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School Council and Eco Council
The Eco council have planted a tree near the pond area in memory of HM Queen Elizabeth II and as part of The Queen's Green Canopy. This has been arranged by our Community Councillor Mrs Betts, from Fen Group, who came to place a plaque next to the tree. 
For more information see the Woodland Trust Queen's Green Canopy
Today our Eco Council took the first steps, literally, in an exciting new project as they surveyed the streets around Cavalry Primary. Watch this space for updates soon!
They also reported positive changes in classrooms and around school, making savings in electricity by switching off lights when rooms are unused and making sure both sides of the paper is being used. Next target is to make sure the interactive boards are turned off when the pupils go to the running track, pe, assembly, lunch and any other time that children are not in the room.
Cavalry's School Council met for their first meeting this week with Miss Ellis and Mrs Morris. They are all very keen and their first job is to organise suggestion boxes for their classrooms. We are looking forward to the next meeting!
Our new Eco Council members met today for the first time this academic year. They had some amazing ideas and there are some great projects in the pipeline (watch this space!). Over the next 2 weeks the children at Cavalry will be concentrating their efforts on improving these three things:

Our top 3 actions from the first Eco Council meeting

  • Turn off lights, boards and other electrical equipment when it is not in use
  • Use less paper and make sure you use both sides of the paper
  • Only put recycling objects in the brown bin (no fruit, no pencil sharpenings or other items that can’t be recycled)
We are pretty certain that these are things that could help our families too. Why not try this challenge at home and do your bit to save the environment (and a few pennies too!). 
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