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I am going to tell you what I have been doing the past few weeks at Cavalry Primary school .You might be wondering why I am going to school if I am a dog .I could do what all my other friends do, which is sleep on a settee and eat lots of treats and food, but no I am not an ordinary dog!

I go to school with lots of other creatures called children. I thought it was funny, but these things are quite odd! They come in every morning to sit down and listen to my master. Every now and then, they go out for a run outside, as I do in fact, but return to my master. He must be very interesting, but he doesn’t give them treats like he does me! I must be his favourite.

I went to another room the other day, with some really small creatures in, they must have been puppies. I helped them. I think they liked me as they designed some new collars for me. Some of the designs were a little crazy, but I’m sure they’ll be great for a night out.

One day I went into this big room with lots of puppies, which were all different shapes and sizes. My master talked about my least favourite time of the year when there are big loud bangs outside and how masters can keep me and all the other puppies safe.

My favourite day of the week is Friday afternoon when the creatures do a raffle to walk me, they do it as a reward for being kind and helpful, I don’t mind what the reason is, it just means I get more walks. The other day my master and I went out and the ground was covered with white stuff. Also it was hard and cold, this was very strange. All in all this has been an amazing few weeks with my master and all the other creatures!

(translated and written by Harry B)

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