Class 5 and Class 6

Our teachers in Year 2 this year are Miss Goodman and Miss Coustol. Miss Goodman is in Class 5 and her Teaching Assistant is Mrs Poole. Miss Coustol is in Class 6, along with her Teaching Assistant, Mrs Welbourne.


Year 2 DT this week should have stood for 'Definitely Tasty' instead of 'Design Technology' as they have been making delicious fruit salad! First they taste tested the fruits, then thought about how to do it safely. Finally, they got to make it and eat it up!
In science, Year 2 have been looking at the basic needs of humans including animals. They designed and made shelters for our school dog Leonard, thinking about all the things he would need to survive! The shelters certainly look more comfortable than a pile of maths books and he'd have so much fun on that slide!
We have lots to be thankfully for, especially in our farming and food production community. Just look at this fabulous and very neat writing my one of our year 2 pupils! He worked so hard on this piece of work and made his teachers very proud!