Class 3 and Class 4

Mrs Guerin is the Year 1 teacher in Class 3, with Mrs Mann and Mrs Carter as her Teaching Assistants.  Mrs Edwards is the teacher in Class 4, with Mrs Elsey and Mrs Hills as her Teaching Assistants.  
In Year 1 we have been busy designing and creating our own sock monsters. The children have had a go at stitching, cutting and glueing in order to make their monsters. They had such a great time making them and they do look super!
This term in Year 1 we have been looking at maps. We discussed that maps are usually made using an aerial view and have a key. Today we have had a go at making our own village map using a key to show the items we have in our village. The children loved this so much that they are now making their own secret treasure maps to follow in the classroom!
Year 1 were focusing on the story ‘Perfectly Norman’ as part of our Talk Through Story sessions. The children have enjoyed discussing this story and have thought about things which make them unique and special. We have started to decorate our own feathers to create a large set of wings. We have also had a fabulous time using computers to create a self portrait of themselves.
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