Class 9 and Class 10- Year 4

In Class 9, the teacher is Mr Harding. His Teaching Assistants are Mrs Beeken, Mrs Mason and Miss Overton. Mr Day is the other Year 4 teacher. He teaches Class 10, along with his Teaching Assistants, Mrs Daniels, Mrs Carter and Mrs Kightly. 
On Friday, Year 4 took an interactive journey through the human digestive system, using Weetabix, orange juice as stomach acid and tights as the small intestine. We even used cups to see how our waste leaves our bodies once it reaches the other side. It was so fascinating... just as long as it's not just before snack time again!
Year 4 have been learning about Creation of the world as described in the book of Genesis. What lovely illustrations.
Year 4 have made a great start to their music work this year! They have used traffic light cards to help develop their 'thinking voice' (this was really tricky) and this week they learnt about pulse and rhythm. They sang The Grand Old Duke of York whilst clapping along to the rhythm and pulse.
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