Class 7 and Class 8

In Classes 7 and 8, you will find Year 3. Miss McAllister and her Teaching Assistants Mrs Mason and Miss McCourt are based in Class 7. Next door, in Class 8, is Miss Wirth and her Teaching Assistants Mrs German and Mrs Tahir.
Year 3 have been learning about pilgrimages this term. They found out that Hindus  make a pilgrimage to The Ganges River and celebrate Kumbh Mela there. The children wrote some questions about the festival and made a board game using them. Finally they played the game!!!
Today, Year 3 investigated the rock cycle using Starburst sweets! First, they cut the sweets up into small pieces to make sediments. When the sweets were squashed together, they formed sedimentary rocks. Next, the children used the heat from their hands to shape and transform the rocks into metamorphic rocks. Finally, they used the microwave to turn the rocks into magma from a volcano! Once the magma had cooled and solidified, it formed igneous rocks.