Class 3 and Class 4

Miss Wirth is the Year 1 teacher in Class 3, with Mrs Elsey and Mrs Long as her Teaching Assistants.  Mrs Brown is the teacher in Class 4, with Mrs Poole as her Teaching Assistant.  
Year 1 have been reading 'The Gingerbread man' and enjoyed getting to know all the characters who were chasing after the Gingerbread man. Today we made our own Gingerbreads - weighing the ingredients carefully, cutting out the shapes and decorating them. We then gobbled them all up like the fox in the story! They tasted delicious!'
Year 1 have enjoyed reading the colour monster in PSHE and have thought about what different emotions mean and how we can show them. We coloured in our own colour monsters thinking about what colours represent different emotions.
Year 1 have been nature explorers in science and went hunting for autumn items around the school. We found conkers, brown/orange leaves on the ground and acorns. We even spotted a squirrel hiding in the trees!
Year 1 have had a super day today! We started the day by chopping and peeling lots of vegetables, which we had taste tested earlier in the week. Then we added these to a pot with some stock and cooked them for over 2 hours! Then this afternoon we got to try our soup and offered it to our grown ups at the end of the day - we hope they all enjoyed it as much as we did! Tomorrow we are going to be writing up instructions! 
Year 1 have loved reading 'Aliens love underpants' this week! We imagined what it would be like to find an alien in our drawers. We wrote super sentences describing how we felt and used fantastic adjectives to describe the alien!
In Year 1, we have been learning all about the different seasons. We looked at how trees change through summer, autumn, winter and spring! We have created some fantastic trees showing all the different seasons. Can you guess which one is summer, autumn, winter and spring?
Year 1 have had a fantastic week making their own pet rocks! They built a house for them, described them and gave them a name. They had lots of fun looking after their pet rocks. These ones should be easy to look after and feed!
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