Class 1 and Class 2

In Class 1, you will find Mrs Stanforth and her Teaching Assistant Mrs Mann. Next door, in Class 2, you will find Mrs Wilson and her Teaching Assistants Miss Blunt, Mrs Spinks and Mrs McAnespie. These are our Reception classrooms. There are always lots of interesting things going on in here or in the outside areas. 


Monday 21st September
Meet our new phonics friend - Fred Frog. He will be helping us with our phonics. Fred can only talk in sounds so he speaks like th-i-s. We have already played some games with Fred Frog, we had to listen carefully to the sounds and then blend them together to make the word. Fred Frog told us to stand u-p up, h-o-p hop, r-u-n run, j-u-m-p jump and s-i-t sit. It was lots of fun! 
This week we will start to learn some letters and Fred will be with us to help us learn some words with that sound in. You will be hearing a lot about Fred Frog, we hope you enjoy playing his games too!
Monday 14th September
This week we are learning about 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea' by Judith Kerr. We read the story today and lots of our play based learning will come from this book. We had tigers in our small world, tiger information books and stories, tiger colouring and writing sheets. We have tea cups and tea pots for pouring and filling in our water and of course, we have been busy making tiger food in our water kitchens!
Today Class 2 explored patterns that can be made in shaving foam and Class 1 enjoyed a tea party. 
We had a great first day with everybody in class together. It's nice to make new friends and we are getting used to where everything is in our classrooms and our new routines. Today Class 2 explored patterns that can be made in shaving foam and Class 1 enjoyed a tea party. We were very excited to get book bags today!
We often get told that the answer to 'What did you do today?' is "Nothing". Well, we hope our regular updates give a little better insight in to our days but also you could try asking the following;
  • Who did you play with?
  • What was the best thing you did today?
  • Which toy did you like the best?
  • I saw a photo of ***, did you play here/have a go?
11th September 2020
What a fantastic week! Firstly, thank you to all of our parents and carers for taking time to come and meet with us this week and for supporting us with our Covid safe measures; waiting outside during the first play session and following the one way system. 
We have been so impressed with the confidence of the children, coming in to a new setting with great maturity and eager to play with new friends and new teachers. We have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with our new classes and had lots of fun playing with your children. The children in Class 1 seemed to love the water kitchen and the children in Class 2 loved making a huge train track across the classroom! Everyone enjoyed the stories! 

Next week the children will be staying for lunch (a reminder that they should be collected at 1pm). It's forecast to be quite a hot week so please also remember sun hats and water bottles! Have a great weekend, a well deserved rest and we can't wait to welcome the whole of our Reception year group in to school on Monday morning!

Our Nature Explorer sessions are aimed at developing the children’s independence, confidence, communication skills and self-esteem by taking part in achievable tasks and activities in an outdoor setting. Evidence has proved that working in this way has given children an effective foundation that has raised academic achievements. It supports all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. 

Children will be required to have a change of old clothes, a waterproof coat and wellies on the days of their sessions.