Class 9 and Class 10- Year 4

In Class 9, the teacher is Mr Harding. His Teaching Assistants are Mrs Collings and Miss Dickenson. Miss Gascoigne is the other Year 4 teacher. She teaches Class 10, along with her Teaching Assistants, Mrs Tahir and Mrs Beeken. 

This week we were learning to describe the simple functions of the basic parts of the digestive system in humans.


We recreated the human digestive system using:
Weetabix to represent the food we eat,

Water to represent saliva, 
Orange juice to represent the acid in our stomachs,
A pair of tights to represent our intestines. 


First, we put the food, saliva and acid into a bag to show what happens in the stomach; the food was broken down by the saliva and acid. We also broke up the bread into smaller pieces, like our teeth do!

Next, we put the mushed food into the intestines (the tights) as it does in our own bodies. Like our own intestines, we had to give the food a squeeze to get all the water out. It felt disgusting!

The last part of our demonstration was the final stage of the digestive process, going to the loo! As you can see, the mixture is now a lot drier as the process has removed the water and nutrients from it, just like what happens to the food we eat every day!