The Gingerbread Man 2 - what happened later?
By Stephen Dixon
Reception found out what happened after the fox had eaten the Gingerbread Man... he turned into a baker! In this story by Stephen Dixon, it turns out that the Fox was a really good baker and he went on to make loads more gingerbread men. He ended up living with the old man and the old woman.... but what happened to the all of those gingerbread men? A link to someone reading the story can be found here
Mrs Stanforth and Mrs Wilson had baked yummy gingerbread men for the cafe... but CCTV from the night before saw them run, run, as fast as they can! The children followed rhyming clues around the outdoor area to find out where they had hidden.
The children were able to make their own playdough to take home to make a gingerbread man for themselves over, and over again. 
Inside the classroom there were WANTED posters to make to help find the gingerbread men, gingerbread men bookmarks to make and a snappy fox card (all ready to eat that gingerbread man!). The children also decorated a gingerbread biscuit to take home too. 
And as if you want to have a go at making your own gingerbread playdough at home, the recipe can be found below!