You haven't been offered a place at Cavalry. Now what?

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You haven't been offered a place at Cavalry. Now what?
Firstly, we know how you may be feeling right now. The offers and appeals process are coordinated by Cambridgeshire Admissions, not Cavalry Primary School, and you can lodge an appeal against the Admissions authority's decision. However, it is important to remember that you can only appeal if you believe that a mistake has been made in applying one of the admissions criteria. 
It is important to know that you can ask Cambridgeshire Admissions to add your child's name to our reserve list from the 17th April 2021. Accepting a place at an alternative school does not affect your child’s place on the reserve list for Cavalry, or your right of appeal. Your appeal will be heard by an independent school admission appeals panel. The panel's decision is binding on all parties: the school, the admission authority and you. You can remain on the school's reserve list if your appeal is not successful but you must inform Cambridgeshire Admissions every term if you wish to remain on the waiting list for the next term. Information about the appeals process can be found on the Cambridgeshire Admissions website here 
Your appeal paperwork must be completed and submitted to Cambridgeshire Admissions by 21st May 2021.
Key contacts

To begin the appeals process, you will need to complete the appropriate appeal form and return it by email to Alternatively, you can return the form by post:

School Admissions Appeals Officer
OCT1221, The Octagon, Shire Hall, Castle Hill, Cambridge, CB3 0AP


Telephone: 0345 045 1370
Fax: 01223 045 1370


Parents seeking assistance with their appeal can also contact the Parents' School Preference Adviser:
Telephone: 01223 699 194

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