In Nursery...

Our Nursery is a very busy place, with lots of things going on and lots of activities for the children to take part in, both inside and outdoors!
Our Nursery Leader this year is Mrs Pughsley and we have wonderful Teaching Assistants based in there as well. They are Miss Fox, Mrs Bates, Mrs Monk, Mrs Jackson, Miss Bedford, Mrs Hills, Mrs Pritchard and Miss Rayner. There is never a dull moment!
Have a look at our gallery to see what kinds of things we do!
Cavalry Nursery created 'Tree Unique. It's ok to be different; celebrating our individuality'. Such a fabulous idea and such an important message for young and old!
Nursery has been transformed into a Winter Wonderland and Christmas delight! The children have had an enormous amount of fun exploring and it has led to some wonderful conversations about the festive season and how each of them celebrate!
We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with our families at the Stay, Play and Learn Workshop. Our focus for this session was Personal, Social and Emotional Development, sharing how we we encourage children to develop to develop positive relationships, build confidence and self awareness and manage their feelings and behaviour.
In the story Whatever Next, we enjoyed going shopping in the moon cafe to buy items for our picnic on the moon and getting involved in lots of Space exploratory play!!
Somewhere over the rainbow

We painted Rainbow fish (our story of the week) using our handprint and celery sticks to make the scales, adding glitter at the end. We’ve also put coloured strips of tissue paper on laminated sheets to create sun-catchers and dripped coloured dye onto kitchen roll and watched it turn into rainbows! Mrs Bates helped us to bake rainbow cakes, they were very delicious!

A huge thank you to all the families who came to our Stay and Play session this half term. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing what we do in Nursery. 

We responded to feedback from last terms Stay and Play session by increasing the session from one hour to an hour and a half as some parents felt one hour wasn't long enough.

In response to ‘What will you and your child try out at home?’ you told us:

‘Counting, building, talking and listening. Love the imagination the children have’

‘’Building with boxes’

‘’The shaving foam with the dye’

Bear Hunts in the garden, circle time: fingers, two minute (prep time) before next activity’

‘We surely will be doing some bear hunts’

‘Bear counting and sorting activity’

‘Modelling/collage activities based on the books we read at home’

‘Lots of the activities from today. NO shaving foam!!’


Which aspects of the workshop did you find most interesting or useful:

‘ The role-play of the Bear Hunt story. Amazing to see the Nursery team in action.’

‘Having all the activities linked to Going on a Bear Hunt’

‘Seeing how the children practice writing  names’

‘Nice to see circle time and understand the routine’

‘Nice to see how child interacts with peers’

‘Constructing the house’

‘The different creative ways of learning’


Other comments included:

‘I think the session was great and a good way to see how the Nursery and activities work’

‘The Bear Hunt’

‘Learning all about the structure of the Nursery day. Spending time ‘playing’  alongside the children’

We love to receive your feedback and suggestions for future sessions and value your continued support.

 The Nursery team

Rain rain go away come again another day! Actually rain come when you like because a little (or a lot) of rain won’t stop us in Nursery! What fun we had today splishing and splashing and playing with our new tubes! Even one of our ladies got stuck in jumping in the puddles; can you tell who it is?

Stay and Play - October 31st

A huge thank you to all the families who came to our Stay and Play session this week. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing what we do in Nursery.

We responded to feedback from last terms Stay and Play session by incorporating circle time. This proved to be a very popular addition to the session with lots of parents/ carers commenting that this was one of the aspects of the workshop which they found most interesting or useful.

In response to ‘What will you and your child try out at home?’ you told us:

Counting with claps, mark making, more cooking– making cookies, reading labels– following instructions, gingerbread man hunt, going to get The Gingerbread Man book, more fun at story time.

Other comments included:

‘A fantastic variety of play complimented by structure– the best Nursery I have ever


‘I was interested to see all the possible activities and the Eastern European translations. Well done!’

‘Seeing how her day is spent so I can carry it on at home.’

‘Really useful to see what my child does at preschool, great session to be involved in.’

‘Really enjoyed it, lovely to see what children do in Nursery, great just to shadow normal  activity.’

We love to receive your feedback and suggestions for future sessions.  There were a couple of requests for a longer session next time– watch this space!

 The Nursery team


Autumn 1 2018

Nursery has enjoyed making vegetable soup in the mud kitchen, we then talked about the vegetables we had added to the soup and made marks on paper for our recipe ideas.

Nursery have had fun using our new ramps in the outdoor area. We used a variety of vehicles to see how fast or slow they would move down the ramp. We also did some great turn taking!

Chloe and her mum enjoyed playing shopkeeper and customer!

Over the past two weeks we have looked at all things Autumn; conkers, fir cones and leaves have all been explored as well as looking for signs of Autumn in the garden, weaving, handprint hedgehogs and our popular Autumn Treasures Shop!

Thanks to our lovely parents and creative Nursery children, we have made a wonderful Autumn display board! It has collections of Autumn treasures from family walks along with some photos, handprint hedgehogs, threading and leaf printing. Doesn’t it look super!

This term we have also looked at the story of The Three Little Pigs, which the children thoroughly enjoyed. We built the Three Little Pigs houses using straw, sticks and our large construction blocks, painted pictures of the characters and acted out the story during our play. Another lovely display board as you can see!

This is us building a wall to stop the Big Bad Wolf from getting us! He huffed and he puffed but we did not let him in!

Nursery 2017-2018
Below are some examples of the exciting learning that took place last academic year. 

Nursery have enjoyed making seaside collages this term. We used sand, paint and lots of lovely different craft materials. The children talked about their experiences at the seaside and shared this at circle time.

Maxwell’s Mummy and Daddy came in to talk to us about South Africa during Arts Week They showed us sculptures, taught us some songs and how to count to ten in South African. They even treated us to some loud musical instruments!

Rosie’s mum also popped in during Arts Week to tell us all about Australia. We learnt about aboriginal cave drawings, kangaroos, koala bears, how far away Australia is (24 hours on a plane!) and staying safe in the sun ‘Slip.Slop.Slap’ - Slip on a t.shirt, slop on suncream and slap on a hat.

We made snails sitting on a leaf out of clay as part of Arts Week. We carefully pressed a leaf into the clay and cut around it to make the leaf shape, and then we rolled a piece of clay into a long sausage shape and slowly rolled it into a swirl – just like a snails shell!

During pets and vets week Wilson’s mum brought in their pet tortoises and guinea pigs. We were able to touch the tortoises hard cold shells and stroke the soft warm guinea pigs – we were very gentle. We found out that tortoises sleep throughout winter and that guinea pigs eat special food to keep their teeth short as they continuously grow!

Healthy Living Week saw us remembering to wash our hands after going to the toilet and before eating. We found out about what keeps us healthy and we had a go at different exercises. We also made a lovely Spanish Fruit Salad; we chopped the fruit carefully, added it to a big bowl and mixed it with apple juice. It tasted delicious!