Class 13 and Class 14

Miss Ellis is in Class 13 and her Teaching Assistants are Mrs Birt, Mrs Conyard, Mrs Kightly, Mrs Tahir and Mrs Penghelly. Mr Brown is the teacher in Class 14, with Miss Garner as his Teaching Assistant. 


Last Monday, Year 6 visited the Space Centre in Leicester to further their knowledge and understanding of space and planets. They explored each floor of the museum learning about stars, the moon, astronauts and rockets. There were lots of interactive activities to take part in and they thoroughly enjoyed the Planetarium show about our Solar system.
Please find below details about applying and the deadline for applying for a secondary school place. Applications MUST be made by October 31st. 
In Design technology, the Year 6 children were set the task to design and make a healthy, but tasty Quesadilla. They made the flour tortillas and filled them with ingredients such as chicken, ham, salad and vegetables.  They really enjoyed eating them and evaluating them.
Year 6 have almost finished their mixed media portraits! We can't wait to show you finished pieces. 
Year 6 has produced some beautiful work in history. Their comic strips show the Maya creation story and the children have created Maya masks.
In Year 6, we love our games lessons! This week, we have improved our Tag Rugby skills.
Year 6 love to share and recommend books to their friends.
In RE, Year 6 have been learning about The Holy Trinity and have designed their own symbols.
In Science today, the Year 6 children created comic strips to show the role of parts of our blood. The red and white blood cells took on the roles of characters and told a story about what they do in our bodies. 
In Science, Year 6 had a practical lesson helping them to understand the parts of our blood. They used vegetable oil as plasma, cheerios dyed red as red blood cells, mini marshmallows as the white blood cells, salt as the nutrients and crushed cheerios to represent the platelets and put them all inside a plastic bag. Not only was this great fun, but the children developed their understanding of blood and will be able to tell you all about the parts of the blood and what they do.
Year 6 had a very exciting Science lesson as they started their new topic on ‘My Body’ . They were asked to draw a life size body map and show us what they knew about systems, organs, bones and blood. They came up with so many facts! We are all looking forward to the heart and blood investigations we have over the next few weeks.

In art this week, the Year 6 classes have sketched their eyes in detail using either sketching pencils or charcoal. These look amazing!


In English, Miss Ellis and Mr Brown set the Year 6 children a challenge! They were asked today to summarise a four page chapter from their new book ‘Wonder’ onto a post-it note! They had to include all of the important events of that chapter by using precise vocabulary and sentence structure. They did a fantastic job! 

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