Class 5 and Class 6

Our teachers in Year 2 this year are Miss Boyd and Miss Coustol. Miss Boyd is in Class 5 and her Teaching Assistants are Miss Deeks, Mrs Rutter and Mrs Daniels. Miss Coustol is in Class 6, along with her Teaching Assistants, Miss McCourt, Mrs Hills, Mrs Greenleaves and Mrs Daniels.


This week we created some portraits in the style of Cubism! We looked at some of Picasso's work then designed and coloured our own.
Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1526 or 1527 – 11 July 1593) was an Italian painter best known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of objects such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish and books. Our Year 2 pupils were inspired by his work to create their own masterpieces!
Over the past two weeks, year 2 have completed their DT project, all about planning and making a fruit salad. Alongside this we have written up our instructions onto bordered paper to share with other classes in school. We used time connectives and imperative verbs when writing them. In science we looked at our healthy eating board, to find out about the different food types we eat and which ones are the most healthy!
In year 2, we have been busy making our fruit salad. We taste tested 7 different fruits, then voted for our class favourite! Strawberries were a clear favourite in Class 6! We then talked about food safety and the instructions we would need to follow to make it. Finally we got to chop, add and mix our favourites together, pouring in some juice at the end. They were delicious! Look out for our wonderful writing to follow......
Last week in year 2, we read The Gruffalo. We then thought about what it would like to have been the mouse, describing the day we met him! We made mouse ears to help us get into character, then wrote our diaries, making sure we wrote in the 1st person and in the past tense. Later, we went to have our photo taken with our very own Gruffalo!!
Last week in year 2 we had lots of fun building our shelters for Leonard the school dog. We looked at our designs from the week before, looking carefully at the things animals need to keep them safe. We have learnt to use MRS NERG to remind us what all living things do!!
In year 2 today, we drew our own self portraits! We carefully followed instructions, making sure we drew each of the features in proportion to the others. Here is a selection from class 5 and 6!
Last week year 2 read the story of Owl Babies. We then used paint and sponges to create our very own owl baby paintings! We even got to show them off to Mrs McCallum in our sharing assembly!
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