All About Leonard, the Dog with a Blog!

Leonard; a school dog with a blog.

Hi! I’m Leonard. I have recently been taken to a weird place full of humans, I kind of like it. Sure it has taken some getting used to but I have found that there are at least 60 packed lunches and even better, I keep finding tennis balls.

I like to keep it simple but every now and again I teach the kids a little something. One time I even went into this really important meeting called an assembly and I gave them some top tips about keeping safe on bonfire night. Apparently it is very important business.

On a Friday lunchtime I go out with my owner and a selected two students from his class, Evie does a brilliant belly rub. I often start having a good chew on a piece of stationery but my owner chases me and prises it from the grasp of my jaws. It’s terribly embarrassing.

I truly love school and doggy day-care is nothing compared to Cavalry!

So I guess by now you know I’m one happy puppy with one happy owner, who takes me out in this unbelievably cold substance called frost, and cuddles me until my heart is content! I truly love my life as a pup with an owner who will love me until the end of time!

From your beloved cockapoo LEONARD!

(translated and written by Evie)

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