In Nursery...


Our Nursery is a very busy place, with lots of things going on and lots of activities for the children to take part in, both inside and outdoors!
Our Nursery Leader is Mrs Pughsley and her deputy Miss Fox. We have wonderful Teaching Assistants based in there as well. They are Mrs Bates, Mrs Monk, Mrs Jackson, Mrs Hills, Mrs Pritchard and Miss Rayner. There is never a dull moment!
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19th November 2020

This week in Nursery we have been reading the story Handa's Surprise. We explored printing with fruit and looking carefully at a basket of fruits like Handa took to her friend Akeyo, to produce our own observational paintings. We created a collaborative piece of artwork with muddy hand prints and explored mark making with vegetables! We observed the inside of the fruits from the story and had a little taste, we discovered that the ripe red mango was sweet and enjoyed the taste of what was inside the spiky leaved pineapple. Although not in the story we had a try of a squeeze of lime and discovered it was sour!

 In maths we have been continuing to learn about pattern with tap-a shape, peg boards and singing songs where there is a pattern, such as the same line or chorus repeated. Take a look at the photos on the website where you will see Bubbles 1 and 2 come together to perform a socially distanced rendition of Kye, Kye, Kule.

 On a Wednesday morning we have use of the running track in school. The children really enjoy having the space to run and let off some steam. Please ensure your child comes to Nursery wearing footwear that is suitable to run in.

 At home you could:

  •          Have a go at singing Kye, Kye Kule with your child (song attached).
  •          Talk about the colour, texture and tastes of fruits and vegetables you have at home. Encourage             your child to try something new.
  •          Point out repeated patterns in your daily routine e.g. bath time- story- bed.


From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team


13th November 2020
This week in Nursery we have been learning about the celebration of Diwali- the festival of lights. We made clay divas and decorated them and had a go at Bhangra dancing! Our maths play has focused on patterns, we used shape tiles and coloured chalk to make rangoli patterns outside and made repeating patterns with beads and pipe cleaners.  We've been singing the following rhyme to a well known tune:
Diwali song (tune of Twinkle Twinkle)
It's Diwali- the festival of light
All the divas twinkle in the night
Salmubarak- Happy New Year
We're so happy Diwali is here
It's Diwali- the festival of light
All the divas twinkle in the night
As this week is also Children in Need we have been thinking about how we connect with others and build friendships. We shared the story 'The Way I Feel' by Janan Cain. Talking to others about our feelings can help boost our mood and feel happier.
We have noticed how the children in Bubble 1 have been really helpful and supportive of their friends this week, helping each other on the obstacle course when needed and finding solutions to keep everyone happy when playing with toys. They came up with some fabulous suggestions for how we can be a good friend at circle time.
The children in Bubble 2 have been taking turns beautifully this week for a ride on the wheeled vehicles outside and have collaborated with their peers to paint a rangoli pattern that now adorns the wall above the climbing frame and built a fabulous train with loose parts outside that was going to the North Pole! 
At home you could:
  • Find out more about the celebration of Diwali on the CBeebies website. Find it at
  • Play a game with your child that involves turn taking such as snap!
  • Can your child find patterns on everyday objects at home? e.g. socks, clothing, household furnishings...
Enjoy your weekend, see you next week.
From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team
In Nursery this week we took advantage of the strong winds at the beginning of the week to explore movement with crepe paper streamers and throwing leaves in the air! 
We've focused on developing fine motor skills this week, building strength in your child's hands and wrists as well as developing their hand and eye coordination. We concentrated really well to hammer golf tees into a pumpkin and explored autumn sensory writing in coloured sand with fir cones, conkers and sticks. We enjoyed mixing autumn coloured paints together and making marks in autumn squish bags and punching holes to thread wool in autumn leaves to add to our autumn displays.  We had a look at the work of the artist Andy Goldsworthy then created our own transient art outside further helping to develop links between body and brain. 
We had such fun dancing and moving like fireworks in the school hall, the children have asked to do that again next time.
At home you could:
  • Encourage your child to develop their fine motor skills involving pinching actions such as doing up the zip on their coat, doing up buttons and holding cutlery. These require the development of both strength and coordination and  help boost your child's self esteem in conquering the skill!
  • Have a go at mess free mark making exploration in squish bags! Squeeze a little paint into a zip lock bag and encourage your child to make patterns and marks with their finger. 
Enjoy your weekend, keep safe.
Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Dear Nursery families

We have had such a busy week in Nursery! We linked our previous learning of Little Red Hen and egg based activities such as counting the hen's eggs to singing our favourite Nursery Rhymes with a particular focus on the well known egg, Humpty Dumpty. Nursery rhymes help to improve your child’s memory,  listening and speaking skills and vocabulary. 


We've enjoyed investigating floating and sinking with eggs in Nursery and predicting and testing out our ideas of what happens to a boiled and raw egg falling from a small wall and a tall wall. We're finding lots of words that rhyme, ask your child what happened to poor Humpty Dumpty when he fell off the wall!


Did you know...?

Humpty Dumpty was the name of a huge cannon that was placed high on the walled city of Colchester which was under siege from the Parliament's army in 1648. It took 11 weeks of fire, but the gun finally came tumbling down, and all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty together again! Author Lewis Carroll transformed Humpty into the personified egg we know it as today!


At home you could:

Try missing out words when you're saying a rhyme and let your child see if they can remember them. Try making up your own silly rhymes with your child.

BBC teach have a selection of Nursery Rhymes and songs available at


Have a go at the floating egg experiment. You will need:

2 glasses half filled with water

2 eggs

3 tsp salt

Place one egg inside the glass of plain water and watch what happens. 

Add 3 tsp salt to the other glass and stir. Talk about the process, ask your child What will happen? (Add another tsp salt if needed).


Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team

Dear Nursery families
We will keep in touch with you regularly to share what we have been doing in Nursery. As they settle into Nursery, your child will learn to separate from you with support and seek the comfort of a familiar adult when they need it.
  • During the last couple of weeks we have been reading the story of The Little Red Hen. We have been talking about how the little red hen did not give up and how we can all feel proud of things we can do by ourselves. We have also been thinking about and finding ways to help others.
  • In the story the little red hen bakes some bread. We've been on an aeroplane adventure to visit other countries and taste different types of bread from around the world. We tried rye bread, flat bread, garlic and coriander naan and bagels.
  • We had a go at making our own bread. We made soda bread, it was delicious!
  • Through lots of counting rhymes, songs and activities your child will learn to recite numbers in sequence. We have particularly enjoyed singing 5 little ducks and 5 little piglets.
At home you could:
  • Perhaps you could find some different bread types from other countries for your child to try, let us know so we can include it in their learning journey.
  • Take a look with your child at Auntie Mabel's adventure in Come Outside as she finds out about bread; she finishes off with the little red hen story. Find it at
  • Have a go at making soda bread with your child. The recipe we used is on the attached sheet.
  • Sing some of the songs with your child that we have been singing at Nursery (sheet attached)
Have fun!
From Mrs Pughsley and the Nursery team
Hydrogen peroxide, washing up liquid, food colouring, water and fast action yeast = elephants toothpaste!!
Colourful rainstorm
We’re excited to see what will have happened to our flowers in coloured water overnight- some predictions included “it might grow into a beanstalk”, “they might grow” and “they might change colour”.
Rainbow milk! Cotton buds dipped in fairy liquid made the food colouring in the milk swirl and mixed the colours!
Snowstorm in a jar using paint, baby oil and alka seltzer.

A huge thank you to all the families who came to our Stay and Play session for this term. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing what we do in Nursery. 

 In response to ‘What will you and your child try out at home?’ you told us:

‘Decorate a box and take it out exploring for things to put in it’/ ‘The wonder box’

‘Gloopy porridge walking!’

‘Asking open questions’

‘Role-play story telling’

‘More counting and reading’

‘More messy play!’

‘Puppet show/ Acting out a story’

‘In warm weather put the water and oats tray in the garden’

‘More arts and crafts’

‘Reading more books’

‘Different feels/ textures’

‘Mud kitchen’

‘Play dough and gluing activities’

Which aspects of the workshop did you find most interesting or useful:

‘Talking telephone’

‘How the adults interact with the children in so many different ways’

‘Loved circle time and story time as the children get really involved’

’Circle time’

‘Seeing the open questions and ideas with household objects’

‘I thought the puppet show was really engaging’

‘Having the time to explore Nursery’s equipment’

‘Making the yoghurt pot telephones as they love crafts’

‘Porridge feet/ Messy play!’

‘Story time, the outside area and phone making’

‘Building with my child’

‘The tuff tray activities’

 Other comments included:

‘It’s a great idea to see what they do and how they interact with others’

‘Excellently run and organsied’

‘Keep doing these sessions I think they are fab’

‘Lovely experience’

We love to receive your feedback and suggestions for future sessions and value your  continued  support.
The Nursery team

Cavalry Nursery created 'Tree Unique. It's ok to be different; celebrating our individuality'. Such a fabulous idea and such an important message for young and old!
Nursery has been transformed into a Winter Wonderland and Christmas delight! The children have had an enormous amount of fun exploring and it has led to some wonderful conversations about the festive season and how each of them celebrate!
We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with our families at the Stay, Play and Learn Workshop. Our focus for this session was Personal, Social and Emotional Development, sharing how we we encourage children to develop to develop positive relationships, build confidence and self awareness and manage their feelings and behaviour.
In the story Whatever Next, we enjoyed going shopping in the moon cafe to buy items for our picnic on the moon and getting involved in lots of Space exploratory play!!
Somewhere over the rainbow

We painted Rainbow fish (our story of the week) using our handprint and celery sticks to make the scales, adding glitter at the end. We’ve also put coloured strips of tissue paper on laminated sheets to create sun-catchers and dripped coloured dye onto kitchen roll and watched it turn into rainbows! Mrs Bates helped us to bake rainbow cakes, they were very delicious!

A huge thank you to all the families who came to our Stay and Play session this half term. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing what we do in Nursery. 

We responded to feedback from last terms Stay and Play session by increasing the session from one hour to an hour and a half as some parents felt one hour wasn't long enough.

In response to ‘What will you and your child try out at home?’ you told us:

‘Counting, building, talking and listening. Love the imagination the children have’

‘’Building with boxes’

‘’The shaving foam with the dye’

Bear Hunts in the garden, circle time: fingers, two minute (prep time) before next activity’

‘We surely will be doing some bear hunts’

‘Bear counting and sorting activity’

‘Modelling/collage activities based on the books we read at home’

‘Lots of the activities from today. NO shaving foam!!’


Which aspects of the workshop did you find most interesting or useful:

‘ The role-play of the Bear Hunt story. Amazing to see the Nursery team in action.’

‘Having all the activities linked to Going on a Bear Hunt’

‘Seeing how the children practice writing  names’

‘Nice to see circle time and understand the routine’

‘Nice to see how child interacts with peers’

‘Constructing the house’

‘The different creative ways of learning’


Other comments included:

‘I think the session was great and a good way to see how the Nursery and activities work’

‘The Bear Hunt’

‘Learning all about the structure of the Nursery day. Spending time ‘playing’  alongside the children’

We love to receive your feedback and suggestions for future sessions and value your continued support.

 The Nursery team

Rain rain go away come again another day! Actually rain come when you like because a little (or a lot) of rain won’t stop us in Nursery! What fun we had today splishing and splashing and playing with our new tubes! Even one of our ladies got stuck in jumping in the puddles; can you tell who it is?

Stay and Play - October 31st

A huge thank you to all the families who came to our Stay and Play session this week. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing what we do in Nursery.

We responded to feedback from last terms Stay and Play session by incorporating circle time. This proved to be a very popular addition to the session with lots of parents/ carers commenting that this was one of the aspects of the workshop which they found most interesting or useful.

In response to ‘What will you and your child try out at home?’ you told us:

Counting with claps, mark making, more cooking– making cookies, reading labels– following instructions, gingerbread man hunt, going to get The Gingerbread Man book, more fun at story time.

Other comments included:

‘A fantastic variety of play complimented by structure– the best Nursery I have ever


‘I was interested to see all the possible activities and the Eastern European translations. Well done!’

‘Seeing how her day is spent so I can carry it on at home.’

‘Really useful to see what my child does at preschool, great session to be involved in.’

‘Really enjoyed it, lovely to see what children do in Nursery, great just to shadow normal  activity.’

We love to receive your feedback and suggestions for future sessions.  There were a couple of requests for a longer session next time– watch this space!

 The Nursery team