Class 5 and Class 6

Our teachers in Year 2 this year are Miss Goodman, Miss Coustol and Mrs Guerin. Miss Goodman and Miss Coustol are in Class 5 and their Teaching Assistant is Mrs Rutter. Mrs Guerin is in Class 6, along with her Teaching Assistants, Mrs Poole and Miss Bedford. 



The Year 2 team would like to give a huge thank you for all the support and time you have given your children to complete the Google Classroom work. We know how hard it is to get children motivated from home but we have had almost every child log on and complete their work online. We feel so proud of all the children and the perseverance and commitment to home learning. We have loved seeing the creations you have sent to us. Their beautiful Elmer pictures must  have taken lots of time and patience, every Friday we will celebrate all of the work by sharing WOW work on the classroom. We are really impressed with the support you have given the children to enable them to produce wonderful Maths and English work as well as creative pieces of topic work. 

In Year 2 this week we have been making a Fruit Salad, we tried lots of different fruits - Strawberries, kiwis, melon, passion fruit, apples and peaches. Then we decided what fruits we wanted in our salad. Finally, once we had safely made them we wrote instructions on how to prepare a 5 Star Fruit salad! 
This week Year 1 and 2 have had a new pet join their class - Fred Frog. He has been helping us with our phonics. Fred can only talk in sounds so he speaks like th-i-s. This week we have been learning special friends - sh, th, ch, qu and nk. Look out for some videos of our new phonics at Cavalry.
This week in Year 2 we have been reading ‘Meerkat Mail’ Sunny the meerkat decides to go and visit family members who live in different countries. Whilst away he writes postcards to his family who he left back at home. Our Maths Meerkat has been visiting different places too, can you recognise where he has been? We’ll be writing postcards about his adventure this week!