March Summer Festival 10th June 2018

On 10th June 2018 Cavalry Primary School band and choir opened the March Summer Festival 'Picnic in the Park' at West End Park. This was the first time a school band had been invited to perform and such a great honor for Cavalry to be asked to open this event! The sun shone brightly, a large crowd came to support and the band and choir sounded astounding! 
Cavalry Concert Band meets every Tuesday after school led by Mr Steward. It is made up of pupils from Years 4-6 who are learning to play a woodwind or brass instrument. Many staff, inspired by the dedicated and promising young pupils, have either dusted off childhood instruments or had lessons alongside the children to reach the very high standard you will hear. The choir practice weekly on a Friday after school with Mrs Edwards. The band and choir play at all the schools special occasions including the annual Nine Lessons and Carol Service, Presentation events and The Last Night of the Proms style concert in the Summer Term. Most of all the pupils love it when ex-pupils or 'friends of Cavalry' come back to play alongside them; adding that extra bit of sparkle to this very young band.