Class 1 and Class 2

In Class 1, you will find Mrs Stanforth and her Teaching Assistant Mrs Mann. Next door, in Class 2, you will find Mrs Wilson and her Teaching Assistants Miss Blunt and Miss Dickenson. In our Reception classrooms there are always lots of interesting things going on in here or in the outside areas. 


Reception enjoyed their first Nature Explorers session this week. They used their senses to explore the weather. The listened carefully to the sounds they could hear. They went on a nature hunt to see what they could see in our nature area, finding many things including branches, sticks, a pond, and a bat box. They saw sunflowers, most of which were taller than they are! They looked at where the seeds come from. This was an opportunity for a quick game of subitising 3, not 3! The last job was to find the dandelions. Did you know that the word dandelion comes from the French 'dante de lion' meaning Lions teeth because the leaves are jagged and look like lions teeth?
How DO you trap a tiger?
Reception read a story about a tiger who doesn't keep his promise and tries to eat a boy. What a naughty tiger! Reception decided that he was "not fair!" and so designed a tiger trap to stop him eating children. They had tiger traps made from stickle-bricks, crates and planks and a cunning plan to catch him in a hoop and put him in the house with a big door on and a padlock.
We are SO proud of our Reception pupils who have finished their first week at Cavalry in the same way they started; full of big smiles, enthusiasm and inquisitive minds! They have been busy exploring and making new friends. We hope they have a good rest over the weekend ready for lots more fun next week.
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