Class 11 and Class 12

In Class 11, the teacher is Mr Brown. His Teaching Assistants are Mrs Owen, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Gull. Miss Bourlet is the other Year 5 teacher. She teaches Class 12, along with her Teaching Assistant Mrs Bales and Mrs Greenleaves. 
This week in science, year 5 planned and carried out an experiment to test if materials are magnetic or non-magnetic. They had to predict which it would be, before they tested each material. They recorded their results in a table. Great scientific work year 5!
Year 5 have started to read a book in English called ‘Street Child’. This is heavily linked with our topic ‘The Victorians’. In time we will find out what life was like for the poor children around the streets of London during this period.
This all leads to us writing a non-fiction text this week about workhouses.