Class 7 and Class 8

In Classes 7 and 8, you will find Year 3. Miss McAllister and her Teaching Assistants Mrs Welbourne and Miss Sargeant are based in Class 7. Next door, in Class 8, is Miss Ellis and her Teaching Assistants Mrs Mason and Mrs Conyard.  
The children in Year 3 had great fun in Science this week! We are learning all about different types of rocks, including sedimentary and igneous rocks. Today, we used coloured sweets to represent the rocks. When we squished them together, it was like sedimentary rocks and then we added heat and pressure to show metamorphic rocks. Finally, we used the microwave to make igneous rocks!
Year 3 have been reading parts of the book called ‘The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse.’ This is a beautiful, inspirational story about the importance of love, friendship and kindness and how to navigate life in troubled times. We have written a poem, a diary entry and a story and the children have enjoyed looking at the illustrations and reading the quotes. Here are some quotes from the book;