Class 11 and Class 12

In Class 11, the teacher is Mr Brown. His Teaching Assistants are Mrs Owen, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Gull. Miss Bourlet is the other Year 5 teacher. She teaches Class 12, along with her Teaching Assistant Mrs Bales and Mrs Greenleaves. 
Science Fortnight - March 2021!

Year 5 students have had a very creative two weeks. We started off last week creating bridges and thinking about the different types of bridges that are used all over the world. After learning about this, we designed and created our own bridges ready for a competition. The winning bridge managed to hold three 5 litre tubs of PVA glue and fifteen textbooks! Secondly, we created our very own ice cream without the use of a freezer. The children learned about this process and then put it into action, with a lot of shaking and cold hands, creating some lovely ice cream. Lastly, we created our own rockets to test the 'wind effect' on the forces that are acting on an object while it is in the air. 
Firstly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support with virtual learning. Year 5 children have made a great start to their home learning and work is being completed to a great standard. We understand that at times motivating children to complete all of the work set can be a challenge, but the engagement from children online has been excellent and you have all played a huge part in that. This commitment, towards the Google Classroom, will ensure and allow children to carry on showing their full potential. In English, the level of writing to describe settings and characters has been fantastic, with children demonstrating all the skills that have been taught throughout the lessons. We are also very impressed with the pieces of work being completed from our maths and foundation subjects and we will be displaying this brilliant work every week in our ‘Year 5 Work Gallery’. Keep an eye out for pieces of your children’s work!
This week Year 5 and 6 have been lucky enough to enjoy a Hinduism dance workshop, delivered by a tutor online. Initially the children learnt the story of Diwali, before acting it out in dance. At the end they performed their dance to the teachers. Everyone did a brilliant job!
This week, Year 5 have been looking at Victorian artefacts. We were amazed that some of the items we use today originated during the Victorian era.
We drew the Victorian artefacts and used expanded noun phrases to describe them, creating some brilliantly presented work.
This week in science, year 5 planned and carried out an experiment to test if materials are magnetic or non-magnetic. They had to predict which it would be, before they tested each material. They recorded their results in a table. Great scientific work year 5!
Year 5 have started to read a book in English called ‘Street Child’. This is heavily linked with our topic ‘The Victorians’. In time we will find out what life was like for the poor children around the streets of London during this period.
This all leads to us writing a non-fiction text this week about workhouses.