time you see a dog or bird. Have a count up on your return to see how many you spotted. You could make a guess before you leave as to how many you think you will see.


Activity 2 - Make salt dough- press leaves, twigs, bark, flowers, or anything else with an interesting texture in it to make some natural art.


We received a lovely photo of a face created with natural materials from one of our Nursery children. You might like to create faces with your found materials. Have a go at exploring making different emotions with the faces you make e.g. happy, sad, frustrated- lots of us are feeling this one at times and that’s okay. This activity provides a good outlet for feelings of frustration as your child manipulates the dough and an opportunity to talk about how they feel.


Salt dough

This dough is easy to make with three basic ingredients. You will need:

2 cups flour, 1-cup table salt and ¾ cup water

  •        In a large bowl mix flour and salt together
  •        Gradually stir in water. Mix well until it forms a doughy consistency.
  •        Turn the dough onto the worktop and knead with your hands until smooth and combined.
  •        Make your creations using the salt dough
  •        Store your salt dough in an airtight container as it keeps well for a few days.
  •        Alternatively you could air dry your creations.


Activity 3 - Balance and control- Have your child balance on one leg, they are likely to have a favoured side so use both, you could time how long your child can balance for then try to improve their personal best!


Have a good day, enjoy a few days rest over the weekend and we’ll be back in touch on Monday!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Thursday 4th June


Good morning everyone


We hope you’re not too disappointed that all the lovely sunshine and high temperatures we’ve been having have disappeared for a while.  We’ve received some great photos and lovely emails, keep them coming as they help us to feel connected with you all, we miss seeing our Nursery families a lot.


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Sleeping Giants- Tell your child they are giants who like to jump- have them jump and down to practice. When you say ‘Sleeping Giants’ your child has to stop jumping and lie down very still on the floor. When you say ‘Waking Giants’ your child can jump up and down again until you say ‘Sleeping Giants’ again. You could change the name of the game to any fun creature that you know your child will respond to such as stomping dinosaurs, hopping frogs, walking penguins.


Activity 2 - Use recycled tin cans to build a tin can coconut shy. You might want to decorate your cans first.


Activity 3 - Wet Sponge Designs- gather up lots of sponges, provide a tub of water for endless re soaking, and have your child throw their sponges on a wall or on a cement surface to make designs. Sponges can also be used to ‘paint’ walls.




From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Wednesday 3rd June


Good morning Nursery children and families


Seems like I’m not the only one with baby bird activity in the garden, thank you for sharing your emails and photos but come on Nursery families, I’m sure there are more wildlife wonders to be told! We eagerly wait to read your news, send to


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Up the ladder- you will need paper, pen, counters, cars or small world people for markers, a 2p coin. Draw a ladder, any length. Each player chooses a marker and decides on a number 1 to 5. First player tosses the coin. If it lands ‘heads’ up, move the number of steps agreed. ‘Tails’ up, stay where they are. Pass the coin to the next player. Continue until one player reaches the end of the track.


Activity 2 – Make a butterfly feeder. Put a sugar/ water solution on a plate or an overripe banana and watch to see how many beautiful butterflies visit. Remember to share your photos with us!


Activity 3 - Silly races- Think up some fun ideas for silly races indoors or out. Run while flapping your arms like a bird, run while singing your favourite song, run and dance at the same time, run and pat your tummy at the same time...


Have a great day!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Tuesday 2nd June


Good morning all


Well our blackbird chicks have fledged! They were very noisy yesterday whilst we had our evening meal outside, lots of flapping going on. When I went to water my container plants I noticed that the nest was empty. We’re hoping they will rear another brood; it’s been lovely to watch them. Have you any spotted any signs of wildlife or birds in your garden or out on walks?  Share them with us at



Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Neighbourhood Search Prepare a list ahead of time of items to search for. On your daily walk can you spot a road sign, a blue flower, something with a tail, something round, a tall tree, etc.? Check off the items on the list or use your phone to take pictures to review later.



Activity 2 – Coloured rice- Place some rice in a food bag, put in some drops of food colouring and squish to mix. Lay out on a tray to dry before exploring emptying and filling with it.



Activity 3 - Long Jump- Just how far can your child jump? Challenge them indoors by having them jump on lines made by painters tape on the floor or outdoors with chalk. Instruct your child to bend at the knees, extend their arms behind their back, swing their arms forward when they take off and land on both feet.  Measure the length they jump using a tape measure (standard measure) or strides, hand spans (non- standard measure)



Have fun!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Monday 1st June

Good morning Nursery families


We hope you all enjoyed your well-earned rest of half term; we certainly had the ideal weather for it didn’t we? 

Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Play noughts and crosses- mask out a grid on the carpet/ floor, use paper plates as markers or for a game outdoors use sticks and pebbles/ rocks with noughts and crosses marked on with paint or chalk


Activity 2 – Go on a nature walk. Look for 5 different types of leaves, 4 different types of stone/ pebbles, 3 different types of flowers, 2 different types of insects, 1 type of bird.

Activity 3 - Time for the Nursery children’s favourite song! ‘Shake your sillies out’


Thank you for all the emails and photos we have received so far, keep them coming! You can send them to us at


Have a good day!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Friday 22nd May


Good morning Nursery families


What a wonderfully warm week it’s been! Today is the last lot of home learning activities for this half term. You deserve a well-earned half term break, parents and children!

We love to receive your emails about what your child has been doing at home, please keep sending them in to


Today's activities are as follows:

Activity 1 – Go on a scavenger hunt- use a 2-minute timer e.g. Find something yellow, find something round… 


Activity 2 –Make banana bread.



2 ripe sliced bananas

1 tsp of bicarbonate of soda

1 tsp of baking powder

150g of plain flower

150g of caster sugar

100g of butter

2 tbsp of milk

2 eggs

100g of chocolate chips/ nuts/ fruit (optional)



  •     Set oven to 160°C/ gas mark 3 or 140°C for a fan oven
  •     Grease a loaf tin and line with baking paper
  •     Put banana into a mixing bowl and mash slightly
  •     Add all of the other ingredients to the bowl except the chocolate chips/nuts/ fruit (if you decide to add these)
  •     Use a hand whisk or a spoon to combine the ingredients, be careful not to over mix
  •     Once combined fold in the chocolate chips/ fruit/ nuts
  •     Pour into the baking tray and sprinkle muscavado sugar on top for extra crunch
  •     Put your banana bread in the oven for 1 hour
  •     Once cool sprinkle icing sugar on top and enjoy




Activity 3 - Play catch- Children learn to catch at different rates but working with them on the skill can begin with throwing them a balloon or a soft object such as a rolled up pair of socks or a light ball as these will be less intimidating than a heavy or small ball. Start by standing close to your child and as they master the catch, move further away


Have a fabulous day and enjoy a relaxing break.


Warmest wishes


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Thursday 21st May


Good morning all


Did you enjoy the warm sunshine yesterday? 

Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Throw a dice- jump/ clap/ star jumps/ hop on one leg the number of times rolled


Activity 2 – Go on a bug hunt in the garden or on your daily walk. Find out one fact about a bug you’ve found, draw an observational drawing of your bug and send your discovered facts and drawings to us at


Activity 3 - Bean Bag Balance- Can you balance a bean bag on your head and walk from one point to another without dropping it? As your child masters the walk, move the points further apart or make the course a bit more challenging by adding zig zags or circles, or objects around which they have to manoeuvre.


Enjoy your day!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Wednesday 20th May


Good morning everyone


It’s forecast to be very warm today, remember to apply sun cream and drink plenty of fluids if spending time outside.


Today's activities are as follows:

Activity 1 – Play Hide and seek with a toy- give clues using prepositions e.g. look on top of, under the… next to...

Extend by allowing your child to hide some ‘treasure’ outside- have them draw you a map of your garden, outdoor space for you to find their hidden treasure!

You could support your child’s understanding of prepositional language by modelling language as you look for the treasure… I wonder if it is under the chair, on the windowsill, in the plant pot…

Activity 2 – Magic potions- Make a magic potion from things you can find in the garden or out on a walk.


This is one of the children’s favourite activities to do in Nursery. You might add drops of food colouring to water or dried herbs from your store cupboard if leaves and flowers are not in ready supply.


What spells will you make? Can you mark make your recipe or draw a picture of what will happen when you’ve cast your spell! Who will you use your spell on?


Send us photos of your potions/ recipes/ drawings to


Activity 3 - Water Play!

You will need: decorating materials such as paintbrush, paint buckets, rollers, paint roller trays, mops, brooms…

Invite your child to decorate paths, fences and outdoor furniture. You might want to add some washing up liquid for some soapy fun!


We hope you have lots of fun!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Tuesday 19th May


Are you ready for another fun filled sunny day? We’ve enjoyed seeing photos of the activities you have been doing at home, keep them coming!


Activity 1 – Container capacity- Explore filling and emptying water outdoors or in the bath with recycled materials. Gather a selection of different sized containers e.g. milk, shampoo, bubble bath, washing up liquid bottles, bottle tops, washing powder scoops.


Your child will be learning about shape and space as they play, learning that different size containers hold different amounts. In Nursery we mark recycled bottles with permanent markers at certain points to indicate half, full or numbered measures.


Activity 2 – Ribbon Sticks. Tie lengths of ribbon to the end of a stick or baton. Dance and swirl your ribbons in the air, up and down, round and round, forwards and backwards...


This activity will develop your child’s agility and is good for using those shoulder muscles to make patterns in the air, great for building pre-writing skills.


We like the following Sticky Kids song to dance with our ribbons to



Activity 3 - Kick Bowling- Switch up regular bowling inside or outside by inviting your child to use different sizes of balls to kick down different objects such as empty bottles or rolls of paper towels.


We hope you enjoy today’s activities.


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Monday 18th May


Good morning Nursery families


We hope you’ve had a good weekend, enjoying the warmer weather. Lots more sunshine to come this week!


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Take turns with your child to retell parts of a well known story without the book e.g. Goldilocks, Three Little Pigs

One of the favourite stories that the children have enjoyed in Nursery is the Three Little Pigs, we had this as a focus story last autumn but the children were still bringing the big bad wolf into their play in the spring term!

Your child may have another traditional tale they enjoy or a favourite bedtime story they know really well. 

Retelling stories encourages your child to use their imagination and expand their ideas.

You might support your child’s storytelling by asking open-ended questions e.g.

What happened next?

I wonder where…?

In Nursery we encourage the children to think of different endings so embrace your child's creativity when retelling their story!


Activity 2 – Cornflour paint- to make the paint you will need:

2 tbsp Cornflour, 4 tbsp water and a drop of food colouring, mix to combine the ingredients.

Paint on paper or paving, it dries a lovely chalky opaque colour.


We’d love to see your  cornflour paint artwork, send them to


Activity 3 - Obstacle Course- Indoors or out, let your imagination run wild as you set up an obstacle course for your child. Have them crawl under tables, climb over chairs, jump over ropes, hop from cone to cone, crawl through a cardboard box, jump through a hula hoop...




From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Friday 15th May


Good morning everyone


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Counting up/ counting down number rhymes (Please see the number rhyme sheet below this post)



Activity 2 – Spend some time cloud watching- what shapes and objects can you make out of them?



Activity 3 - Try some yoga! We like this one!



Enjoy your day, have a lovely weekend and we’ll be back in touch on Monday


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team


Thursday 14th May


Good morning  Nursery families


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Play Simon Says- While the rules are simple, the options for movement are endless. Simon can have your child jumping like a kangaroo, standing as tall as a house, making funny faces, standing on one foot, or waving their hands over their heads...


Activity 2 – Mud play! Explore mixing, stirring and mark making with mud. Use sticks, vegetables/ own ideas to explore making marks.


If you don’t have access to mud try making magic mud- 2 cups of cornflour, 1 cup of water, cocoa powder to colour.


Activity 3 - Bean Bag Toss- Indoors or out, invite your child to throw them into targets such as laundry baskets, buckets or hula-hoops etc. If you don’t have any beanbags try using rolled up socks instead.


Remember to share your activity experiences with us, send photos and or messages to


Enjoy your day!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Wednesday 13th May

 Good morning everyone


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Go on a number hunt on your daily walk- Look for number plates, door numbers, road signs- where else can you see numbers?

How many number 5’s can you find? Can you find any numbers the same as your age?



Activity 2 – Swimming spaghetti- Make spaghetti do tricks with this fun and fizzy experiment.

You will need:

Uncooked spaghetti, 1 cup of water, 2 tsp. bicarbonate of soda and 5 tsp. vinegar, tall clear glass

What you do:

Put the water with bicarbonate of soda in the glass and stir until dissolved. Break spaghetti into 1-inch pieces and add about 6 pieces in the glass. They will sink to the bottom. Add vinegar to the mixture in the glass. Observe what happens to the pieces of spaghetti. Add more vinegar as the action starts to slow.

What do you think will happen?

What can you see?

Here’s what happens- when bicarbonate of soda and vinegar are mixed together, a chemical reaction occurs. It produces a gas called carbon dioxide, which form lots of bubbles on the top of the mixture and smaller bubbles on the bottom of the glass. These bubbles stick to the spaghetti, making it float to the surface. When the spaghetti reaches the surface, the bubbles pop and the spaghetti sinks to the bottom.


Activity 3 - Potato drop- Have your child place a potato between their knees and race to a finish line where they have to drop it into a designated bowl or bucket. If the potato is dropped, or hands touch it, they have to go back to the start and try again!


Have fun!

From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Tuesday 12th May


Good morning all


What a windy day we had yesterday! It was the kind of day when in Nursery we would get out ribbons and streamers and enjoy watching the dancing movement of our chosen material as the wind took hold. 


Today's activities are as follows:

Activity 1 – Environmental sounds- Set a timer for one minute and open the window or walk around a room. What sounds can be heard?

Take it outdoors- in the garden or on your daily walk. Count how many different noises you can hear. Can you hear birds, people, lawnmowers and insects?

Activity 2 – Invite your child to help prepare/ cook tea- talk about where the ingredients come from- talk about what foods they eat in other countries.


Activity 3 - Pillow walk! Set up a line of couch, throw, or bed pillows on your floor, and have your child walk from one end to the other. It may sound easy but their balance will be challenged!


Have fun!

From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Monday11th May


Good morning Nursery families

We hope you had a fun filled weekend. How did you celebrate VE Day on Friday? Share your Bank Holiday weekend activities with us at


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – How many are in the jar? Fill a container with small toys/natural objects or pasta. Encourage your child to guess how many items are in there, you might like to guess too then count them out together slowly to see who is right. Take turns to fill a container and guess the number of contents.


This activity helps to encourage mathematical thinking and reasoning:

How many can you see? How many do you think are hidden?

Was your guess more or less than the actual count?


Activity 2 – On your daily walk collect natural materials to create your own collage masterpiece when back home. Remember to share your wonderful creations with us by sending them to



Activity 3 - Fill the Bucket Water Game Provide your child with a cup and two buckets (one smaller, one larger). Place the smaller bucket a short distance from the larger bucket and fill the larger bucket with water. Have your child scoop water from the larger bucket and fill the smaller one.


This activity helps your child to coordinate their hand movements and use maths concepts such as less and more as well as being a whole lot of fun!



From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Thursday 7th May


Good morning all     

Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Go on a shape hunt on your daily walk- look for the basic shapes you have been finding in your previous 
home activities: circle, square, rectangle, triangle e.g. on a house roof, windows, doors, paving, road signs…


You might want to take photos and make a shape book or send some to us  at to let us know what you found!


Activity 2 – Have a go at 1940’s baking ready for VE day- Try making these Oaty biscuits!




4 oz (115 g) margarine or butter

3 oz (85 g) sugar
7 oz (200 g) rolled oats
5 oz (150 g) self-raising flour or plain flour sifted with 1 teaspoon of baking powder and a pinch of salt
1 egg
A little milk                                                                                                                                                                


Preheat the oven to 180C (350F) or Gas Mark 4.
Grease two baking trays well or use parchment/baking paper instead.
Cream the margarine/butter with the sugar until soft and light.
Add the rolled oats and mix.
Sift the flour, baking powder and salt and add the egg into the mixture, mix well before adding in a little milk to
moisten. The dough should be stiff and quite dry but sticks together.

Divide out mixture into about 20 lumps the size of a walnut.
Press to flatten between hands to about 1/4 inch thick, place on a baking tray and press into shape.
Bake for about 15 minutes until the edges are golden.
Leave on baking trays to cool.

Makes about 20

You might want to add some dried fruit and a squeeze of lemon juice or halve the dough to make plain and 

One of our Nursery families made some delicious looking soda bread at home and sent the recipe to share 
with you all (see below)

Activity 3 - Play hopscotch inside or out- use chalk or tape for grid, a rock or rolled up socks for a marker, 
practice counting together as your child hops.


Soda bread                                                                                                                                         
500g plain white flour plus extra for dusting                                                                          
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda                                                                                                      
1tsp salt                                                                                                                               
400ml buttermilk

Heat oven 200 C and line a baking tray with baking parchment or silicone paper.    Mix dry ingredients 
together in a large bowl, stir in buttermilk to form sticky dough. Tip dough onto a lightly floured surface and 
shape quickly into a ball. Flatten a little with your hand.                                                                                   

Put the dough on the baking tray. Mark it into quarters, cutting deeply through the bread, almost but not 

quite through to the base. Dust with a little flour.  Bake for for 30 mins or until the loaf is cooked through- it 
should be golden brown and sound hollow when tapped on the base. Leave it to cool on a wire rack.      
Soda bread is best eaten within a day of baking. It freezes well.

Whatever you choose to do today, enjoy!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Wednesday 6th May


Good morning Nursery families     

Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Draw/ write a café menu for a VE day celebration party- draw/ cut out foods from magazines for foods you might like to include. Play waiter/ waitress and ask your family what they would like to eat.


Last week we had a lovely photo sent in to us where one of our Nursery children was a waitress for her mummy’s birthday. We loved this idea so thought we would share it with our Nursery families as an activity to prepare for VE day.


Activity 2 – Make your own Maracas- You will need 2 plastic or paper cups or plates, pasta, rice or other dried fillings from your store cupboard, glue, tape, pens, paper, collage materials to decorate. You might choose to use clean recycled tin cans or rinsed and dried drink bottles.


This activity will help develop your child’s fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination and a sense of pride and achievement in their creation.

What sounds will you make? Is it a soft or loud sound?

Joining in with ‘Morris with Maracas’ will get your child’s body moving through dance and rhythm and be a whole lot of fun! We’d love to see some photos of your child joining in the live dance club with their homemade maracas!


Activity 3 - Join in with ‘Morris with Maracas’ live dance club at 3.30pm on the Cavalry Facebook page!


Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine!

From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Tuesday 5th May


Good morning everyone

Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Let’s play- triangles

Draw your child a triangle shape. Sing the shape song: (tune of Three Blind Mice)

‘Tri-an-gle, tri-an-gle

Three straight sides, three straight sides.

It isn’t a circle, it isn’t a square, we can see triangles everywhere.

You can hear if you listen with care,

Tri- an- gle ’

Go on a treasure hunt around your home searching for real life objects that are triangular in shape.


Activity 2 – Ice rescue! Freeze some small world toys e.g. farm or zoo animals in containers of water. Encourage your child to use critical thinking skills to help release them.


Last week we had a lovely photo from one of our families showing ‘ice pies’ - daisies frozen in water using bun tins and they explored how to ‘unfreeze them’. It reminded me of the above activity we do at Nursery, it’s a great way to get your child to come up with ideas as to how to release the animals! I wonder what you will try?


Visit the Zoo online – Edinburgh Zoo has webcams from their animal enclosures for you to watch here


Activity 3 - Balance and control- Indoors- tape to make a straight line on the floor/ outdoors- use a plank of wood or chalked line. Encourage your child to walk forwards, backwards and sideways.  


Another activity inspired by one of our lovely families who sent photos of a chalked balance beam with their child doing exercises on. Once your child has mastered a straight line you might want to increase the difficulty by adding semi- circles or zig zags to make it more challenging!



From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Monday 4th May


Good morning Nursery families


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Read a favourite story and then re tell the story using props from around the house


Activity 2 – Guess the smell! - Loosely tie a scarf or similar as a blindfold on your child and introduce a selection of smells e.g. lemon, herbs, onion, flowers...

Does it smell good?

Can you describe how it smells?

Do they smell the same?


Activity 3 - How many different ways can you think of to get from one side of a room in your house or garden? E.g. jumps, strides, roly poly (full body rollover)…


Have fun! 

From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Friday 1st May

Good morning Nursery families


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Let’s play- rectangles

Show your child the coloured rectangle in your home pack. Sing the shape song (tune of Hot Cross Buns):

‘Rectangle, rectangle, two long sides and two short sides, a rectangle.

It still has four corners and it has four sides.

Two are longer, two are shorter, rectangle’

Go on a treasure hunt around your home searching for real life objects that are rectangular in shape. Talk about the properties of the triangle shape. It has 3 sides and 3 corners.


Activity 2 – Practice drawing straight lines and circles.

Provide some interesting textures and materials that your child can make marks in using their pointy finger, paintbrushes or sticks. Try shaving foam on a baking tray, corn flour mixed with a little water to make gloop or try some dry materials such as porridge oats.

Scribbling and drawing help your child develop fine motor skills, supporting the beginning journey towards writing later on.


Activity 3 - Make the dice from your home learning pack secure with glue or tape. Have your child roll the dice and complete the actions e.g. walk backwards, jump... 


Enjoy your day and have a relaxing weekend. Be in touch again on Monday.


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Thursday 30th April

Good morning all

Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – What’s in the bag? Find five or six toys, talk about each one before putting in the bag. Describe what you do with it, what it feels like, who uses it, etc. Take turns to reach in the bag and describe a toy by its feel (you go first to show your child what to do). Can your child guess what toy it is, or describe it to you?


Activity 2 – Go on a mini beast hunt.


You could take photos of the bugs you find either in your garden or whilst out on your daily walk and email them to us

You may need to dodge the showers! Or save it for another day.


Activity 3 - Action songs! Sing a range of songs e.g. head, shoulders, knees and toes, Hokey Cokey, Grand old Duke of York. Or have a go at Sticky Kids find it here:


Have fun!

From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Wednesday 29th April


Good morning Nursery families


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1  Let’s play- squares

Show your child the square shape in your home pack. Sing the shape song (tune of I hear thunder):

‘Find four corners, find four corners

Sides the same, sides the same

Put them altogether, put them altogether

Squares my name, squares my name’

Go on a treasure hunt around your home searching for real life objects that are square in shape.


Activity 2 – Blowing bubbles! 

You will need ½ cup dish soap, 1½ cups water, 2 tsp sugar, mix.  Select a range of household items such as a whisk, slotted spoon or potato masher. Which makes the best bubbles?


Activity 3 - Play catch; see how many times you can throw the ball before someone drops it. Can you improve this by practising?


The weather has changed significantly this week bringing very much needed rainfall for our gardens and plants.

You might like to play chasing raindrops with your finger on your windows. Whose drop will fall fastest?


I like the following quote:

‘When life throws you a rainy day, play in the puddles’ Pooh Bear


Enjoy your day!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Tuesday 28th April

 Good morning everyone

 Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Play games that involve taking turns such as board games or family games.


Playing board games can really help develop your child’s social skills. Children learn to follow rules, communicate verbally, take turns, wait, experience winning and losing and learn how to deal with both.

At Nursery one of the children’s favourite games is the shopping list game. 


Activity 2 – Investigate- What happens when you put water in an ice cube tray and place it in the freezer?

This activity supports your child in investigating the properties of ice using their senses. Time how long it takes for the water to freeze. How does it feel?  Talk about the process of freezing and melting. You might choose to put something in each to make a sail and see how long it takes to melt when floating as a boat in water. Let us know what you find out.

Activity 3 - Do 5 star jumps, 5 bunny hops, 5 stretches up tall on your tiptoes, 5 touching your toes… and do it all again. How many times can you do this without stopping?



From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Monday 27th April

Good morning Nursery families 

We hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the sunshine.

Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Let’s play- circles

Show your child the circle shape in your home pack. Say the shape rhyme:

‘Round and round the circle, draw one in the air. Stop, look, listen, circles are everywhere!’

Go on a treasure hunt around your home searching for real life objects that are circle in shape.


The children love to go on hunts at Nursery and this activity is a fun way to learn about shape recognition. Talk about the attributes of the circle shape. It has no straight sides and is one continuous line. There are no corners.


Activity 2 – Role-play shops- let your child choose some items to sell in their shop. Will you choose a clothes shop, toyshop, bookshop, supermarket or have a different idea? You could use bottle tops for pretend play money.
This activity provides your child with opportunities to identify with the adult world, re-enacting what they see and experience in the real world.


Activity 3 - Have a dance to your favourite songs. Can you hop on one leg whilst you’re dancing? Can you skip around?

Have a fun filled day through play!

From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Friday 24th April


Good morning all


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Scoop and catch fun! Bottle top soup 3- Try writing the letters of your child’s name on the bottle tops or numbers. Add shower gel. Encourage your child to make bubbles swishing the water with their hands then a whisk. Which one makes the most bubbles?


This activity builds on nicely from the other bottle top soup games you’ve been doing this week. One of the children sent a photo of sorting their bottle tops by colour too at home this week. We particularly love using recycled resources in Nursery and these are ideal for repurposing for home learning. You may have other ideas for using everyday resources, share them with us, we love to see what fabulous things you have been up to!



Activity 2 – Pretend play- hanging washing. Use a skipping rope/ string tied to chairs, pegs, socks/ dolls clothes. Pinching and manipulating pegs- great for fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination. We like the following rhyme to add to the fun of play!

Wet washing hanging on the line.

Dries so quickly when the weather’s fine.

Along comes the wind to blow them all about.

Flip, flap, flip, flap, blowing all about



Activity 3 - Parachute games. You will need a pillowcase and a balloon. Grab the edges of the pillowcase and waft the balloon up and down with your child. Sing rhymes as you play. Encourage your child to think of other things they could use that’s not too heavy e.g. soft toy, helping them to develop critical thinking skills.


What a fabulous week of sunshine we’ve had!

Have a lovely weekend, we’ll be back in touch on Monday.


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team


Thursday 23rd April


Good morning Nursery families


Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 – Talk about feelings. When looking through storybooks or pictures, talk about what’s happening and how the person/ character might be feeling. Use simple emotion words such as happy, sad, bored and cross. - Or more complex emotion words such as frustrated, fed up, tired, jealous.


Activity 2 – Explore shadows! If you have some chalk you could draw around your child’s shadow in the morning and then again in the afternoon or take a photo. What has happened to your shadow? How has it changed? You could further explore shadows by positioning toys on paper and drawing around the outline.


The lovely sunny weather is perfect for exploring shadows created by the sun. You might want to extend your exploration by creating shadows at night with torches, sheets and toys or making shapes with your hands!


Activity 3 - Throw your socks into a box! (Good for venting feelings of anger or frustration!) Find different size containers to throw rolled up socks into. How many did you get in?


In Nursery we regularly discuss feelings and let the children know it’s okay to feel frustrated or angry and that sometimes those feelings just overwhelm us! We help the children to find ways to manage those feelings independently e.g. counting slowly to five or backwards from 5 to 0, blowing their anger at the clouds, finding a cosy space to be calm or having a hug. Your child may have some other ideas of things they can do to help.


I came across the following quote:


‘Thoughts and feelings are something you have, not something you are’


Have a splendid day!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning Nursery families

Today's activities are as follows:

Activity 1 – Scoop and catch fun! Bottle top soup 2- Using a permanent marker draw stars on 3 tops. Take turns to scoop out tops, if you scoop up a bottle top with a star drawn on it; tip all tops back in the bowl. This activity helps with turn taking and that it is okay not to win all the time.

Activity 2 – Explore making honey muesli biscuits (recipe in home pack or can be found on the website) They are not too crunchy with a softer centre and are super delicious! Measure, pour and mix ingredients together. Observe and talk about the process and changes that are taking place as you mix and cook.

Activity 3 - Balloon fun! (Balloon included in your home pack) Have a go at batting the balloon back and forth with your child. How long can you keep it in the air? Can you lie on your back and balance it on your feet? Try kicking it gently into the air and catching it again.

Hope you are all enjoying some sunshine!

From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Tuesday 21st April

Good morning Nursery families,
We’ve received more emails and photos from you, thank you, keep them coming!

Today's activities are as follows:


Activity 1 -  Play ‘Kim’s game’. You will need a tray and up to 7 items e.g. cup, plate, animal, toy etc. and a cloth. You might want to have a go with 4 or 5 items to begin with. Show your child the items you have placed on the tray, when your child has named them with your support, cover with a cloth. Remove one item and then remove the cloth. Can your child remember the missing item?


The children in Nursery love playing this game, you can increase the difficulty by adding more items or taking more away when your child becomes better at identifying the missing items. This activity will help your child to:

  •       Increase their auditory and visual memory (remembering names)
  •       Understand turn taking
  •       Increase your child’s vocabulary



Activity 2 - Build a den behind the sofa. Lay blankets on the floor and create a roof with pillows or sheets. Make a door with more pillows.

Encourage your child to think about the items they will need to build their den, maybe they could make a plan and mark make/ draw their ideas? Talk about what you have used to make the ‘den’. Whilst in the den, you could share a story then encourage your child to share their favourite story with a teddy or soft toy.


Activity 3 - Try some yoga! We like this one!


Have fun!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Monday 20th April

Good morning to all our Nursery families,

We hope you had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed some fun family time.

Today's activities are as follows:

 Activity 1 - Scoop and catch fun! Bottle top soup- You will need a bowl filled with water, bottle tops, spoon, plastic container. Scoop out the bottle tops. How many bottle tops can you get on the spoon at one time? Count them out loud.

 Activity 2 - Pipe cleaner challenge! Using the pipe cleaner in your home pack, can you find unusual items around the house to thread onto your pipe cleaner? Maybe you could find things like buttons, beads or pasta? What other unusual items can you find to thread on? Can you make repeating patterns? E.g. pasta, bead, pasta, bead...

Activity 3 - Ready Steady Go! Find a large space indoors or out, you will need two sound makers e.g. shaker, wooden blocks. Make alternate sounds. When your child hears one sound (e.g. the shaker) they move. When they hear the second sound (e.g. the wooden blocks) they stop. When your child is used to the idea of the game they could maybe take the lead and challenge you to start and stop moving to the sounds!


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team