Dog with a blog 2018-2019

Spring 2019

Dear Children,

What a busy start to the New Year! Other than chasing my tail, which continues to elude me, I have been working really quite hard. The children of the Rainbow Room were beautifully behaved and asked me all sorts of questions about being a school dog. In Year 6, I have noticed the children working hard, especially during their practise SATS. Luckily, I was on hand (or on paw) to keep everyone feeling relaxed by allowing them to give me a stroke or a tummy-tickle.

I do hope the weather improves soon as I really am not overly keen on the cold morning walks Mr Webb drags me out on.


Yours Faithfully,


Leonard (the school dog)

Woof and welcome to my blog for the first time this year. I have been getting to know the new Year 6 children and all of their interesting new smells. Even though there are many exciting new people to meet, I’ve been concentrating on my work. Currently, I am learning to guess which hand has a treat in – I’m getting really good at it!

I know this is such an important year for all of the children, especially in Year 6, so I just wanted to let you know that I am here if you need to pet me or if you are having a wobble and need a cuddle.

Throughout the year, I’ll be keeping you updated with my progress (and shenanigans).

Best wishes and tail wags,


Leonard (School Dog Extraordinaire)

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